Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hug Time, Provo Half Marathon

Nora picked up "hug time" from the movie Trolls, so when her watch beeps on the hour, she'll find me for hug time and I love it!
Elisa Ludwig and I drove to American Fork together to pick up our Half Marathon race packets (and the kids marathon race packets), and then we stopped off at the Thanksgiving Point Farm on the way home. We loved seeing all the baby animals that were born this Spring.
Nora got to ride on a pony which she was very excited about.
And this baby goat was the cutest, licking her hand and rubbing it's face on her. She asked if we could get one as a pet. I reminded her that we don't do pets because dad and I have a hard enough time supervising 5 children and making sure they get chores done and everything else.
I took this picture as Nora and I were checking out at Walmart. I figured she must be hungry or tired with the way she was acting while we were grabbing a few things at the store (lots of whining and some tears, wanting everything and having a hard time with my 'not today' response. She fell asleep in this very uncomfortable cart.
Junior High had a Spirit Week recently and here is Elisabeth dressed up like someone from the 70's, or maybe it was the 80's?
While at Hobby Lobby searching for a birthday present for one of the girls friends, I walked through the framed signs and ended up buying these three:(2 for the kitchen, one for the living/family room).

I wasn't sure if Scott would want us to keep this first sign because he doesn't always love that we sing and dance while we clean in the kitchen because it prolongs the time it takes to finish the job. But he chuckled when he saw it so I think he doesn't mind it as much as I thought he did.
And this is totally true! So if I want my kids and all their soon-to-be teenage friends hanging out at our place, I'll need to make sure to open my fridge and pantry, or make something for them.
Love this:
As the weather has warmed up, the kids have been putting the sprinkler under the trampoline. Here is Annabelle trying to lay on top of where the water is spraying up, and Charles sporting his goggles.
Elisabeth played beautifully at her Spring recital.
And as mentioned above, Elisa Ludwig and I ran a half marathon together. We ran together a couple of times before the race, but we couldn't train much together because our schedules are different and I have to run early morning before the kids are up and going, and she needs her sleep because she has a baby that doesn't sleep through the night, so she tends to go later in the morning with a couple kids in tow. But this was my half marathon training plan that I was pretty good about following. It has you running 6 days a week, with one long run day, one intervals speed and strength training day, and one tempo run day (race pace). I felt like this really got me prepared to do my best and it pushed me to run faster. 

Here we are just before the race began, on Saturday May 6. We drove down to Provo and then caught a bus up to Provo canyon around 515am. Busses ran from 430-530am. The race began at 7am so we had a wait awhile but we stretched and visited and it wasn't as cold as last year which was nice. We also found several pacers before hand and looked at their wristbands to see how fast theyd be running each mile and kinda picked who we thought we'd try to stick with. 
Elisa L and I started with the pacer that finished in 1 hour 40 minutes. Elisa L and I ran together the first few miles and then she needed to slow down a tiny bit. I kept with the pacer for a couple more miles but then after awhile I let her go ahead but I kept her in my view for most of the race, until about the last few miles. Around mile 10 my feet really started to feel the pavement under them and it was getting painful, so it really turned into a mental game those last several miles. I was grateful for all the training I'd done so I could tell myself things like, "just 6 more miles, you do this all the time, easy tempo run." and "4 miles left, that's nothin". "just a 5k". and "everyone here is in pain, just like you, be stronger and push past it, it'll be over so soon.". "only 8 minutes left, you can do anything for 8 minutes." 

I finished in 1 hour 42 minutes at a 7:49 pace which is a PR (personal record) from last year's time where I finished in 1 hour 49 minutes at a 8:22 pace! And I came in 7th out of 46 in my age group for women.
Scott and the kids met us down there and watched and cheered as we came across the finish line. The kids like going because they get their faces painted, there's a couple bounce houses and some snacks and prizes to win.
As soon as I was done I drank some water, ate some oranges and a banana, went for a rub down at their massage tables (my calves got really tight toward the last several miles) and then changed into clean, dry clothes that I had Scott bring for me and we got ready to watch the kids marathon. They had printed out a chart a couple months previous to this and had been keeping track of miles run/walked. They would get 25 miles logged before this run and then they raced the final 1.2 miles.

They loved it!
And they loved getting their medals and bibs which we've added to our running medal board/hanger.
So this was a lot more red the day off the race, but it basically was little cuts everywhere from my waistband on my shorts. I could feel it after awhile as I was running but there wasn't anything I could do but finish strong so I just pushed through that irritation/pain from all the rubbing. It was painful to the touch that night which made it hard to sleep, but by the next morning they'd all turned into scabs and felt much better. Next year I'll need to be sure to not wear shorts I hadn't tested on a long run, and maybe i'll tuck in my t-shirt for added protection.

Here are the kids mile log sheets:

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Continued

An update on Nora's toe. It's look much better. The bleeding stopped after the first three days and it's been scabbing over and the toenail is growing back in. And we still can't seem to get this girl to keep her shoes on. I guess losing a toe nail wasn't enough. 
 Over spring break Elisa Ludwig and I took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast on a five dollar Tuesday. We loved it! I loved how closely it followed the animated version because I know that one well and could recite a lot of the movie :).
 My birthday also fell over Spring Break. Scott took the day off and after a temp run in the morning, we took our family for a hike up Bell Canyon. It was gorgeous and will be a new family favorite because you can go longer or shorter, and there's a lake, streams, rocks and greenery.

This was the dessert Scott made for my birthday which was perfect as it was maple syrup sweetened and we used some dairy free ice cream and whipped cream to go on top. So yummy! 

Friday morning of Spring Break, I went to Grandma Sugars for a bit and helped her with a project. She made around 50 fudge Easter eggs and asked if I'd decorate them. It only took about an hour and we were able to visit which was fun. She sent these home for my family which they loved.

 Friday late afternoon Elisabeth, Gina, Sara and I headed to Honeyville, Utah where we stayed for the night so that the next morning we didn't have much of a drive to get to USU in Logan for their piano competition. I don't know that I'd ever done a girls night like this before, unless you count when I flew out to visit my mom all by myself last month. We ate dinner at a cute diner, we all had breakfast for dinner, and it was great. Then we went back to the house we rented for the night (airbnb) and watched the newer version of Emma from BBC.

 We've been friends with the Arkells since Elisabeth was born and it's been fun to keep up over the years.

 Elisabeth performed two pieces, Puck by Grieg and Allegro Burlesco by Kuhlaua.
 She took first in the two divisions she performed in which was a pleasant surprise!

For one of Elisabeth's awards, the winner had to play in the performance hall so she got to experience that for the first time which was fun (and nerve wrecking ). She did great!
Here is Bridget, her piano teacher, with all of her students that came and played and they all were honored in some way whether placing or receiving an honorable mention. 

 Here are some Easter morning pictures: treasure hunt for their easter baskets.
Besides the treasure hunt on Easter morning, the only other real tradition we have for Easter is reading the Easter Resurrection Eggs. There are 12 eggs and each egg has a scripture printed inside and an object to go with it, that tells the story of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. 

But this year we decided to start a new tradition to add to those two others and that is that we will read John 20 at the dinner table while we eat; we tried it out this year and it was perfect. The kids were all quiet and listening because they had food in their mouths :). 

 These beautiful sisters had a dance recital this month.
 Annabelle Jazz and Nora in ballet and tap.

 This is what the house looked like one morning after the kids left for school. I thought about taking them out of school and making them clean it up, but I had several errands to run and it would have inconvenienced me so instead I decided to leave it (I was gone all morning and into the afternoon so I didn't have to look at it for long) and once they got home from school, their mess was still waiting for them to clean up :). Before they got home, I did accidentally put a couple of things away but when I caught myself I put them back where they had left them.
For Elisabeth and Emma's personal progress, they decided to see if they could help Saige sit in church during sacrament. Saige was our next door neighbor for several years then they moved, and the next year we moved into their same neighborhood again :). Saige has a seizure disorder and other mental disabilities and though she'll come to church class, she hasn't been able to sit nicely during sacrament meeting so her parents were taking turns staying home during sacrament and watching her. So now, Elisabeth and Emma switch off each Sunday working with Saige. We pick her up at her house, drive her to church with our family, and she sits with us during sacrament. Both Emma and Elisabeth have a bag they've prepared for Saige with some fun snacks and other things for Saige to keep her busy (coloring etc). We have loved having Saige sit with us and it's worked really well so far and we've been at it for a couple of months now.
Scott worked from home one day this month so he could stay with Nora so that I could be a chaperone at the Zoo for Jane's fieldtrip. 
 It was a wet day, rained non stop, but there was a silver lining: most of the animals were out and super active! It was fun to see the the baby giraffe running in circles and to see all the babies of all the animals! Another mom of one of the kids from my group, that met us there, bought our group ponchos which was very nice. And it made spotting my group super easy!
 I found these pictures that 4 year old Nora secretly snapped around 7am while she was laying in my bed. I had woken up late, didn't feel like going out for a run or driving to the gym, or even changing into exercise clothes so instead I did yoga, and some push-ups and sit-ups in my pjs in the comfort of my bedroom. Just keeping it real :).
 Our baby turned five at the end of this month!

 I took this picture after she got dressed in the morning, came up to me, stood just like this and said, "okay mom, how do I look? Do I look like I'm five now?" I laughed and cried at the same time because yes, she does look five which means my kids are growing up too fast! We love our social, cheerful, Norita Bonita!
 On her birthday she wanted to take her friend Anna swimming and to Cafe Rio with us. And of course we had to go back to the house for some birthday ice cream cake.

Though we didn't actually put candles on the cake until that evening once the rest of the family was home (and the cake was half gone...the other kids asked for a piece after school since we had ours early and that sounded fine to me). 
I am the room mom for Charles 5th grade class which means not only do I do the holiday parties, but at this elementary, I also decorate our teacher's bulletin board at the end of the year for teacher appreciation week. I do not consider myself artsy/crafty but good ole' pinterest came through and I found one that didn't look too horribly complicated or expensive and went with it. And of course, the runner in me like this idea with the running shoes and the running trail :). I asked the teacher if I could come into the class sometime the week before and have  the kids for about 15 minutes. During that time I them all write their name on the tennis shoe and then color it in.  

 The room mom's were given access to the office supply rooms so I prepared ahead of time and figured out how many of each die cut letter I needed, went in, and Nora and I quickly got all the letters cut and the butcher paper that we needed. We did this over two days. Day one was tennis shoes colored, die cuts and butcher paper on the board (took about 1 1/2 hours), day two was just stapling all the tennis shoes and letters/signs on the butcher paper, which only took me about 20 minutes which was nice because that happened to also be Nora's birthday and I didn't want to be in there too long.
 We bought this used Twin Bed probably 10 years ago that Charles has been using and it's not in the greatest of shape. I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the boxspring is broken in several places (that could very likely be from him...he is a boy and tends to rough things up, and jump on things etc). We've also had to replace some of the wooden slats and they tend to fall out on their own.
 We have one guest room for now but it's nice to have extra bigger beds for when we have multiple families coming to sty with us (like next month for Memorial when we get my brother and sisters families!!! Wahoo!). So we got Charles a Full sized bed this time, that way when we have guests, he can go room with someone else and they can use his room. We got him a bed that sits higher off the ground because we want to be able to see when he starts shoving junk under there. And he loves that he can fit under the bed. It's kinda a hideout.
 Charles was awarded his tenderfoot advancement at scouts this week! Way to go Charles! Scouts teaches these boys some good skills.
 I cancelled my gym membership this week because of all the lovely weather we've been having (I much prefer to exercise outside)...and then this happened. Luckily it's still good for another month. I took this as I pulled out of the driveway and was headed for the gym for a run :).
 Because of our close association with Stacey and Mark Haggin and Mark's conversion, we've been able to develop a close relationship with the missionaries in our area and have had them over for dinner a few times. Last night, as we waited for the food to get on the table, the kids handed the Elders(Priebe and Singleton) a yarn-crafted jump rope and they took turns jumping while the food finished up.