Friday, July 28, 2017

4th of July, Bryce 1/2 Marathon

Jane at the pool practicing her skills. 

 Classic Fun Center in Sandy

 Jane had her first ever piano recital and did fabulous!
 Annabelle played beauitfully as well!
 One night Nora went to bed and then was calling for me because she couldn't find her special purple heart blanket (pictured). I came in and we said a prayer and then thought back to where she had it last. She said the last time she had it was in her room, that it was on her floor. We looked around and didn't see it and I told her to think back again, that she'd probably carried it with her somewhere because blankets can't just get up and walk out on their own. After I said that she stood up a little angry and upset and cried, "Mom, that's a nightmare!" I asked her what she was talking about and she said, "You said blankets can get up and walk out and you're just freakin me out!" I tried not to laugh but I couldn't help myself.
 We had Bella for 2 weeks while her mom was getting ready for back surgery (she had a herniated disc) and then we drove to Idaho to bring her home and stay for a few days and visit.

 Angelo flew into Boise and met us there on his and Elisabeth's birthday (june 29) . We had strawberry shortcake (gluten free and vegan) and some ice cream.

 And Becca and Blake provided some games for the kids to play.

 The kids did a lemonade stand and bake sale one day and made quite a bit of money; We made some monster cookies which were a big hit.

 We brought Angelo back with us, which was always the plan, and he stayed for 2 1/2 weeks. The kids have been loving all their cousin time this summer!
 Provo Freedom Festival on July 3rd

 People have been lighting off fireworks all week and the day before the 4th, the girls brought some towels and blankets and pillows out on the driveway to watch with our neighbor Myla.
We were supposed to take Elisabeth for her birthday date in June, but we didn't get around to it, so in July we went on a dinner date to Olive Garden. Love this girl!

 Happy 4th of July! We LOVE fruit pizza and it's the perfect treat to make for the 4th! We use a sugar cookie dough for the crust and then we mix up whipped cream with cream cheese and powdered sugar for the topping.
 New 4th shirt we found at Savers 50% off sale that very morning :).
 That evening we met some neighbor friends at the city park and watched fireworks from there. They had a few games to play and we let the kids each pick one activity to do.

Annabelle finished off her track season. We enjoyed watching her race and she enjoyed it as well. 
 I think she especially liked that her bff Annika did track with her :).
 I wanted a record of our Summer mornings. Each morning we have a list of things to complete before we get to play. We usually finish everything up by around 1pm, just after lunch. Some of the things they have to get done are inside cleaning, weeding, exercise, reading scriptures, school time (about an hour; includes reading, math and keyboarding etc), practicing their instrument. This makes for a busy day for me as I have to do a lot of supervising, timing (for math etc), helping with instruments etc, but it's worth it. They are so much happier when they are productive for part of their day, getting things done, and I'm happier that we didn't do 'nothing' all day.

Friday July 7th the Haggins joined us and we drove to Bryce Canyon where Scott and I would be running a half marathon the following morning. 

Scott's goal for our half was to beat his last time which was 2 hours and 1 minute. My goal was to stay with Scott and not run ahead, but be his motivator/support person if things got hard. And we both accomplished our goals. Scott ended up beating his last time by 7 minutes! We even held hands through the finish line which was sweet :). 

 We love Bryce Canyon because it's beautiful and not as crowdes as some of the other national parks, and we're glad we got to share it with the Haggins and Angelo. The Haggins were so sweet to come with us and stay with the kids in the morning while Scott and I ran. We sure love them!
On our drive home we stopped at Cove Fort, which is a church historical site, and did a quick tour of the area. It was nice for Scott and I to stretch out our legs, and this site is pretty cool!