Sunday, July 26, 2009

Flu and random pictures

I'm at home right now. I'm not usually home at this time on Sunday, but I just did a swap with Scott so that we both could attend half of church while someone stayed home with our sick Annabelle. I brought Elisabeth with me to sacrament meeting, but I didn't want to bring Charles because I sang in a trio about half way through, and I didn't want to put it on anyone else to be responsible for our very energetic little boy.

Charles had the flu, as well, several days ago. His started about a day after we got back from WA. Our first sign something was wrong was that during dinner he didn't eat hardly anything, and his eyes kept shutting. He's not one to normally fall asleep unless he's in his bed and it's bed time. He asked to go to bed(it was 6pm), and I took him, and I noticed he felt a little warmer than usual. An hour later he got up and said he needed to throw up. I took him to the toilet, and he threw up. He went back to bed and I made a note of what time it was so that I'd remember when he could eat food again(8 hours after the last throw up). We did that, and then did the bland food diet for 24 hours, and thankfully he slept through most of the following day and got some much needed rest. And then he was better; he only threw up once which was good. And now, three days later or so, Annabelle has a little bit of a fever and she's been sleeping for quite a while now. For the short period she was up, she just whined and wanted to lay her head down on my shoulder and then quickly fell back asleep. It's funny, the day Charles was sleeping a lot, I can remember the precise moment when Annabelle must have caught his bug: we went in to check on him(he slept on his mattress in my room), and as I was giving him my attention, I turned back around to see Annabelle taking a drink from his water sippy cup. I groaned and said aloud, "oh great, now she's going to get it." I tried my best to keep him away from the kids all day, but, in this one moment, I was not successful. Hopefully her bug will be gone as fast as his was. So that's what we've been up to since we've been back.

I hope this doesn't make me sound like a bad person for saying this, but it was actually kind of nice for a day when Charlie slept through most of it. The house was quiet and we were forced to stay home all day so Elisabeth and I did a lot of baking and cleaning, and it was kind of a nice, quiet break from normal life. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't like it when any of my kids feel sick, but if he wasn't sick, and if he would just take a nap occasionally, I think I could definitely get used to that and really like it; but he hasn't been napping for over a year, so I don't think that's going to happen.

Here's a random picture of our Annabelle covered in peanut butter. All members of our family are peanut butter lovers.

And here's another random picture of Elisabeth's french-braided ponytail. Since I've had a girl with long hair, I've been able to practice and learn how to do french braids where they actually look like french braids and not just like some crazy, criss-crossed mess on top of a head. I'm learning all sorts of skills while being a mother; doing hair is one of them.

Our 6th Anniversary

Yesterday, July 25th, was our 6th wedding anniversary! This was the first year we had so much planned. Usually we'll just go on a date to dinner or something like that.

Friday in the late afternoon Krissy and Craig came over to watch the kids. Krissy spent the night and stayed until around 2pm Saturday. During this time Scott and I did some shopping(mostly for clothes we really needed since we rarely go clothing shopping because it takes to long for me to decide, and it's too hard with the kids), went to dinner, did some more shopping, went back to our hotel that was only about 15 minutes away from home, swam in the pool for awhile and just had fun being together and giving one another our undivided attention.

Saturday morning we packed up our stuff and drove over to the Draper temple to do sealings. This is something we've tried to do consistently each year on our anniversary which I love because it helps us remember all the promises we made to each other and to our Heavenly Father all those years ago. Everything was wonderful. Thanks so much Krissy(and Craig) for watching the kids for us! And just for the record, I was in much need of a little break from my mommy duties before our night out, but while Scott and I ate breakfast in our hotel Saturday morning, there were a couple of families also eating breakfast with little children and I said to Scott, "I miss the kids. I bet they'd have fun here." To which he reminded me that I hadn't even been away from them for a day. And, even though I hadn't said anything aloud to him about the kids the night before, I thought of them and missed them several times. So, even though this was a nice little break, it was long enough for me to remember how much I love being with our kids, even though it's always busy and a lot work. I love it, and I love them, and it's the most rewarding calling in life that I've ever had.
A couple shots of Scott and I, on our anniversary, as we were getting ready to head out for the Bee's baseball game with the family that evening.

Driving to the Bee's baseball game. Scott didn't like Charlie's sunglasses and asked if I would take them off before we went in public...I think you'll notice that, yes they're green, but they have two girly flowers in the upper corners.
Saturday evening, Scott's work had a party at the Bee's minor league baseball game in SLC. We ate dinner, they had some fun door prizes, and then we went in to the stadium for the game. It was really hot and a little humid outside(we got rain earlier), so we were really happy that our seats were in the shade. Dinner began at 5pm, and by the time the game started at 7pm, it had cooled some and by an hour into it, it actually felt quite comfortable...though Scott told me later he was feeling warm the entire evening. Elisabeth wore her hair down, and was sweating so much she came to me and asked if I brought an extra hair tie she could use. I looked through my diaper bag and found diapers, baby wipes, floss, a camera and anti-bacterial soap. But no hair ties, and I didn't really want to take mine out and give it to her because I was really hot, too. So I improvised. I had her sit on the pavement in front of my folding chair, and I french braided it(to the best of my ability without any water, comb or brush), and then I broke off a piece of floss, wound it around the end of the braid a few times, and tied it in a double knot. And it stayed in throughout the entire game, so it served it's purpose well.

Elisabeth's french-braided-floss-tied hair do
watching the game

Elisabeth and Annabelle ate a lot of cotton candy, and they shared with the toddler girl sitting behind them, so we had a sticky section until the cotton candy was finished off
Afterwards, they had a firework show that was about 15 minutes long, and which the two oldest kids loved! Annabelle didn't like the fireworks and the loud noises that come with them. She kept switching back and forth between the arms of Scott and myself: I think she was trying to see which one of us could provide more comfort to her. She ended up laying on my shoulder for awhile, while I covered one of her ears with my hand. She didn't cry much, mostly she just had a scared look on her face and kind of wanted to hide.
Elisabeth watching the fireworks

A scared Annabelle watching the fireworks

Happy Anniversary Scott! I'm so grateful to have you as my best friend and companion for all eternity. I love you with all of my heart.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Posed family Photos

The Garnica family

The siblings: Luis, Fred, Becca, Pepa and Elisa. In age order, Luis is the oldest then Pepa, Fred, Me and Becca.
The family
Me and Mom
Lani and Mom
Fred, Luis, Dad and Andre

My dad and my nephew Andre were sitting on the couch together while I was walking around with my camera. I wanted to take their picture, but our photo shoot didn't go too well. Here's how it went.
"Hey, Andre, Dad. Look up and smile for the picture," I said, cheerfully. They both looked up, but neither one smiled. Both, I've always known, don't like smiling for cameras. But I wasn't going to give up too easily.
"Hey, you didn't smile. You need to smile or I'm going to keep taking pictures," I whined. "Kay, that was better, but Dad, you need to sit back and be serious." So of course I get 'peace signs'
"Kay, whatever. Let's try one more." And it would've been really good, but Andre was looking elsewhere.
Elisabeth, Shaun and Angelo
Angelo and Elisabeth

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bella's birthday party

Bella, Becca's daughter, turns three soon(well, in the beginning of Sept) and she wanted to have a party with all her cousins. So we celebrated it while we were out visiting. Becca did a wonderful job, put in a lot of effort and beauty into her party. Becca made a princess castle cake, had a pinata(Dad is from Mexico so we've had pinata's at many a birthday), star-wand cookies, and party bags for everyone.
Becca lighting the candles while Bella watches and waits in anticipation

Charlie has pretty good form. He can hit well on both left and right.
Annabelle could barely lift the bat

Rainier's turn to take a swing
Lani standing at the ready
Leia hit it!
Andre going in for the kill

Oh, just kidding! He missed! Better luck next time Andre!Becca got a pretty good hit

Full House: Part Two

Alright, after loading my last photos on picasa, it looks like I'll be adding a couple more posts about our trip to WA.

Here are some of the things we did besides play sports and jog everyday(I don't have pictures of the first 6 activities listed; but don't worry, there are still a lot):
*went to Alkai beach
*went on a train ride from Edmonds down to Seattle(only half of us did this; all the young kids went. Scott left his wallet on the train, but luckily, they found it and we were able to get it back within the hour)
*witnessed a pretty bad car accident and Scott wrote up a report on our way back to get his wallet from train station
*met up with our friends the Johnson's for lunch
*were able to spend some time(they put us up for a night) with our Aunt Jolene and Uncle Jeff on our way from Utah to Bothell
*Scott and I went on a date to Dairy Queen one night, and Fred and Robin went on a date to a movie another night
*watched the new Harry Potter movie in the theater; and yes, we dressed up...a little. Rainier and I wore the Griffindor scarves I made. Becca and I dressed up in full attire 2 years ago, but I didn't want to bring both wardrobes with me from Utah because we already had a lot of stuff(Me, Becca, Luis, Lani, Andre, Leia and Rainier watched the movie while some of the others went to a splash park. Scott also stopped by the half-price-bookstore at this time and got two audio books-for our ride home- for $5 each! Wahoo! We listened to one we borrowed from the library on our way there)
*had our own football and baseball game
*Bella's birthday party(which I'll do another post on because there are a lot of pictures from that)
*watched as Annabelle, daily, tried on everyone's shoes, leaving them in various places in the house....which gave us all opportunities to search and find later

*Annabelle and Reese are only a week apart, and Shaun and Charles are a month apart. Angelo is a year older than Elisabeth. All the kids, even the teenagers, played(or watched over and helped out) and had a good time together.

*watched Barney while the kids danced to it in the living room

*made and ate A LOT of food*went to a couple of fun parks

*went on a hike(I miss being able to hike in WA where there is so much beautiful green to look at and tall trees to provide shade.). We also enjoyed the beautiful Pacific Northwest summer weather: sunny and in the high 70's! Perfect time of year to visit.