Thursday, March 25, 2010

Journals and Charlie's 'S'

Last week we bought three, dollar journals from Walmart. One for each of the kids. I've been meaning to do this for awhile but I'd forget every time we were out shopping. Elisabeth is the only one who really uses her journal as a journal. She'll write sentences about her day and things she likes etc. I can tell already that her spelling is improving.

Charlie doesn't write in sentences yet, so he uses his journal to practice writing different words. Many times he'll think of something he wants, like Dinoco from the Cars movie, and then he'll sound out a few of the letters and ask us how to spell the rest. I've been working with Charlie for the past week or so on writing an 'S', because he has an 'S' in his name(well three actually, one in his first, middle and last name). But he just could not draw anything even remotely resembling an 'S', no matter how much we practiced or how many different techniques we tried. So he would just sign his name, 'Char' when he wrote letters to the grandparents. But since he's gotten his journal, which he loves and uses several times a day, he's been practicing even more and he finally got it! I was so excited! You can see for yourself:
Annabelle uses her journal as a scribble pad. But she loves it and loves being able to do what her older siblings are doing, so we're all happy.

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