Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pinewood Derby and Graffiti 5k Run

Charles pinewood derby for cub scouts was this past week. Scott was in Utah but I was texting him a play by play with pictures throughout the evening. Charles car ended up winning second place!

Charles was thrilled. Nice work Charles (and Daddy, since he helped build the car)!

Scott got home Friday night and Saturday morning Elisabeth and I and a couple of my Bella Notte friends, Eve and Chelsea ran the Graffiti 5k in Denver.

Elisabeth and I made rainbow colored tutus for our run and picked up some new, colorful sunglasses for $5 at King Soopers. This is a before the run picture. We opened a couple of our chalk packets and dumped them on each other before the race began.
 Elisabeth did great and jogged the entire time. We held hands during the run which helped us stay together since there were thousands of people running.
We got very chalky and dusty looking. Our sweat made us look a bit dirty. No times were kept or taken so it was pretty relaxed.

Afterward, Elisabeth had a soccer game so she changed in the car and then we went over our all our colorful dust. It felt so nice to shower afterward and get it all off. I could not believe all the red and color that I saw go down our shower drain. We had a good time and I would definitely do it again, though next time, I want to bring more family members.

Monday, April 27, 2015

When Daddy's Away and Haircuts

"Daddy, I come with you!?" We tried to explain to Nora, in answer to her question, that he'll be making lots of trips like this until we all meet him out in Utah next month, but to a two year old, it's nonsense. Hence, daddy wiping away her tears. And its only going to get worse, with more time away, until we meet him out there next month. C'mon Memorial Day weekend, let's hurry it up!

Scott is home this next week, working remotely, and thank goodness because every night that he's gone, Nora wakes up and comes into my room multiple times asking for daddy and wanting to sleep in my bed. Every, single, night. I am good about putting her back to bed until about 4am, at which time I am so exhausted that I dont care anymore and so she hops in with me.

When Scott's away our dinner menu changes a bit. I'm a lot more relaxed and we, many times, eat the same thing, multiple days in a row. Mexican is a favorite and so we eat a lot of taco salads and burritos. During the day, the girls and I eat granola with berries, for lunch pretty regularly.
This past week, when Scott was away, I gave the three oldest kids haircuts. Elisabeth's cut was the most drastic. We took 6 inches off. 

It looks great and she loves it! I didn't get a picture of Annabelle and Charles' cut, but they were more of a trim.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Solo Ensemble and Tashco Young Artists Alliance

 The end of the school year is winding down which means there's an unusual amount of things going on with auditions and recitals and the musical performance for the school that suddenly upped their practice time so that they now meet every day after school rather than twice a week, and they meet for longer, until 6pm. During this last week, as we're gearing up for the performance of the Aladdin musical (did I mention Elisabeth is playing the narrator in Aladdin?), I told Elisabeth she could skip soccer practices which are twice a week from 6-7pm, if she would like, since she's still got to fit homework, piano, eating and sleeping in there somewhere. And to add onto everything, Scott is in Utah this week. Boo. No, I'm grateful that Scott has a good job and we'll get to meet him out there soon, and I'm grateful that the kids love to exercise and develop their musical talents. But, I am very excited to have a much slower summer schedule.
 Elisabeth performed a trio with her good friend Emily Lightheart on the violin and another boy from school on the cello for their school orchestra solo/ensemble recital.
 Becca got me the boots I'm wearing in the picture below and she made me the necklace for my birthday, plus I'm sporting my new blue blazer that I found when Bec and I went shopping. I don't like shopping, I go shopping once a year, and that's on my birthday and having Becca with me made it much, much more enjoyable. I have a hard time with crowds, loud noise/music, and spending money on myself. I can't do a whole lot about the first two, but with the last, I find that it feels a little more okay when I know I do this once a year, and it's for my birthday so Scott would've spent money on  me anyway :).
 Scott was working remotely from home this past week which was lovely. We got to eat lunch together and a couple of times I had fun making us something a little more than PB&J or leftovers :). This particular day we had omelets, toast and orange scones. Divine!

 Last year Elisabeth auditioned for the Tashco Young Artists Alliance (Adams County), but sadly didn't make it. This year not only did she audition and make it into the next set of judges along with a bunch of other outstanding musicians(two pictures below), but she also went on to take second place in her division (Beginner B).

 I took this after her performance with the judges. It went from 80 degrees the day before to super large snowflakes!
 We finished up the puzzle we started over General Conference weekend!
 Here is Elisabeth receiving her 2nd place certificate at the Tashco Festival.

 Elisabeth's amazing teacher, Cheryl Reeder, had four other students place in the Tashco Festival in various divisions and two of them, the Merrill Brothers, took first place. Way to go Cheryl, you're amazing!
 And a random picture at the end of Nora, riding home from church, snuggling up with the Frozen blanket Bec made for the kids. Thank you Bec, they love it (and fight over it regularly ;)).

Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthday Celebrations and Scott's Travels

My younger sister Becca, and best friend along with Scott and Mom, arrived Sunday with her family, the day before my birthday. It was a really quick trip; they had gone out to Utah for a wedding and then came over here for a few days before they had to head back home to school and work. The children adored having them here. We all did actually.
Becca and I had some fun in the kitchen together. Their family is gluten-free and vegan, so we made a couple of pizzas, her gluten-free vegan version(which was so yummy!) and my whole wheat version (for my family), and then we made a birthday treat of oatmeal cream pies, also gluten-free and vegan.
I loved cooking together, both of us in our element, and enjoying one another.

Yum! Those taste as good as they look!
Monday morning we had green smoothies and granola for breakfast (my request) and I opened gifts. 
I LOVED all the homemade coupons the kids made for me with all sorts of awesome deals like, "I'll load the dishwasher" and "I'll clean the room of your choice" and "I'll take you out for dinner"...They say they're going to do extra chores to earn money to pay for that one ;).

Becca, Blake and Bella got me military type boots, a beautiful blush dressy tank, and a necklace that Becca put together that had a tree of life pendant hanging on the chain along with a couple of other beautiful things.
Scott made me some wood plank board/tray things for my food photography and I picked out a light reflector (which I might return and get a smaller one), and he helped fund part of my shopping spree. My parents and Scott's parents contributed to the shopping spree as well; love them all!
After gifts we went for a hike at Chatauqua in Boulder

Then Becca and I went shopping and then we came back, picked up Patricia who watched the kids for us so we could go on a double date to dinner. We ate at a place called Linger, in Denver which has some yummy gluten-free and vegan options along with lots of other whole foods items.

I'm wearing the new tank Becca got me and my new white blazer I found when we were shopping. Mom, how do you like my make-shift birthday candle? Remind you of our years growing up at home? I think we did that a lot :). Love it! I'm also holding Hazelnut Gelato that we picked up at Whole Foods after our dinner, and we picked up some other baked goods as well. Fun fact, hazelnut gelato was my all time favorite flavor to get when we were visiting Rome. I think I had it every day we were there.

Cute cousins, Bella and Annabelle.
This picture was taken a few days later, with the new dress and sweater I picked out while shopping. It's so long and comfy, I love it! 

 And I'm going to throw in a seemingly random old picture here. A  friend of mine here sent me this photo below that she saw online of my great grandmother Mae Pearl Schramm and I thought she looked quite a bit like my mother and myself so I wanted to post it here, next to some pictures of me.
One other thing I requested from Scott for my birthday was a jam tart, but I didn't want to have it while my sister and her family were here because it's made with wheat flour and they don't do gluten. So we waited until later in the week, and actually Scott made this Sunday, the day he took off back to Utah for work. 

 Love that man of mine! He's such a thoughtful and sweet husband.
 When Scott was getting ready to go, Nora was following him around saying, "Daddy, I come with you?!". She cried a lot when she found out she couldn't go.
 We tried to explain it to Nora, that he'll be making lots of trips like this until we all meet him out in Utah next month, but to a two year old, it's nonsense. Hence, daddy wiping away her tears.
 None of us like it when he leaves, but at least the rest of us understand that this is temporary and he'll come back again. Also, I'm so busy with life and all that the kids are doing that the time flies so that's good. And it's not like I have a bunch of toddlers, I only have a couple of really young ones and I have a few older kids that can help with the younger ones, so that's been really nice. Charles has been taking the girls to bed and Elisabeth has been doing a lot of extra cleaning and sometimes they switch. I'm grateful for all their help. And I'm grateful Scott has a phone again (was without one for several days because he had to turn his last one in to his previous firm and wait for his new one to arrive, provided by the new firm) so that we can call and text throughout the day, and I'm grateful for our google hangouts and face time so we can see each other every day, even if it is from a distance.