Monday, March 29, 2010

Precious Jane

My dear, sweet, precious, Jane,

You are perfect in every way. I love the way you smell. I love the way you curl up on your tummy and stick your bum in the air. I love to listen to the noises you make. I love watching you sleep. I love the way you snuggle up on my chest for an immeasurable amount of time. And I love, love, love when you open your beautiful eyes after they've been closed for so long, and I get to look inside of them and see the light shining through them; the light that comes from being so innocent, so loving, so perfect and a light that comes from just having descended from heaven above. I love you so much!

Love always,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A name and lots of pictures

When Scott and I were married, I worked at a copy center on campus at BYU. I grew pretty close to my boss, Bob; he became like a second father to me. When I was pregnant with Elisabeth, one day Bob and I were talking about baby names and I remember him pulling out his scriptures, and reading this to me:

Helaman 5:6
"Behold I have given unto you the names of our first parents...and this I have done that when ye remember your names ye may remember them; and when ye remember them ye may remember their works; and when ye remember their works ye may know how that it is said, and also written, that they were good."

We loved that, and thought it was a great idea. Scott and I decided, that we would always use a family name as either a first or middle name, or both as a way of helping our children establish an identity and get to know their extended family members a little better.

Elisabeth Dorothy was named after my grandmother on my mom's side, Granny Dorothy. Charles Scott, jr. is named after Scott and his father and grandfather. Annabelle Rojean is named after my mom, Granny Rojean, and now, baby Jane Angela is named after Scott's mom, Grandma Angela. All of these family members are/were great people whom we dearly love and we look forward to telling our children stories about the family members they're named after.

Scott and I also seem to like old fashioned names, or names that have stood throughout the test of time and names with strong meaning, which is how some of the first names came about.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures from the hospital and when we first arrived home:

Alright, let's get the first two, gross ones, over with. But I think they'll serve as good motivators for me to start exercising asap.

Annabelle excited to meet her new baby sister. It's so cute the way she says, "Jane".

I think Jane kind of looks like she's from another country, in this picture.

The siblings visited a few times and just couldn't get enough of baby Jane.
Jane and Granny Garnica

Jane, swimming in her newborn clothes.
Big yawn
And another
I really did not like the id stickers they put on the babies thighs. I'm going to write the hospital a letter and send them the picture of the irritated leg after we took the sticker off. Besides the id sticker, baby is also sent home with two id bracelets around the ankles which I think would've been sufficient. I used a sponge to soak the thigh area before I took it off and then I also had to use baby oil which worked even better, so I don't think it hurt her too much, but it was not fun and I felt bad for her poor irritated little red thigh.

Sweet daddy-daughter pictures

Jane seems to have her days and nights confused. Last night she woke up every hour. And today, she's slept almost the whole day, waking up to eat a few times. I tried so hard to do things to keep her awake: talking to her, tickling her feet(which is what I'm doing here in this picture), allowing the three kids to take turns holding her, changing her diaper(which worked for a few minutes), giving her a sponge bath, taking her out in the sun etc. Nothing seemed to work for more than a few minutes. I'll keep trying.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jane Angela Smith has arrived!

Yesterday, Thursday March 25th, started out as a typical day. The kids and I went to the airport in the morning to pick up Granny Garnica and Becca(their arrival turns out to be miraculous timing). We ate lunch, took Elisabeth to school and then I went to my 38 week(more like 38 and 1/2) checkup. I've been feeling very uncomfortable lately: very frequent urination, baby feels like she's sitting way down low, hard to walk, a lot of swelling etc. So when I got to my appointment, I asked the doctor if he'd strip my membranes. He said, 'if your uterus is open.' And it was. I was dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced, which is pretty good for me. It normally takes a long time for me to get there. Anyway, he did his uncomfortable little procedure and then we talked about possible induction dates for the future. He reminded me that he'll be out of town from April 1-8. I went home and watched a friends son that I switch with so we can volunteer at the elementary school. I visited with the ladies in my family and read some books with the kids; normal stuff. Around 430pm, my mom and I went on a walk. My stomach tightens occasionally when I walk, and it did again this time, but I didn't think too much of it. When we got home we ate dinner and Scott had someone come look at his car and sold it actually, but he'll make the final transaction at the bank tomorrow(Saturday).

After dinner we cleaned up and got the kids ready for bed. Scott was supposed to go camping the next day with the 11 year old scouts (his new calling) and needed to get a few things from the store so I gave him my list of groceries as well and he went off and did that. While he was gone, my mom and I visited and looked at all wheel drive cars, online for Scott. During this time I noticed that my stomach was doing some more tightening, but I couldn't tell if it was regular or not because I wasn't looking at a clock and I felt like, this was too early for me(Charlie came the very earliest being 5 days early, and today I'd be 12 days early) so I decided that it's probably just that I'm feeling uncomfortable with the way I was sitting on the couch.

Once Scott got home from the store, we put the groceries away and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, visited a little longer and then went off to bed. This was around 1030pm. I felt like the tightening of my tummy was a little more regular and wondered if they could be contractions. I decided to straighten my hair and do a few more things around the house. I told Scott I thought I was having contractions so he stayed up with me...well we both kept sort of dozing off in bed but then the contractions started to feel a lot closer together and were getting a little painful. We timed them from midnight until about 130am, which is when we decided we should probably head to the hospital. I started packing my bag around 1am so that was all ready, and when I made my last trip to the bathroom at home just around 130am, I was bleeding a little. So off to the hospital we's about a 5 minute drive.

We got to the hospital around 2am. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 5 and the contractions were really getting painful. And I was bleeding a little more. They checked me in(which seemed to take forever because of the pain I was in), moved me to my labor and delivery room and started me on an IV and gave me an epidural. I sure love those! The pain was gone and both Scott and I were able to rest for a little while. That was around 3am.

Around 430am I called in my nurse because I was having some sharp pains in my back and my lower stomach. I thought perhaps my epidural stopped working. She wasn't sure if that was it. Apparently my doctor was just across the hall, so she asked me to do one practice push just to see if maybe baby was getting ready to come down since I was dilated to a ten now. I did and baby Jane's head came out part way! The nurse quickly asked me to stop pushing. Boy was that pretty much impossible at that point! I couldn't really stop her from coming out any more. The nurse yelled for help and the pediatric nurse came in and gave her a syringe and baby Jane just kept on sliding out. My doctor walked in as Jane made her first cry. He came over, sewed me up(I had a second degree tear) which was fine because there was no pain from the epidural, and helped me deliver the placenta.

Baby Jane was born at 444am(which was the same exact time Elisabeth was born!) on Friday March 26th and weighed 6lbs. 12 oz (Elisabeth was probably only an ounce off from Jane in weight) and was 19 inches tall. She has a perfectly round head(probably since I only gave one push) and the perfect amount of dark brown hair. Her eyes look sort of a grayish color, so we'll have to wait and see if they change. She's a fantastic nurser and she's adorable and perfect in every way! We love her so much already.

We're both doing really well now. Jane and I have gotten some good naps in this morning, and in fact, she's still sleeping now. I'm grateful to the Lord for this miraculous timing he planned with baby and my mom's arrival, and I'm grateful to Him that all went so well. Everything works so well on His time. He has answered many of our prayers and I'm so grateful to Him for that.

Here are a few pictures. I'll be sure to post more as we take them.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Journals and Charlie's 'S'

Last week we bought three, dollar journals from Walmart. One for each of the kids. I've been meaning to do this for awhile but I'd forget every time we were out shopping. Elisabeth is the only one who really uses her journal as a journal. She'll write sentences about her day and things she likes etc. I can tell already that her spelling is improving.

Charlie doesn't write in sentences yet, so he uses his journal to practice writing different words. Many times he'll think of something he wants, like Dinoco from the Cars movie, and then he'll sound out a few of the letters and ask us how to spell the rest. I've been working with Charlie for the past week or so on writing an 'S', because he has an 'S' in his name(well three actually, one in his first, middle and last name). But he just could not draw anything even remotely resembling an 'S', no matter how much we practiced or how many different techniques we tried. So he would just sign his name, 'Char' when he wrote letters to the grandparents. But since he's gotten his journal, which he loves and uses several times a day, he's been practicing even more and he finally got it! I was so excited! You can see for yourself:
Annabelle uses her journal as a scribble pad. But she loves it and loves being able to do what her older siblings are doing, so we're all happy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My best friend

Scott is my best friend. He is just all around wonderful in every way. I'm always thinking to myself, 'how did I win the heart of such a man?' I honestly don't know, but I'm so thankful that I did!

As of the last several weeks, I can't reach my toes and breathe at the same time. So my sweet Scott not only gave me a foot scrub and massage, but he agreed to paint my toe nails as well, and this was not the first time during this pregnancy that he's given me a full pedicure(though he was a bit nervous about his painting abilities, but I reassured him he'd do just fine, and he did). I personally think my swollen feet look a little bit better now that they have some color on the toes, so I'm very grateful to Scott for this service. And, I'm also really grateful for the nightly back rubs he's been giving me. They are needed and appreciated so very much! I love you hon!
(By the way, I had to sneak my camera behind my back to get this picture. He wanted to erase it when he found out but I wouldn't let him. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words...and I think this is one of those times)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mom's CT scan

First off, my mom is coming this Thursday for a visit and I'm SO excited! I think it'll help that last week of pregnancy go by fast.

Mom had a CT scan this past week to see how things were progressing. There was good news and not so good news. The good news is that the tumor hasn't grown at all. The not so good news is that the cancer has grown a bit in the liver. But, she's still not experiencing any of the bad symptoms of cancer, so that's wonderful! She feels good and is still able to do all that she did before. They'll check her again in three months, and if things seem to be getting worse, they'll most likely have her try doing one of four different treatments they offer rather than just allowing her to do natural things like she is now.

Part of her natural healing is that Mom has been doing a raw foods diet and will occasionally eat some healthy cooked foods, but mostly raw. She's been asked by friends if because of the foods she's eating (maybe because most don't seem very filling) if it's a ever a problem over eating with those items, which Mom and I thought was pretty humorous because how many people do you know that would sit down and want to eat 10 apples, or 4 glasses of wheat grass. Generally, with those types of foods, you eat until you're not super hungry any more, and then you're satisfied. But anyway, overall, Mom is feeling really good and we can't wait to see her!

38 weeks and Spring!

Here I am today at 38 weeks! I'm up about 45-50lbs! I try not to remind myself that she's full term and she's been full term for the past week/7 days/over 168 hours, but that's hard to do. I'm really really hoping she comes a little early. Even just a few days would be nice. I've decided that if she's more than a couple of days late, I'm going to have her induced. We had Annabelle induced on her due date, and it's not as fun that way because everything is planned and prepared and there's not really an exciting birth story to tell(or at least there wasn't for me), but I don't think I could handle going much longer than that. I'm already having to use the bathroom almost every 1/2 hour and it's getting worse every day. And sleeping at night hasn't been quite as comfortable, though we did move our queen sized foam pad that we use for guests staying on the futon, up to our bed so that there was extra padding under my hips which seem to get the brunt of it, and that's helped a lot. Also, I seem to be getting heart burn with everything I eat now, not just tomatoes, unless it's just a really small helping and nights can be really hard when I'm laying down. If I have several pillows under my head and several Tums tablets in my system that seems to help with the heart burn, but not entirely. But I suppose it's meant to be like this. If the whole pregnancy were just a breeze, easy with no complications, then I think labor and delivery would seem that much worse and you wouldn't mind staying pregnant for a long time. But this way, you don't really care what kind of pain you have to go through or how big of a needle they have to stick you with, or that the newborn, and yourself, will probably not sleep through the night for months.... as long as you can have the baby out of you and in your arms. :) And the lack of sleep now kind of prepares you for what's to come. I may be exaggerating a little with all this, but not terribly. But anyway, with the way things are now, I am completely and entirely excited for labor and delivery and everything else that comes with it!

One of the really nice things about right now is that it's Spring! I'm SO glad that it's Spring! I LOVE the weather we are having! It makes me and the kids feel so happy. I love that we can go outside for hours at a time. I love that we can go on walks everyday. I love that it's sunny and not freezing cold or really hot. I love that the birds are out and the plants are beginning to bloom! And I'm excited to welcome our new little girl to this beautiful place.(these pictures were taken at 930 this morning in our backyard...and it was already nice!)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Saturday night we were Easter-egged so Sunday morning after breakfast and before 9am church, the kids went out and gathered them up. Elisabeth's all ready and in her church clothes(because she always dresses herself...well so does Charlie, but sometimes he needs several reminders) and Charlie and Annabelle are sporting their pajamas with boots and a sweatshirt. They're always cute, no matter what they wear.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tour of the fire station

A neighborhood friend of ours just turned three and had his birthday party at a park along with a tour of the fire station right next to the park. This was me, Charlie, and Annabelle's first experience going inside a fire station. We've read several books about fire stations and fire men and what's involved, so it was fun to see the real thing.

The kids favorite part was seeing the fire trucks and being able to climb on top of or inside of them. Charles was a bit shy at first, probably because it was unfamiliar territory(he started crying when I took him up close to this engine to get our picture taken), but he warmed up after a few minutes. Annabelle didn't seem to show too much interest with anything, except at the end of the tour when the firemen got into their fire truck, started the engine, and turned on their siren. She did not like that at all. It was funny to watch her reaction. Elisabeth was in school and couldn't make it, so we may have to schedule another trip to the fire station some other time.
the firemen called these sharp tools and axes etc. their, 'universal keys; they can get into any door' :)
paramedic truck