Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Seattle, Annabelle's sewing class

Over Presidents Day weekend, I flew out to Seattle to stay with my mom for a few days. My kids had school off and Scott was able to work a little from home and take some time off, so they could play and have some special time together. 

I loved having some special time with mom. We did a lot of visiting and we got to eat some good foods. After I arrived we went to an Indian buffet for lunch which was delicious. 
We were also able to attend a healthy eating cooking class at the hospital which was so fun, and we went to the Seattle Center on Saturday and got lunch at the food court where we ate rice bowls with lentils, tempeh, sauteed mushrooms and veggies etc. 
Mom moved a couple of months ago, and so I was able to see her new place for the first time. It's perfect for her, in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with everything she needs on one floor. 

Angelo came with us to the seattle center, and afterward we went to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation center and saw all the neat projects they are working on.
It was a quick visit, I can't be away long with my busy family and the ages of the kids right now, but I felt like this was the perfect amount of time. Thanks mom for letting me come stay with you for a bit!
Annabelle is taking sewing lessons every Tuesday in February and so far she has made a pillowcase and a drawstring bag. She absolutely loves sewing. The class started out rough (just the first day), with too many girls and only one adult, who is not in good condition physically and so had a rough time with the girls, but after that first day, they got in extra help for her and since then, Annabelle has loved going.

I took this picture of the kitchen floor I swept after I got back from my trip to Seattle...looks like the kids weren't on top of their chores while mom was away :). They had lots of fun with dad though, which was nice for all of them, swimming, shopping, eating out, watching movies etc.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Valentine's, Annabelle is 9!

We only have one Valentine's tradition that we are faithful about keeping from year to year and that is our love letters. Scott and I started this tradition a long time ago where each of us writes a love letter to each member of the family, and we try to be specific with a memory of love from that year. As the children have gotten older, some of them have begun to reciprocate and so Scott and I get several love letters as well (from each other and from the children). I LOVE this tradition! At the end of the day, I collect all of the love letters and put them in a special box under my bed for safekeeping. The plan is that when they turn 18, or are moving out, I will put them into a book for them to keep. 
 I'm always reading something, but unfortunately, I never have as much time as I need for the books I want to read so I end up with stacks of books around the house. I just finished Creating Health, the book on top, which was a book given to me by my mom some time ago, and which I finally picked up and loved. Thanks mom! And right now I'm actually reading a book not pictured called Outliers (also non fiction, for my bookclub).
I had my Webelos over for scouts the day after Valentine's, so I decided to make sugar cookies for them and my kids, and then they also decorated a large cookie for their parents, and wrote a love note to their parents, telling them what they love about them. We did this as part of the Duty to God in action, service for family requirement.

Valentine's day was on a Tuesday, which is our busiest day of the week because we have four extracurricular activities on Tuesday, but Scott and I worked together and we were still able to make a heart shaped pizza for dinner (I made the dough in the morning and he rolled it out and baked it so we could have it once Elisabeth and I got back from piano).
Annabelle turned 9 on Thursday February 16th, and as per tradition, she opened her gifts in the morning and had a special breakfast...she requested cereal.
Annabelle loves chips and salsa, so we got her, her very own bag and jar! She also got some new clothes from Stacey and Mark, new boots, a water back pack, a watch from Gran, and cash from Grandma and Grandpa.

After school that day, we went to a good friends house where they were having a birthday party for their daughter Saige, and they brought in different animals for the kids to pet which they all thought was neat. After, we went home and had a birthday dinner with Annabelle. She choose enchiladas, rice and beans and we all went around the table and said something we love about our Annabelle. Happy Birthday Annabelle! We are sure grateful to have such a  sweet, loving, kind, optimistic girl in our family.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Monster Cookies, Superhero Cub Pack Meeting, Annabelle's Birthday

Charles and Elisabeth shared their testimonies of the Savior at our last Fast and Testimony meeting, and as soon as Charles sat back down he whispered something like, "Could we make a special treat today since I shared my testimony?" I was happy to oblige. So we made monster cookies! Everyone got one cookie (which was probably the equivalent of 4 cookies), and everyone put whatever kind of chips they wanted in their cookie, as long as we had it on hand. 

Charles felt the need to single me out, and leave this note on his cookie (it made me smile):
Elisabeth likes to take a lot of selfies with my phone. So do most of my girls.

The kids have been enjoying the trampoline, and most days, when they get home from school, they grab a snack and run outside to jump.
I am the Webelo leader in cub scouts and we had our Blue and Gold banquet this month. We decided on a superhero theme and these are some of the decorations that Emily, Laura and I put together: (blue background made from 2 plastic tablecloths, black butcher paper, and yellow post-it notes)

These were our center pieces. They are attached to a skewer and standing in a small mason jar, which we then wrapped in a piece of gift wrapping paper with a ribbon.

Annabelle has a birthday each February, and she decided she wanted to go to Airborne this year with her friend Annika. So I took them and sat and read a book while they jumped, and after we got pizzas and came home and ate, watched Trolls and then had strawberry cake.

Sunday we invited a family over for dinner and Charles helped me make these Broccoli Cheddar Rolls which were amazing!
Sunday afternoon the kids took a jumprope out back and played double dutch. When they asked earlier about various activities and if they'd be okay for Sunday, I told them that whatever activity they choose, should be able to be done in a dress...I guess they think double dutch would be fine in a dress :).

Monday, February 6, 2017

New Testament reading complete, Sprouts, Trampoline, U of U gymnastics

Once Elisabeth finished reading the Book of Mormon last year, she decided the New Testament would be next and she finished it last week! We've told the children that when they finish a book of scripture they get to go on a dinner date with mom and dad so this weekend Elisabeth choose Cafe Rio for dinner. We like to do a dinner date because it's a good setting for us to not only celebrate, but also to talk with her about things she learned, things she liked reading or things that might have been confusing to understand. 
Most every Wednesday Nora and I shop at Sprouts because it's their Double Ad day which means they honor the sales from last week as well as the upcoming week so there are lots of good prices. And their produce(and large bulk section with tons of grains and some treats) is always fantastic and a great price which is the majority of what I buy, so it's a fabulous place to shop any day of the week. 
 The temperature has warmed this week and the snow melted enough over the past few days that we were finally able to go out on a Saturday morning and set up the trampoline that the kids grandparents (both sets) got them for Christmas! Scott and Charles did the majority of the work.
 The girls and I were their moral support and we did help when they accidentally put the net on inside out which meant we had to take off the pad, take off all the springs, turn it the right way, and put the springs back on. This was particularly frustrating to Scott who read the instruction manual, and found that their was nothing in the instructions about which way the net should face. So we made sure to help lots and smile and say, "it's okay, we'll help and we'll have it fixed in no time!" And we did. With five hands busy at work, we had the problem remedied in half hour, maybe less.

 That afternoon we went to University of Utah (our first time there) for a gymnastics meet that we got free tickets for. Yes we are BYU fans, we attended BYU and we met there, but just because I love one school does not mean that I don't like another, even if it is a rival.  The girls and I were thrilled to witness our first ever live, collegiate gymnastics meet!
The boys on the other hand, were less than thrilled, but they took one for the team. It's called compromise and we do this a lot in marriage and in families and with loved ones...sometimes we(the girls) attend other sports events with the boys or watch them on TV, even though we'd rather be doing something else. And isn't it wonderful that we get an opportunity to do something selfless? It builds character. Scott may, or may not have taken a little siesta. I sure love this good man!