Sunday, April 26, 2009

BYU cake and family fun

Here's the BYU cake(it's all buttercream frosting, minus the plastic graduation cap) I made this weekend for Krissy, Scott's sister. She graduated from BYU this past week, in dietetics. Congratulations Krissy!

We're SO excited to have family here visiting! Grandma and Grandpa Smith stayed with us(and Grandma will fly with us to NC this week), and Becca came for a quick weekend visit. I'll post pictures from that later. Here are a few pictures from Krissy's graduation party:And this is a picture we took just after we picked up Grandma from the airport. We ate lunch at Mcdonalds while we waited for Grandpa's flight to arrive.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is this Spring?

This is what we woke up to on April 16:

But now we have weather in the 70's! I hope the warm weather sticks around for awhile.... though we don't like it when it gets to 90 or above. We just need spring to hang around awhile longer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I didn't do it!

Friday, I was getting ready for the day and heard Charlie out in the kitchen. I walked out to check on him and he was sitting at the table, doing nothing, but there was our large, Costco sized, parmesan cheese sitting in the middle of the table. So I questioned him.

"Charlie, what are you doing?"
"Why did you eat the cheese out of the container?"
"I didn't."
"Yes you did."
"No, I didn't."
"Charlie, yes you did. It's all over your face and on your shirt."
Charles then touches his face, pulls his shirt out a little and looks down at it and shrugs his shoulders.

Monday, April 20, 2009

CEREC crown

Thursday afternoon, Elisa watched my kids for me and I went in to the dentist. I got my first CEREC crown tooth, though it's my third time getting a crown. And let me tell you, I can no longer go back to the other way of getting crowns. Normally you go in for an appointment, they'll do some painful things, take a mold of the original tooth, shave it down, take another mold, give you a temporary tooth and send you home. Then you come back(I think 2 weeks later, though Vanessa, you could probably verify this) and get your crown tooth that they've just received from the lab. The temporary teeth that I've had in the past, have always caused me pain and discomfort. So for a couple of weeks, life wasn't so fun. But with this CEREC technology(he basically makes the crown tooth on the computer in front of me with pictures he's taken etc), you go in, and an hour and a half later you come out with your new crown tooth already affixed. They numbed me really good, so the appointment wasn't too painful, and then the dentist told me to take ibuprofen for the next two days. I did for the first day, but really wasn't having any pain at all, so I haven't taken any after that and it's been wonderful! No pain, I've already adjusted to it, and I can eat normally. I really liked this method, and I really liked not having to get a temporary tooth and wait two weeks for the real one to come in.

I thought doing it this way would be more expensive, but looking back at my bills from Washington, it really wasn't, and in fact it was about $50 cheaper. I wonder if dental is just more expensive in Washington though, because actually, now that I think about it, I called a couple of dentists offices around here to see if they did CEREC or not and how much they charged, and the ones who didn't use CEREC were a little less. Also, I ended up only getting a 3/4 partial crown, so maybe that's why it was a little less as well. Anyways, enough about that. And don't worry, I'm not going to post a picuture of my new tooth. It'd be hard to get in there with my camera, and then you'd be able to see all the silver that's still in there; gross. I still need to get a couple more crowns, but I'll do that over the next couple of years. No need to do it all at once.

Tripple date

Saturday night, Scott and I got babysitters-- they're our neighbors and they're sisters(it was a milestone for us: our first time paying for babysitters)-- and then the Scott's picked us up, along with the Raubenheimer's who were already in the back, and we drove out to Morelia's Mexican Restaurant in Murray.

We hadn't been out with another couple, without kids, for quite some time. I remember when we lived in Bellevue, Wa we went out with friends a few times because we did group babysitting. This meant, three couples were always free the same night, with one couple babysitting. Anyways, it was so nice being able to visit uninterrupted and relax while we ate; and to eat warm food!

Afterwards we picked up the kids and went back to the Scott's for dessert. We ended up hanging around there for a couple of hours, until almost nine. The kids ran around inside and out and let the adults visit. I wasn't sure how they'd do that late at night, but they actually did fine. Annabelle had taken a long, late nap so she was good, and we just kept feeding them with food whenever they'd run by or complain. Good system :).

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Excavators, diggers, front loaders

There's construction going on the road behind our house. I've heard it's going to be there until the beginning of July. The kids LOVE it! You can see all the trucks and what they're doing from our kitchen window, or when you're on the swing set in the back yard, so the kids like to sit and watch. Friday we went over to the church parking lot, laid out a blanket and watched for about an hour with Maren and Elisa. It was fun seeing how they do everything and trying to explain it to the kids. Free entertainment is always welcome :).

The kids sitting with Elisa L. watching the construction

Canning butter

Wednesday last week, Maren and I canned butter. I had done it once before about three years ago, for a relief society activity in Washington. Our family used up the cans last year and I've been wanting to do it again, because they tasted pretty good. But I thought I'd wait until I could find butter for a really good price. Two weeks ago, we found butter for $1.50/lb so we bought a bunch and canned them! The basic idea with canning butter is to warm the jars in the oven (for 20 minutes at 250 degrees, if you want specifics), while melting the butter on a pot, bringing it to a boil slowly and then simmering for at least 5 minutes. Then you pour them into the jars(we used a funnel) and put the lids on top that have been in boiling water. Secure the rings and wait for the lids to 'ping' and once that's happened, shake them up a few times so that the color is even throughout the jar(though I've heard this is not necessary). Put them in the fridge for an hour and then take them out and you can store them with the rest of your food storage. They're good for at least three years, and the woman who wrote one of the articles I read, said that she just opened a 5-year-old can and it was still good. So, there you go.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big kids

Watch this:Clever little thing! I thought we had her trapped when we switched her to Charlie's booster seat with the middle strap. Apparently we need a harness.

And here's Charlie, getting dressed all by himself.

He's been doing this for a little while now, maybe a couple of months. I can't remember exactly when he started . I should have written it down when it first happened. Oh well.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter baskets and dinner

I'm really jumping around here with my posts. Oh well. The last month or two, I've only blogged on Sunday mornings (I wake up at 6am, like every other day, so that I can have an hour to write before the kids get up) and then I'll schedule my blogs to post later in the week. But I just didn't have enough time to do it all this last Sunday, so I'll be blogging while the kids sleep(a couple of them are sick now, so they are actually sleeping! I'm not excited they're sick, just that they're napping. As a side note, Annabelle threw up sometime in the night. When I went in to get her this morning it smelled like vomit and there was dried up vomit in her hair and on her sheets and baby bumper).

Easter morning we did our traditional scavenger hunt to find the Easter baskets that mommy and daddy put together for the kids. They know it's from us. We don't really do the Easter bunny...or Santa. I know, you all think we're terrible. That's okay. :)
Daddy reading the next clue
They found another one!
They each got some candy and a book. Scott and I do baskets for each other, too, which is always fun. I hid Scott's this year, but he found it pretty fast. I guess I'll need to do a better job next year.
We have church from one to four, so I prepared most of the food before church. We had crockpot chicken and resurrection(aka funeral) potatoes. We also watched the 'Mormon Message' from Elder Hollands talk put to pictures/video of Christ, on You Tube, several times, at the kids request. It's only about 4 and 1/2 minutes long. So anyways, that's how we spent our Easter.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm 26 today! When Scott turned 26 two years ago, I told him he was now in his late twenties. So I guess that means I'm in my late twenties, too. But I'll be in my late twenties for the next 4 years and Scott only has two more until he's thirty :). Man, we're getting old! j/k. No, but seriously, having kids makes you feel old, or older at least. I guess, in many ways, parenthood forces you to grow up and be responsible and mature. was a great day! Here's how it went:

1. Scott made german pancakes with our favorite vanilla syrup for breakfast! (I have the best husband! He knows the way to my heart is through food :)).
2. I opened presents. Scott got me the 2 disc special edition of Twilight, and Elisabeth made me a beautiful picture that said, "Mom" on it. I also received a few gifts from friends and extended family.
3. Me and the kids went to Walmart to get Easter baskets 50% off since Easter was yesterday. We also got a 55gallon water drum for food storage and a siphon.
4. Elisa L. and her kids, took me and my kids to lunch at Cafe Rio. I ate a really yummy salad! Elisa L. has now converted me to Cafe Rio(I ate something that didn't sit well with me last time so I came away with a negative opinion towards the place). I'm sure it was entertaining for the other customers to see two young mom's trying to keep 5 small children under control :).
5. Played with our neighbors outside.
6. Krissy came over and babysat the kids so that Scott and I could go on a date. We ate at Quiznos Subs and then saw the new Hannah Montana movie! Thanks honey for being a good sport and agreeing to come with me! I really liked it. And both Scott and I liked all the music in it. Along with Miley Cyrus, both Taylor Swift and Rascal Flats played in the movie which was fun to see. I think we were the only adults in the theater that weren't accompanied by very young, excited girls. Oh and the theater we went to was super nice. It had several fast food chains inside where you could order your food and then bring it in the theater to eat. And there was stadium seating. It would've been cool to see any movie there, just to experience that theater! It makes me wonder if a lot of theaters are built this way recently? I guess Scott and I don't get out to the movies much.
7. We came home, and I ate a piece of the icecream cake I made(I used my favorite ice cream from Cold Stone called Cake Batter). I know it's not fancy, but I didn't feel like decorating a fancy cake, and so I didn't. While I ate, Charles, who hadn't eaten dinner yet, said he was going to throw up, and then he did just that. I set my cake down, and went to help him and get the floor cleaned up. It still smells a little, but I think Scott and I were able to get most of it scrubbed out pretty good and things are smelling much better than they were before. Poor Charles.
8. My parents and sister called and sang "Happy Birthday".

The gifts: hymnbook from Grazzini's, headbands from Gina, Jade plant from April, Candies and cook book from Krissy

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Books, fruit bouqet, and Easter activities

Wednesday afternoon Elisabeth went to a friends house to play, so I took Charlie and Annabelle to DI in search of a book to put in Elisabeth's Easter basket(I already had one for Charles that I got the week before). Charlie's book that I found at Ross was about $3. At DI I got 8 books all in really great condition, plus two coloring/work books all for $3.75! I love finding great deals! We'll take the coloring/work books with us on our flight to NC this month.
Wednesday night, the Miamaids from church ( I think they're 16ish in age) Easter-egged our house. Thursday morning the kids went around and collected the eggs. 12 of the eggs were numbered and went to an Easter story that they left at our door. This was really cool and it helped our kids better understand the true meaning of Easter. In each of the 12 eggs was a scripture that went with a little symbolic item(ie. sacrament cup, spices, red cloth, nails etc.).

Thursday, Elisa(my friend) and I made fruit bouqets for our husbands. Elisa made a bigger one since it was a gift to Mark for their anniversary. I made two small ones and gave the other one away.

Saturday morning we participated in a couple of Easter egg hunts.
1. Peterson's Grocery had one at 8am. This one was nice because it was inside(it was raining), and there weren't as many people as the other one, so the kids were able to get more and it lasted longer.
2. The city had one at 10am. This was outside, it was cold, rainy and there were TONS of people there. I think each one of my kids got a couple of tootsie rolls :). They did have a fire engine there, which was cool, and an Easter bunny which the older kids enjoyed. Annabelle...not so much.
Saturday evening we dropped off the Easter cake at Bob's and then went over to my cousin Rachel's for an Easter dinner/party with the Grazzini Family and Krissy. We had hot dogs and yummy macaroni, cake, fruit and veggies and then the kids painted eggs and we had an Easter egg hunt inside(it was too cold and wet outside). Thanks for letting us come over, we had a great time.

Tree stump out

In December, Scott cut down the pine tree in our front yard and we used it as our Christmas tree. This last Monday, I dug out the tree stump. When I told Scott I was going to do this, he suggested I change into closed toe shoes, which I did, and gloves, which I didn't, but I should have listened. My hands were red and sore afterwords. I worked at it for probably an hour and a half, digging and trying to chop the thick roots with the side of the shovel. It was a good workout, that's for sure! (Thanks Elisabeth, for taking the photos!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter cake

I normally don't like to use fondant when decorating cakes, because I think it tastes gross. I usually peel it off the cake before I eat it. But a friend of mine said she found a good recipe, so I thought I'd give it a try. It tasted pretty good, I mean, not nearly as good as butter cream, but it was much better than the store bought kind and I didn't end up peeling any of it off.

The recipe made a lot of fondant, so I ended up making two Easter cakes.

The two differences between the cakes are, one has a bigger bow, and the other has larger eggs. We brought one to our 'Grazzini family Easter party', and the other I brought to Bob and his family (Bob was my boss at the JSB copy center at BYU, and like a second father). I'll post more pictures of our Grazzini family party later.
I'm glad I made the fondant the day before I decorated the cake, because it was hard work kneading that much fondant. And not only that, but then I had to separate the fondant into five parts and individually knead in a color into each one which took me at least an hour. Next time I'll probably make and color the fondant a week before I bake and decorate the cake.