Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Girl Time, Book of Mormon Basket, and Why we don't buy new furniture

 Scott and I wake up early and exercise each morning, a couple of times a week to Bob Harper dvd's,  and sometimes the kids catch it at the tail end. You can tell Nora has seen us do push-ups with dumbbells before. Pretty good, straight form minus the bum in the air :).

Some mornings, once the kids have gone to school, the girls like me to fix their hair. Jane loves that her hair is finally getting long enough to do some fun hairstyles. We did a french twist for Jane and a french braid in the front for Nora. Pretty, pretty.

I had a $5 coupon for Zinga so one day I told the girls we'd go for a walk to King Soopers (which they'd never done before even though it's not terribly far, maybe 1/2 mile) and then we stopped by Zinga on the way home.
 The girls thought walking to the store was the coolest thing ever! They enjoyed their frozen yogurt too. And I like that they have the three compartment divider insert for the bowls so that we could each share a bowl without really sharing germs...those girls get pretty messy.
 On the way home we stopped at the park in our community for a few minutes.
Completely changing subjects.  Each night before bed, we read scriptures together. Right now we're reading the Book of Mormon. The kids each have their own copy with their name and picture on the cover that we keep in a basket on our end table for convenience and ease in passing them out. I personally like the Book of Mormon basket because it keeps them a little more organized and together rather than finding them strewn all over the couches, floor and end table.

I know that was a totally random thought and picture, and here's another one for you :). Charles wanted to call a friend from school and invite him over to play. He was a bit nervous about making the call, so Elisabeth wrote out a speech for him :). I love the "like to hang out." and the "um" she threw in there to give an approximate time so that it sounded more natural and casual :). I'm pretty sure this is something I would've done when I was a kid too :).

I took some pictures this past week of some of our furniture: couches, foot rest, blanket chest because I had to, yet again, scrub off pen markings on our furniture which didn't completely come off. This foot rest in our family room has lots of pen markings and orange marker on it as well. 

 The couch in that same room has orange faded marker on the arm rest and along the back.
 Our chest that holds our blankets has so many water marks all over it.
 Our living room couches have scratches along one of the arms rests from when one of our young children decided to take fork tines to the leather. Most of these furniture items were bought used (most of the furniture in our house was purchased used) so we didn't spend a whole lot, and we've had most of these items now for years and years, so that's good. They've been well loved and not always well taken care of, but usually the damage is done by someone 3 years of age or younger and we teach them with our words (firm but kind) why we don't do that and why we should take care of our things and the property of others, and then we have them help us clean it up.  So, since they learn to take care of furniture when they're young, maybe once Nora is 3 or 4 we can start replacing some of the older beat up items with some nicer items...we'll see.

Monday, October 27, 2014

October Pack Meeting, Trunk-or-Treat, Fall Leaves

 Charles's October Pack Meeting was last week. He earned 5 silver arrows and had to stick his hand into this box, he couldn't see what was on the other side, but he was told he had to find his ziploc bag of arrows among the 'maggots'. He said the maggots felt like little fuzzy balls.  :) I love how creative our Scout leaders are. And if you couldn't tell from the pictures, this activity was outside; and it was gorgeous so that worked out nice.
The boys had decorated mini pumpkins and squash the week before at their cub meeting so the scout leader drilled holes into each one, where the boys wanted the holes, and then the boys stuck glow sticks in the pumpkins. 
 Once all the pumpkins were ready, the boys got in line and used this wooden sling shot to see how far they could get their pumpkin to fly.

 We've had a lot of leaves fall recently. After school and once homework and piano are completed, one of the favorite activities right now is to rake up a large pile of leaves (usually in the greenbelt right behind our house because there are lots there), and jump into them.

 Loads of fun and good exercise too!

Last Saturday we had our ward Trunk-or-Treat and Halloween dinner. The Primary Presidency was in charge of it so we've spent a lot of time over the past month planning and preparing for this event. We had a chili and dessert cook-off and then we also provided hot dogs and nachos (I know, my kind of food right? :) I made a vegetarian chili that was pretty awesome though!). We gave out glow sticks and fruit snacks at our van; we made the kids choose between which they'd rather have and nearly all of them went for the glow sticks! That made me happy :). I think we'll give them out on Halloween night too, if we're around. We might end up going out to dinner instead, which we've done in the past and the kids enjoy. I only got pictures of the three youngest in their costumes from the trunk-or-treat. Annabelle was Anna (from Frozen), Jane was Elsa and Nora was a pumpkin. Charles and Elisabeth were Harry and Hermione...I'll be sure to get pictures of them this week. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Talent Show and other random weekly happenings

Elisabeth has really long hair. It could be hard to manage except that we've found that if we put it in two french braids after she showers at night, which is about 2-3x/week, that fixing her hair the following morning is super easy and fast. All she has to do is take out the elastics and run her fingers through her hair a couple of times.
Elisabeth took some selfies while I braided, so I photo bombed them :).
I think I've mentioned a few times that my kids are in love with Harry Potter. I found free sheet music to Hedwig's theme online, two different versions (one's intermediate, one's more advanced) and printed them off for the kids to learn. Charles recently got down the intermediate piece so I brought him his gryffindor scarf and made a video recording of him took him a couple of months to learn. I wish he would've tried out for the talent show, but he didn't feel like he'd want to perform in front of a large group. He may change his mind later...maybe next year. 

Elisabeth and Annabelle both performed for the talent show and did great!
Annabelle played "I'm a little teapot" . The recording I took at the talent show wasn't great because there was lots of background noise, so instead I'm posting them playing their songs using our piano at home.

Elisabeth wore her hair in a braid like Elsa's and a snowflake on her cheek (face paint) and played "let it go".

The kids brought home some pictures they've been working on in Art. Charles is on the top, Annabelle is bottom left and Elisabeth bottom right. Love them all!

I hadn't been to any baby showers since we moved here over a year ago and then this past month we had three for women that I sing with on Fridays. I couldn't make it to the first shower but I was able to make it to the other two. Love all my singing friends! I won the 'boppie pillow' donut eating contest...we raced to eat a half a donut hanging from a string. I told them I'd only do it if I could have the one of maybe 2 donuts that had maple on it :). I was kidding of course... or was I? :) I am picky about the treats I eat.  

Sunday is my 'put-pictures-on-computer-and-edit-and-blog' day, which can take a couple of hours, so I've actually been trying to put the pictures on Saturday night, while we're watching a movie or playing a game etc, so that it doesn't take so much time Sunday. Anyway, Scott was snapping a bunch of photos with my phone camera while I was editing pictures from my normal camera. Becca, notice the necklace you made me and the bracelet you had your neighbor make for me! Oh, and the dress and brown over thing you passed along to me :). Sisters are the best! 
Elisabeth turned in 15 'smith stars' this weekend for a late-night with mom and dad. We got Zinga Frozen yogurt and watched the BYU football game. Love these pix: 

bunny ears for Elisabeth
 Elisabeth's silly face
 The tables have turned! Bunny ears for dad, so dad defends himself by tickling
 Elisabeth retaliates with a wet kiss, but dad blocks her! 
 Commercials done, games back on, time to be serious. Love the family!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nora's Potty Training Cont. and 1st haircut

It's been about a month since we started potty training Nora. She continues to do very, very well at home and elsewhere and has had very few accidents. She continues to tell me when she needs to go potty, she likes me to go in with her even though she likes to wipe and get on and off all on her own; I guess she just likes the moral support :).

She's going number 2 in the toilet regularly and we besides the first week when she would hold it in every other day and then go loads, we haven't had any other problems, and now she doesn't hold it in for days either so that's good :). A funny little quirk of hers is that when she has to go pee, she'll say "I need to go potty" while holding it from the front and when she needs to go poop she'll say, "I need to go potty" while holding it from the back :), so I know what she really has to do just by looking at her :).

The only time we have her in a pull-up or diaper is when she goes to sleep for the night, when she is at church (she's in nursery with other kids and leaders for 2 hours each Sunday), and sometimes when she is being babysat, just in case, though she's pretty good about telling others(except when we went to Estes Park a couple of weeks ago and she was outside playing while on babysitter watch and she pooped all down her legs and it was very messy, or so I heard...sorry Patricia, but thank you for taking care!). I don't have her in a pull-up for naps and we've only had one nap accident, and that was the day she couldn't go potty before going down. She wakes up dry from sleeping over night about half of the time so we're still working on that. By 'working on that' I just mean we're experimenting with a couple of things to see if they work for her, like extremely limited liquids after dinner and watching her potty schedule closer to bed time, trying to get her to go just before going down.  Moving along...

Nora and Jane had their first haircuts this week. Jane didn't really need one yet, but since we were giving her younger sister one (hair was very uneven and scraggly), we thought Jane would like to have a trim too. And it really was a very minuscule trim for Jane, like maybe 1/8 inch; you can't even tell the slightest difference. 

Nora, on the other hand, got a couple of inches taken off the back.

A few more random pictures of my girls who are home with me all day. We love to 'walk' on the greenbelt when it's nice out, which is very often. I walk and the girls tend to bike and scooter. 
 Or do frog jumps :).

These are our friends/neighbors, Ruby and Ivy. Desi, their mom, and I switch babysitting every Tuesday morning so we can volunteer at the elementary school. It works out well and the girls love having a scheduled time to play with their friends each week.
 Jane helps me cook on occasion. Especially if it's something she wants, like peanut butter protein balls.

The other day the girls got a hold of my camera and I later found these pictures. It looks like Jane wanted to take some pictures of Nora, and Nora complied for a shot or two and then she wanted a turn...

 ...and it looks like she didn't get that turn :). Sorry Nora.