Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tour of the fire station

A neighborhood friend of ours just turned three and had his birthday party at a park along with a tour of the fire station right next to the park. This was me, Charlie, and Annabelle's first experience going inside a fire station. We've read several books about fire stations and fire men and what's involved, so it was fun to see the real thing.

The kids favorite part was seeing the fire trucks and being able to climb on top of or inside of them. Charles was a bit shy at first, probably because it was unfamiliar territory(he started crying when I took him up close to this engine to get our picture taken), but he warmed up after a few minutes. Annabelle didn't seem to show too much interest with anything, except at the end of the tour when the firemen got into their fire truck, started the engine, and turned on their siren. She did not like that at all. It was funny to watch her reaction. Elisabeth was in school and couldn't make it, so we may have to schedule another trip to the fire station some other time.
the firemen called these sharp tools and axes etc. their, 'universal keys; they can get into any door' :)
paramedic truck

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