Friday, January 27, 2017

Board, Scripture Study, Garmin, Moana, More Snow, Scott's 36th Birthday

Charles wanted something for his closet to hang his hats on, so Scott and Charles made this peg board one Saturday afternoon. 
Each morning I study my scriptures for about half hour, usually before I exercise, but every once in awhile I have to do it after, and this was one of those of the kiddos caught it on camera. You can see all my highlighting pencils, plus I keep a journal where I write down principles and precepts, and right now as I'm reading the New Testament, I also have a special spot in my journal for parables/analogies and I'm documenting when Christ is going and coming to different places which I'm finding is constant. He is always out doing the will of the Father, blessing and preaching and serving. An amazing example of missionary work.
This was my Christmas present and I love that it tracks run, bike and swim, but I also love that it tells me when I have messages on my phone, the weather, and that it keeps track of my steps and when I'm not moving enough it'll vibrate and the text 'move' will appear, along with a red bar, and then another and another until I move enough. And it will set goals for me that will change slightly each day depending on whether I get more or less steps the day before.
The kids were off of school one Tuesday this month and since the movie theater does a discounted viewing on Tuesdays I took them to see Moana. Our 4 year old neighbor Stormy came along as well because both of her parents had to work.
We almost never go to the movies so this was a real treat. 

More snow! 

This was my view while doing a downward dog pose for yoga.
And more snow!
Scott turned 36 this month! We got him a tool chest, weights, bike tights and wool running socks.
For breakfast we had egg and sausage mcmuffins,
Nora and I met him for lunch at Paradise Bakery,
And for dinner we had stuffed pasta shells and a Pizookie for dessert. I am so grateful for Scott. He is my best friend, my favorite part of the day, always a light in my life that daily puts a smile on my face (just being in his presence puts a smile on my face). I am looking forward to an eternity with him by my side! P.S. we did a lunch date instead of a dinner date because we had gymnastics, I had cub scouts and Elisabeth had piano that evening...and it's fun to do the birthday dinner together as a family.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Snow, Charles' 11th Birthday

We have gotten SO much snow here in Utah over December and January! It's just kind of constant, but Charles doesn't seem to mind because it means he gets to earn some money shoveling our drive. 
My sister Becca made this board for our family for Christmas and I LOVE it! It shows the love that happened between two people, from NC and WA.
At the beginning of the month, Charles turned 11! He has graduated out of the cub scouts (though he did that a few months ago when he received his webelo and arrow of light), and moved up to the 11 year old scout group.
We sure love this boy and he loved getting a few favorites for his birthday, including several food items (this boy LOVES food! Like his mamma :))
I had to take a picture of this Rice Krispies box because of the sentimental value. We rarely buy cereal, it's sort of become a birthday treat, and Rice Krispies is what Charles specifically requested for his birthday cereal, which was my dad's favorite cereal...he called it 'crisps' in his thick spanish accent, and Charles opens it the same way dad did, by impatiently ripping the top.
As per tradition, I picked up Charles from school and we went to lunch. He choose Subway. 

He requested pasta with white sauce for dinner and cream puffs for dessert.
The Saturday after his birthday, Scott took Charles and his friend Beau and Jane and Nora to Airborne where they jumped on trampolines and inflatables to their hearts content, and then got burgers and pizza for the family. Elisabeth and Annabelle stayed home this time because they'll be going to Airborne next month for Annabelle's friend celebration.