Monday, July 27, 2015

Children's Growth Stats in 2015

All the kids went in for well checks over the past month, Nora and Elisabeth got immunizations, but everyone else was current. I've recorded the kids stats below, and notice that Charles, our only son, is the only one who got average or above average percentiles for weight and height. We've got small girls, Elisabeth being the smallest in percent averages for girls her age. That being said, everyone was perfectly healthy and doing well in every way.

Nora (3.2 years)
Weight: 29.1 lbs, 25%
Height: 37.01 inches, 36%
BMI: 14.9, 28%

Jane (5.2 years)
Weight: 37.48 lbs, 29%
Height: 41.54 inches, 24%
BMI: 15.3, 54%

Annabelle (7.4 years)
Weight: 48.28 lbs, 29%
Height: 48.03 inches, 35%
BMI: 14.7, 29%

Charles (9.4 years)
Weight: 68.12 lbs, 58%
Height: 54.72 inches, 70%
BMI: 16, 43%

Elisabeth (11.1 years)
Weight: 58.64lbs, 3%
Height: 53.94 inches, 15%
BMI: 14.2, 3%

Saturday, July 25, 2015

12 year Wedding Anniversary

 Twelve years ago today, Scott and I were sealed (married for time and all eternity) in the Washington DC, LDS temple. 
 In celebration, and as is tradition, we went to the temple and did sealings today so that we could remember the promises we made to the Lord and each other all those years ago.

“Marriage is a gift from God to us; the quality of our marriages is a gift from us to Him.” L. Whitney Clayton

It was the best decision I've ever made because it has blessed my life every day since. Not that every day is all sweetness and roses, but most days are, because we both work hard to make it that way :).

“A good marriage requires time. It requires effort. You have to work at it. You have to cultivate it. You have to forgive and forget. You have to be absolutely loyal one to another.” Gordon B. Hinckley

We've made a lot of memories over the years, and we've grown closer to each other and the Lord as we've faced life's challenges together.

“Marriage is a relationship that cannot survive selfishness, impatience, domineering, inequality, and lack of respect. Marriage is a relationship that thrives on acceptance, equality, sharing, giving, helping, doing one’s part, learning together, enjoying humor.” David O. McKay

My great niece, Stephany, who is in her twenties, visited us a few years back and stayed for a week. One afternoon, as the family was washing up dishes together, she said something like, "You two have such a good marriage. You're always so respectful and kind to one another. I want a marriage like that someday." Marriage can be such a beautiful thing, and it's always been a huge blessing in our lives and that's because we always put the Savior first. Picture in your mind, a triangle, with Jesus at the top and you and your spouse at the base, one at each corner, across from one another. As you both draw closer to the Savior, moving up the line of that triangle toward Him, you also simultaneously, draw closer to each other.

“Husbands and wives who love each other will find that love and loyalty are reciprocated. This love will provide a nurturing atmosphere for the emotional growth of children. Family life should be a time of happiness and joy that children can look back on with fond memories and associations.” Ezra Taft Benson

I certainly enjoy this guys company :). We've grown so alike over the years, with the things we like to do and also in our thinking. Many of our dates involve some sort of physical activity, from hiking, to snowshoeing, skiing, to rock climbing, walks, bike rides, horse-back riding, going to the gym etc, and many of them also involve food...  we love both :).

“We are responsible for the home we build. We must build wisely, for eternity is not a short voyage. There will be calm and wind, sunlight and shadows, joy and sorrow. But if we really try, our home can be a bit of heaven here on earth.” Thomas S. Monson

Happy Anniversary Dear! With you by my side, home truly is a bit of heaven on earth! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bicycle injury, Gryffindor shirt and neighborhood musical

I mentioned that Scott and I are preparing for a mini triathlon. On one of our swim and bike days this past week, as we were biking home from the pool, I completely biffed it. The kids were fascinated by my wounds on my shoulders, knees, arm, thighs, wrist, knuckles and palms. My right side got it the worst.  Scott told 5 year old Jane, "remember when you were learning to ride your bike and you fell when you tried to get your bike up on the curb when your tire wasn't aimed straight on? That's what happened to mommy this morning." She gave a little laugh, and so did I, because it is a little embarrassing and funny, that I make the same mistakes as my 5 year old.

Elisabeth got this cool Gryffindor jersey in the mail from Granny Garnica this past week, for her birthday.

Elisabeth wrote a script so the kids in the neighborhood could put on a play. They've spent hours,and days and weeks working on this musical! I love seeing them all playing together in our yard & I love peeking out and hearing some of their lines and watching their dances.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Kids Mowing and Bear Cub Camp

Summer time means more Saturdays spent doing yard work, and I love that this year, our two oldest are old enough to help out a lot more. Both Elisabeth and Charles have learned how to mow the lawn and they love it! Maybe a little too much. It sometimes causes arguments when they can't remember who did it the last week. Charles also loves to use the weed wacker. They also help pull weeds but we have a couple of big trouble areas with very large, stubborn weeds that require a bit more muscle and man power so those are harder for them.
This past week Charles was able to attend his Bears, Cub Camp in the Mill Creek Canyon and I got to go help out on one of the two days. The day I went, the theme for the camp was "Lego Master Builders". The kids participated in a variety of activities including various  games,
singing silly songs,
Storm Trooper obstacle course,

Harry Potter Wand Making,
Race Cars,

learning knots for ropes,
a service project where they sanded the inside of an old rail car (notice the CTR symbol I sanded into the red paint),
sword fighting,

BB Gun shooting,
And a hike with the Hobbits :).
It was a good experience for me to join Charles at cub camp, because with our one boy and four girls, Charles is more active and energetic (and obsessed with sports) so it was good to see boys be boys and realize he's just perfect right where he is. It was loud, they got extremely dirty but it was so much fun and they were all in heaven.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cake for funeral luncheon and Dinner Conversation Starters

On our drive home from Washington, I got a phone call and was informed that a sweet woman in our ward, whom I was recently assigned to visit teach, had a stillborn baby. They were going to do a small burial service with her family a couple of days later, with a luncheon after, and I made this cake for her luncheon. I wanted it to be all white, celestial like, since that is where the baby is now, in heaven, with it's maker. As I baked and decorated, I thought of and felt for this family who will have to wait awhile longer, until they've finished their journey here on earth, to meet this special little spirit that was sent to them. I can't even begin to imagine the heartache, so it makes me even more grateful that we have a Savior who knows and understands us so fully.

Switching topics, When trying to have a conversation with our children, some of them choose to give a lot of one word answers: 
 "How was your day?"
"What did you do?"
So a few weeks ago, I printed out some conversation starters we found on good old Pinterest, to change things up a little. We've all enjoyed discussing "the question" over the dinner table which has prolonged our time at the table which I love, and it's made for some very interesting and diverse conversations wink emoticon

Monday, July 13, 2015

Roadtrip to WA 3

My lil sister Becca took a few inches off Nora today and gave her a very cute stacked bob. It'll be a nice, cool (literally) summer do.

I hit the weight room with my big bro, Luis, and nephew Denali. I dead-lifted about 50lbs and felt pretty good about myself until luis threw several 45lbs on his heavier bar and was lifting over 300lbs. smile emoticon it's all good, I was just happy to be with them, learning so much.

Mini donuts at Pike Place and the water fountain at the Seattle Center are always favorites.

Ivars on the water for lunch.

Last month Elisabeth mentioned that some day she wanted to be in a parade. There's a parade in my hometown each year, and they start with a kiddie parade where families can walk with children, so we all got in our red, white and blue gear and walked in the 4th of July parade.

My parents had a few house projects that needed to be done and Scott's always happy to help and good with his hands, so he fixed a few holes in the walls, caulked a sink and put a new screen on the sliding glass door.
Cora and Nora had fun giggling and playing together.

On the evening of the fourth we went to my sister's in-laws home for a BBQ with several of their friends and family, and then we lit off fireworks.
They organized a 5-10 minute presentation that told the story of America's Independence Day; each of those poster boards they held up had a little blurb on the back that they read aloud.

The big kids loved being able to light off some of the the fireworks.
And the adults enjoyed visiting and watching the fireworks.

I love the selfies Elisabeth took with Grandpa Garnica.

 Sunday after church we went to visit my brother Michael and their family.

 A few of the cousins played piano pieces for each other which was fun.

 And the kids were in the pool for the majority of the time.

 Jane was all tuckered out on the ride home.
 We had a wonderful time with our family in WA, The drive home was fine, though driving home always seems longer since we lose an hour. We left the house at 430am and within the first 30 minutes of the drive, Jane threw up, but the Lord was with us, as always, and her vomit only got on her clothes and the towel she was using as a blanket, so once we pulled over to the side of a road, we were able to just wrap it all up and stick it in a couple of gallon ziploc bags we brought 'just in case' someone needed to throw up, so we were able to close off the smell and the van didn't smell of vomit at all. I moved to the back with her for awhile after that until she felt a little better, and we did get one more ziploc bag out that she threw up in and we sealed off until our next stop when we tossed it. After that she was fine. I think she was feeling queasy from the Doritos she ate the night before that were probably still sitting in her tummy.

Also, speaking of the Lords hand in our lives, another little tender mercy was that on the way home, I called a local, raw honey company that I remembered was on the way home, but still an hour and a half away from home, to see if they happened to have a 60 lbs bucket of honey on hand that I could pick up in an hour, around 6pm on that Monday night. I felt like my chances of all of those things being my my favor were very, very slim, but they answered and said yes, and yes! Wahoo! My mom sent a note home with us in an envelope, and left gas money which was so sweet of her, which we decided to use for groceries instead, but when this honey thing happened, it was the perfect amount to pay for our 60lbs bucket and year supply of honey! We stopped for lunch and dinner on the way home and we pulled into the house around 830pm.

Here are a few more pictures I found on my phone that Elisabeth took. She loved these nose glasses that my mom had and granny let her take a pair home with her.