Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting ready for Easter

I've been slowly gathering things together for Easter baskets and getting everything ready and prepared so that if I am in the hospital over Easter, the family can still celebrate without me. I'm so excited to have a little less than three weeks to go(that's if she's on time, of course)!

Sundays we don't watch much on the TV, and what we do watch is gospel oriented. I have several dvds and the kids enjoy watching them, but none of them are animated and they've been requesting some animated church movies. I thought it'd be nice to put one in their Easter baskets. I looked online and at a couple of church stores, but I couldn't believe how pricey the dvd's sold for: $20-$30 for one dvd! And it's only about half hour long! So I decided to wait and see if I could find one for a better deal. I ran to DI this last week and I found one of the $30 dvd's for $1! And I didn't see any scratches or marks on the disc and it's an Easter one! It's about Christ's resurrection! I was so excited! We also picked up a couple other things while we were there: the kids each picked out a toy and something for Scott, I got a book we read in book club last year, a prenatal pilates dvd, and I found a baby girl crib bumper. You'd think since we've already had two girls, that I would have at least one girl crib bumper, but we don't. I have two boy bumpers that were given to me, so we've just used those in the past. And I was planning on using them again, but since I found a cute girl one for just a few dollars, I thought I might as well pick it up.

Elisabeth took this picture. It's the ballerina barbie Annabelle picked out and a princess 'cell phone', really a walkie talkie. The ballerina barbie is currently a favorite among the sisters. We found Charlie a "man" which is an army guy barbie. I was really glad we found it because the girls have been playing barbie's a lot lately and he's been wanting to join in but doesn't love playing with princess barbies. So this was perfect.
It was Charlie's turn to pick the treat for Family Home Evening this week, and he requested an Easter cake. And he took this picture of me decorating the cake.
And a few more pictures: Annabelle in her Easter bunny shirt, Elisabeth looking cute and 'springy' and Charlie being Charlie.

Oh and here are a couple of cute ones of Scott reading to the kids before bed. Our nightly ritual consists of a few songs(generally primary songs), scripture reading, family prayer and a few books of their choice. They love this time, and so do we.

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Rachel said...

You look so good!! What a smart thing to have Easter ready before the baby gets here. I love the Easter Egg cake very cute you always do such a good job!!!