Saturday, August 4, 2018

End of July: 15 yr anniversary, bake sale for airborne

July is Charles date month (and January), and he wanted to get lunch at Cafe Rio. Which I am always happy to do. 
 Katherine had a baby shower at her mom's house for her new adopted baby Daisy. It was beautiful and it was so fun getting to see our old friend's the Denning's from Bothell.

 Charles has this bump on his head...we first noticed it a couple of months ago and thought it was a mole. But I recently looked much closer, with a light, and I'm not so sure it's a mole. It looks more like a wart.
 So after talking to Fred(my brother who is a PA) and sending him lots of pictures etc, he thinks we should have a dermatologist look at it before we decide to try to treat it like a wart, so we're going to take him in to the same doctor that removed Nora's cyst. She's a pediatric doctor with a skin specialty. He goes in next week.
 Jane got some new light up shoes that have skates on the bottom. She's been wanting these for awhile, and she paid for part and had a reward coming her way because of a singing solo she did, so we got the shoes.
 July 25th was our 15 year anniversary. On the 25th we did sealings at the temple, as per tradition and one we love, and then we had dinner at an Indian restaurant. But March this year was our first ever trip away (for more than a night or 2) from the kids, and it was partly in honor of our 15 year anniversary which was coming up.
And we sure LOVED our time in Europe! At the end of this post you'll find 15 favorite memories with Scott in honor of our 15 year anniversary. 

Now that all of our vacations, camps and family reunions are over, the kids have a lot more time at home. The mornings are full of chores, piano, reading, school work etc, but then the afternoons come and they often don't have friends around that can play because they're on trips etc, and we go to the pool 2-3 times a week but there's still a lot of time and it's too hot to be outside if you're not in the pool. So they've been watching some Netflix, which we had a free trial for during the month of July, and then we've been coming up with other inexpensive outings. We had several buy 1 get 1 free coupons for Culvers so we went there one day and the girls all got shakes and Charles and dad got a meal.

Another day the kids spent a couple of hours baking and we made giant cookies which they sold on the street the following day, in hopes of making enough to go to Airborne, which was going to be $40 when we used a coupon, and they made $37! So I covered the remainder and we went to Airborne. Thank you to our awesome neighbors for their support! 

They loved every second of the hours time they got to play.

These three little girls love Acai bowls and we've been eating them almost daily for a late afternoon snack! Yum! We put an acai packet, almond milk, 1/2 an avocado, chia seeds and frozen blueberries in our blender, blend it up and then pour it over granola and top it with strawberries (and I add bananas and unsweetened coconut flakes to mine).
1) Just before we started dating we drove from Utah to WA and had lots of time to talk and get to know one another…. and we tried to memorize the lyrics to a really fast country song which was hilarious!
2)  Our wedding in WA DC temple and our honeymoon in South Carolina beach where I was stung by a sting ray, and then onto Europe. Lots of “firsts” together, during this time.
3) Life in our first apartment. It was a Studio apartment, 300 square feet total. The entire apartment is about the same size as our current master bed and bath. So small so we were very close whenever we were home :). But we made it work for that year and I loved that we were both willing to live in a place like that; builds character. And moving from there to our next 2 bedroom, 650 sq ft apartment felt like we’d upgraded to a mansion! 
4) Going to BYU together. Walking each other to classes, and our on campus jobs. We even took a couple of classes together including a marriage class.  During our last year at BYU we’d trade off watching baby Elisabeth while the other was in class, and we graduated together in December 2005.
5) Visiting and doing homework together at the laundry mat. We were regulars our first two years of marriage. I can remember the day when we moved into an apartment(our 4th move) with a washer and dryer. Heaven on earth! I felt like a queen :)! 
6)  Singing together in church choir or at home, while scott played the guitar or later with Elisabeth on the piano. We both love music. 
7) The births of each one of our 5 children. It was always just him and me and we held hands through the pain (he claims to have felt the pain through my very tight grip), and once I’d had my epidural, we’d visit and laugh and sleep until the arrival. 
8) Weekly date nights. We’ve done this forever, though when we had all young kids, we did more in-home date nights where we’d put kids to bed then get take-out or watch a movie together and snuggle on the couch :). Now that they’re older we go out, most often to the temple or to dinner and when it’s nice out we like to do hikes, walks, pickleball and bike rides
9) Trips: mostly we’ve done a handful of one-nighters over the past 15 years because we started our family immediately and it never felt like a good time to be away for long. But they’re older now and this year(early 15 year anniversary gift) we made a trip back to Europe with just the two of us and it was wonderful to travel together by plane, train, metro and foot and to hike, bike and experience all sorts of fun new foods and cultures. Salzburg was dreamy.
10) Evening walks in the summer and the occasional morning runs and our Bryce Canyon half marathon which we ran and finished together. 
11) Saturday’s and Sunday’s, Because we’re together. Working together, playing together, laughing together, we often follow each other around. On the weekends, once a month, I also cut his hair and I love this time together and I love that he wants ME to do it. Although it comes easy now, In the beginning it didn’t always look very good but he was always encouraging and kind.
12) Aspen grove marriage retreat in Provo canyon. Cabin sleeping, hiking, seminars with hank smith, running up and down the mountain together in the freezing cold. 
13) Nightly pillow talk time. Each night after we put the kids to bed, we go to bed together. We pray together, read scriptures together(while the one not reading is scratching/massaging the readers back) and then we visit, sometimes a few minutes if we’re super sleepy, and sometimes 20 minutes. This is our time to connect without any other distractions or interruptions and I love it.
14) Lunch time phone calls. Scott’s usually the one to call me because his work schedule is a little more strict than mine with his meetings etc. I love connecting with him mid day, hearing his voice, knowing he’s thinking of me. This also goes for the random text messages we’ll send each other throughout the day, sometimes business, but often times just sweet words or fun “love” emojis :). 
15)Our Yearly anniversary date night where we do sealings at the temple and then have dinner. Love this & I’m excited to do it again tonight! Love remembering the promises we made to each other and to the Lord all those years ago, made even more meaningful on our anniversary day. And we all know how much  I love food! We’ll be having Indian tonight which is a food we both fell in love with several years ago.

Friday, August 3, 2018

First Half of July: Garnica and Grazzini family reunion

The fourth of July week was our Garnica and Grazzini family reunions. Most of my siblings and their families stayed with us. Sunday July 1, Luis and Denali flew in from NY. Monday mom flew in. We hiked to Rocky Mouth and spent some time exploring it's beauties. 

Monday evening, Robin and the kids arrived. Tuesday ($5 tuesday), we went to see Incredibles 2 at the theater.
Tuesday night we watched the local 4th of July parade, and Fred arrived.
Wednesday the 4th some of us did a race in the morning... Luis, Denali, Robin and I ran the 10k, Scott and the big kids did the 5k, and Fred did the 1k with Nora, Jane, Cora and Ellen. We all had a good time. Robin finished 1st in our age group for women and I finished 2nd, and Denali placed as well (and maybe Luis...I can't remember). The starting runners for our 10k took off the wrong way and everyone followed so we all ended up doing 7 miles instead of 6.2, so our times look slower than most years as they based them off of 6.2 miles, but oh well.

We laid some blankets and chairs out after our race so that we could come back later and have a spot during the 4th of July festivities. We went for about an hour during the day and that was about all we could take of the heat. Then we came back around 9pm for the firework show which was at 10. 

Pepa and Angelo arrived that day as well and Becca and the kids. Becca's family stayed with Phil and Wendy (Blake's aunt and uncle that live near by), and Luis and Denali went over there too for a couple of nights because we also had my aunt Jill come for a night with her husband.

Our traditional 4th of July fruit pizza!
Robin was smart and bought glow sticks for us to put on all the kids at night when we were at the park for the made it easier to spot them. 
With 20 people sleeping in the house, we were all over the place. All the adults had beds, and then we had most of the kids sleeping downstairs in the basement, in the gym and in the theater room. 

Dishes were hard to keep up with, with so many people in the house, so we sometimes got's Pepa eating her granola and milk with a very large mixing spoon.

The boys went to a baseball game one night; go Bees!
Friday and SAturday the 6th and 7th was our Grazzini and Garnica family reunion. We did Friday down in Orem at a pavilion near Luann and Fred's place. It was outdoors and very hot even though we had a lot of shade. So we stayed there for about an hour or 2, had dinner and then went back to their clubhouse and people swam and ate desserts. This picture is from before the reunion and we celebrated summer garnica birthdays with a costco cake and this balloon game (divide in 2 teams and run to a chair and sit on your balloon and pop it, then tag next person in line and see which team finishes first).
Saturday morning some of us we drove to Pleasant Grove and did the Battle Creek hike.

Here's our crew. Mostly my siblings and the Lassens(my cousin rachel and her family). 
Nora and Cora are super cute!

Jill and Skip. They stayed Friday night and then took off Saturday morning.
Saturday afternoon before the reunion we made a quick trip to Alpine to visit the Nelsons. Mom and Karen were besties in Bothell, just like Katherine and I.

After we came home and prepared for the family reunion. I had made a big crockpot of black beans, refried beans, and chicken and a couple of rice cookers full of rice. I had people bring lettuce, desserts and sides and we did Cafe Rio style dinner. Then we had the talent show and then took a picture, and hung out for a bit. Everything went well and I made way too much food and ended up freezing beans, rice and chicken. Saturday night Luis and Denali had to head back to NY.
Sunday we went to Provo Canyon to visit one last time with Jolene and her family that were staying in a cabin there. (and to return some items that were left at our house the night before). After a little while we headed to an awesome park that has a big zip line and is just all around gorgeous.

By Monday afternoon everyone was gone except mom. Tuesday as part of mom's birthday gift and Elisabeth's birthday date, I took them to see Newsies the musical at the Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy. It was amazing!

Wednesday we drove to Idaho to drop mom off and then me and the girls stayed for a few nights before heading home. We stopped off at a cafe in Snowville UT for lunch and it was yummy food, but SO much! Charles didn't come with us because he was at scout camp.

June and most of July were full of family and friends and we loved it, and now we're back home and into our 'normal' summer schedule which basically means we work all morning til lunch (chores, piano, school work etc) and then they play.