Friday, June 28, 2013

Soccer, Katherine and Sick Annabelle

 Elisabeth had her last soccer game a couple of weeks ago. She has been with this team for four seasons, Fall and Spring, so for a total of two years now. It has been so fun to watch them start out together as 6 year old girls, picking flowers on the game field and watching their shadow in the sun instead of chasing after the ball. And then they clump. The entire team charges after the ball, offense and defense, it really didn't matter they were there; many times the entire team on one tiny portion of the field. And now they're figuring out positions and many of the girls actually stay in their position. They started passing a lot more this year! And toward the end of this last season we even had girls pass several times just before shooting a goal! Previous to this time if they were anywhere near the goal they would take the shot even if they had 6 others girls on them, but now they're learning to share and pass :). So fun to watch them grow!
 This is Katherine. Katherine and I became best friends in elementary school and were best friends throughout elementary and junior high. She got married last year and is moving to Boston this week and so we got together for a visit. I love this dear lady and her family who became like a second family to me during those young years. She has amazing parents and 9 wonderful siblings. Love ya Kath!

A couple days after my visit with Kath Annabelle and Jane got sick, but Annabelle had it the worst. She mostly just laid around and didn't feel like eating; and she threw up once. It got all over the couch, the carpet, a blanket and then I quickly picked her up and moved her to the tile just before a lot more came out. And remember how we're showing our house? Ugh. Poor Annabelle. But she's all better now. And I took this picture because Charles came to me saying he was bored and asked what he could do that would be fun. I suggested reading a book to his sick sister who couldn't do much and he immediately got right up, grabbed a stack of books and brought them over near her and read aloud to Annabelle. He's a good brother.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hilarious Video of Nora at 14 mos

Nora is an entertainer. She loves to make us laugh and when she finds something that gets a lot of laughs she will do it over and over again for our enjoyment. This is a video of Nora doing raspberries on the couch, over and over again with me and her siblings watching and laughing along with her. Since she's still pretty new to walking, we filmed her taking some steps on this video as well. It's only about a minute long. Enjoy!

Monday, June 24, 2013

BYU roommates: Jessie and April

Have I ever mentioned before that I love my roommates from BYU? And adore them. They are all amazing women. They were such good friends and such good examples to me at a time when I needed good friends who made good choices to show me the way. Lovely, lovely ladies who will always have a special place in my heart!
Because we're moving to Colorado in about a month, we made a special effort to get together with my two roommates that live in Utah (there are 4 others on top of these two that live in various parts of the country: Jen, Ashley, Shayla, and Natalie). Jessie's family and mine got together for a BBQ one night at her place. Our 8 kids are pictured above and Jessie and I are below. The kids had fun playing together and we loved being able to catch up.
A couple days later April and her kids came down one morning/afternoon for a visit. I forgot to get pictures with April even though before she arrived I told myself several times, "I'm going to remember to take pictures!" I loved seeing these wonderful ladies! And it's always fun to see your old single friends as grown-up parents. They were amazing then and are amazing now. As for the other 4 roommates....ladies, we need to start doing something regularly! Maybe a girls-night-out/reunion every couple of years. What do you say?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day weekend

This past Sunday was Father's Day and the Friday before Scott, Charles, and two of my cousins, Peter and David, and their sons went camping for a night.

Boy heaven! Charles absolutely LOVES camping and having boy time with dad, away from all the girls at home :). Here are Charles and Parker.

While they camped us girls went to Cafe Rio for dinner, painted nails, read books together, and played Pictureka. Once the three youngest girls were in bed Elisabeth and I watched "Arctic", a short documentary movie and then "Move Over Darling" with Doris Day; we hadn't seen either one of those before.
It was late once our movies were done and so Elisabeth and I went to bed...Elisabeth slept with me which was a special treat (for her)...and in consequence I did not sleep well. She's a mover. I got her knee in my side a couple of times. And a kick to my leg. And she rolled over and knocked in to me. Good times :).
Sunday morning we had bacon and pancakes for breakfast and then Scott opened his gifts. Elisabeth made Scott a booklet of coupons that Scott can use. It says things like, "I will fold laundry/clean a room/take you out for ice cream with my own money" etc.
I made Scott a mousepad with a few pictures of him and the kids for his work computer, printed and framed an updated picture of us for his desk, and got him a Costco sized container of mixed nuts. Charles made him a nice card.

After church we took pictures of Scott with the kids. Then we had dinner: grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and home-made chef brad macaroni and cheese and for dessert they ate brownies with ice cream (I had made a pan of brownies for my male primary teachers and knew we'd have some leftover) and a pretzel jello salad.

Jane helped Scott with the corn on the cob.

Scott is an amazing father. And husband. And just an amazing all around person.
The kids absolutely adore Scott. They love when he's home and are always excited to talk with him and tell him about their day or to play catch or pass. They miss him when he's traveling for work and they look forward to his phone conversations at night and the google 'hangouts' they do together when he's in Minnesota.
And for me, Scott is everything. He really is. He's my best friend. He's a great listening ear. He's my mentor and counselor. He's my comforter and my strength. He's the love of my life and will be through all eternity.

Happy Father's Day to all the good dads out there and especially to Scott and to our father's. We love you!!!

And a short but sweet father's day video I found online:

And one more. I love this one! :

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nora's first steps

 Sunday June 2, 2013 our 13-month Nora took her first steps!!! Wahoo! I love her faces! You can tell she tries hard and is proud of her accomplishment.When she first learned how to do this, whenever she stood alone and/or took a step she'd automatically start clapping (she picked this trick up from her audience of siblings and parents :)).

 She's taking on average around 6 steps whenever she walks now. Pretty soon she'll be all over the place!  Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE our Nori! Norita Bonita!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Book-Skating and Blanket-Tents

Here is Jane 'ice skating' on a couple of baby board books. I don't encourage this behavior, though my picture-taking might suggest otherwise.
 Charles and Elisabeth asked if they could make a tent using blankets and furniture and sleep in it when they didn't have school the next day.

 This is their creation.
 And this is one of Nora's many faces she makes that I love! :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When daddy's away...

 When daddy's away in Minnesota for work, we love that we still get to see, talk and interact with him each night. He packs a bedtime story book into his luggage and each night when he talks to Annabelle she asks him to read a story from it and so he does. He even shows her the pictures on each page.
 When he talks to Jane they usually just sit there and make funny faces at each other :). And they laugh. Because that's what three-year-olds love to do with their daddies :).
 Can you tell she's just loving being able to see and talk with dad? They SO look forward to this time of night for this very reason.
Elisabeth generally gives updates on her day. Charles will usually read him his homework book.  Once the kids are in bed I call Scott and we do facetime or whatever the google version of that is called, and we visit while I finish up simple chores like folding laundry or wiping down kitchen counters and then I take the phone back into our room where we read scriptures together and say our couple prayer. I love that we live in the day and age that we do which makes necessary long distance travel a lot more pleasant and really not so bad. Don't get me wrong, we'd much rather have him here with us in person, but it certainly makes these times apart less painful. Only another month or two of this week-home, week-away stuff! And really, it's only 4 nights away at a time and then we get him for days and nights. We can do it!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Update on Annabelle's collar break

Annabelle is doing well. I've been keeping a journal of her progress since her collar bone break a couple of weeks ago so I'll go back in time and put those details here.

 The first 24 hours, Annabelle took ibuprofen every 8 hours for the pain. The next day she had it twice a day, the next day just at night before bed and she's been off it since then. The hardest part for Annabelle was during that first week when she had to rest a lot. She wanted to play with friends and do what they were doing but she couldn't because in order for it to heal, and for her not to have minimal pain she needed to be still. If she forgot and started walking around fast or twisting and turning, then it started to really hurt her but she wanted to play so she ended up crying a lot. Such a hard thing for a 5 year old to have to deal with. But she was learning to be patient and to listen to her body which I think is a good thing. Here she, just a couple of days after her injury, laying on the couch with a couple of her barbies, a big blanket folded up behind her head so she can lay back and rest that arm/collar area while she plays. She also wore a magnetic bracelet on that arm during that week which is supposed to help some with healing and pain.

Annabelle is healing quickly. She is able to do more and more on her own every day. Monday and Tuesday(the day of and day after her injury) she needed help eating with a spoon, going to the bathroom, getting up off a couch or out of bed etc. Wednesday she figured out how to eat on her own while using a utensil and she figured out how to pull up her pants and take them down using just her left hand, though I still needed to help her on and off the toilet for a couple more days.

This is how she has been wearing her hair for the most part because it's out of her face and out of the way of the sling. We tried having her wear a braid straight back one day instead of off to the side and the hair kept getting caught in the velcro on the strap which didn't feel good.

 During the first week, we took Annabelle's arm out of the sling and swathe about three times a day to stretch it out, and we would wash her hand as well since it got pretty stinky from being wrapped up for so long. We waited 4 days before attempting a bath because it hurt too much to take her arm out. I also went and bought her 2 new shirts and a new dress that either button up or are stretchy enough to be pulled all the way up starting at the feet because it hurt too much to lift her arm up and into a sleeve.

After the first week she stopped using the swathe, and instead just used the sling which is fine. At that same time she also decided she didn't want to wear either the sling or swathe at night anymore. We went to see her doctor 8 days after the injury and she said it's just about keeping her comfortable so that even though recovery period is typically 4-6 weeks, if after 2-3 weeks she's feeling pretty good and wants to take her arm out of the sling for awhile then that's fine but to put it on again if it starts getting hard to bear the weight without the sling or if it's giving her pain. And she said no trampolines or monkey bar type things until after 6 weeks. Doc said Annabelle doesn't need another xray, that things look good and to just be aware that she will most likely have a big knot or bump in that spot for possibly a couple of years during which time the body is working at smoothing out that bone. For now I don't see much of a bump but there is a giant bruise.

Two weeks after the injury, Annabelle is using her arm a lot even though it's in the sling. Like in the picture below...she just kinda pushes the sling back and slides her arm right out for better use.

 She takes the sling off for short periods of time when we are sitting on the couch reading books or doing something else gentle like that, but after awhile I insisted she put it back on because it's a good reminder for those around her that we need to be careful with Annabelle still. And if it's out of the sling for too long it starts to hurt her as well.

Now, three weeks after her injury she pretty much doesn't wear the sling. Friday, just a few days ago, she got on her bike again and did fine with that but I've cautioned her to not go too fast and to keep both hands on the steering part. We know that Annabelle's quick recovery was granted to her by a loving Heavenly Father. She was given a priesthood blessing and there have been many people praying for Annabelle (herself included) which I know played a big part in her fast recovery as well. We are grateful to the Lord for his many blessings.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Temple Square, Art History Children's Museum

 (the picture above is of the conference center where General Conference is held twice a year).
We went to Salt Lake City on Memorial Day to visit the cemetery where many of the prophets and their wives are buried and afterward we stopped by the Children's area of the Art History museum at temple square. This was another thing on our checklist of things to do.
 My girls love dressing up and dancing with the senoritas and senors on the video screen.

 Charles and Nora had fun building things out of these soft pieces.
 Jane liked to dress up the dolls

 The tortilla toss

 Nora looking for some food/dishes in the cupboards
 Elisabeth and Annabelle checking for eggs under the chickens. I love that temple square has this available for families. I love that it's fun, free and that my 1 year old enjoys it and so does my 9 year old and all the ages in between :).