Friday, July 30, 2010

Annabelle's cast is off

Annabelle got her cast off this week, and she was so happy to be able to walk and sleep without one again. They sawed it off with an electric circular blade, making two cuts. She smiled as they did it. She's walking normally again and everything seems to be well, though she is supposed to wear tennis shoes for the next week or two.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of ours

Jane turned four months a few days ago. She also started showing a finger sucking preference in the past week. She's definitely one of ours.

In case you couldn't figure out who was who in all the pictures, Annabelle sucked her ring and middle finger, and Jane sucks her pointer and middle finger, like Char. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pictures of Elisabeth as a baby sucking her thumb because we didn't have a digital camera then. Our girls all look very similar so it would have been fun to compare. Oh well. Maybe some day I'll get them scanned and put on our computer.

Here are her stats:
Weight: 12 lb 15oz- 34%
Height: 24 inches- 46%
Jane is perfectly healthy and is as beautiful and wonderful as ever. She is all sweetheart and smiles. She gets LOTS of love around our house; completely smothered with kisses on a regular basis. And our favorite thing to do is get her to smile and laugh. She's darling. And I'm still loving that she is such a champion of a sleeper. She's not rolling yet, but getting close, and she does the Superman pose often (on her tummy, head up, back arched, legs off the ground). She takes a bottle better than any of our kids ever did which allows me to go to the temple again. She's an excellent nurser and I'm hoping to go longer with breastfeeding this time around(in the past I usually stopped around 12 months). She also is still really liking her binky which we're encouraging, and when she shoves her fingers in her mouth, we pull them out and stick the binky in. I'm not sure how much good it's actually going to do, maybe none, but we're going to try to keep her from loving those fingers as much as Elisabeth did(she didn't break her thumb sucking habit until she was just over 5).We love our little Jane.

As I was searching through old photos trying to come up with pictures of the kids sucking their different fingers, I found this gem. Don't we look so young? This is when I was probably around 7 months pregnant with our second, almost 5 years ago.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekend trip: Day 3

Sunday morning we went to sacrament meeting at a building near the temple. Afterward we stopped by the temple to walk around the grounds and take pictures. The temple and the grounds were beautiful! Palm trees, beautiful flowers, long steps, and a water fountain were just some of things that stood out.

The old tabernacle and Brigham Young's winter house were near by, so we stopped off there before heading back to the condo to pack up.

The drive home was faster, but seemed longer at times considering the amount of bickering that went on in the back seat. I heard these phrases repeated many times throughout the drive, "stop touching me!", "get your foot off of me!", "give that back!" and then there were also a lot of squeals and screams. Eventually, Scott and I stopped trying to resolve all of their conflicts and told them to duke it out or handle it on their own with their words. It was actually kind of funny, and familiar. I remember SO many road trips growing up where I would be sitting next to my big brother and little sister, putting a pointed finger in their face, really close to their eye, and saying in an irritating and teasing voice, "I'm not touching you." A lot of shoving and pushing would follow that phrase. It's all coming back to me now, and Scott and I couldn't help but laugh out loud so many times.

Yay for road trips and family fun! We had a great trip and hope to do more soon.

Weekend trip: Day 2

First thing after breakfast, we got ready to drive out to Zion(about an hour away).
We did two hikes in Zions. The first one we did was just over a mile and it's called Lower Emerald Pools. It was beautiful! Lots of green to walk through, lots of big rocks to sit on or take pictures near, and at the end you get sprayed with some of the water dripping off the tall red rocks. Such a pretty hike.

By the way, we had to rent this red hiking toddler back pack from a store near by because we were lame and forgot ours at home, in the garage. I'm just thankful they even have a place to rent these out. And for the record, Scott says our Kelty back pack feels a lot more comfortable.

Mom carrying Jane in the Moby wrap. I love that thing. (I'm holding her cheeks because she kept falling asleep and nodding her head, and I just thought it'd be a little more comfortable to sleep if she had a little chin rest).

Jane all tuckered out from her hike :)
The next hike we did was Weeping Rock. This one was really short. Only about a half mile round trip, but it was steeper than the last. I was afraid Charles was going to kill himself because he kept running down the steep trail(there are no railings of any sort), while ignoring our shouts to, 'stop!' and 'don't run!' and 'that's it Charlie, this is the last hike!' and 'if you don't listen you're going to have to sit on a rock for a few minutes when we catch up to you!' And we followed through with our threats and it was indeed the last hike for us, though our friends went on one more that they said was beautiful. Maybe another time we'll try that one.

On the way back to the condo, Charles snapped a few photos of Jane while they waited in the van for Elisabeth and I to find some tennis shoes for her in Walmart. This should have been done before our hike, but she hadn't worn her old tennies in a while because it has been so nice outside that she's been in flip flops, so we had forgotten they were a bit small. She was wearing size 8 shoes when she really needed a size 12. Luckily, her feet are fine and didn't seem to acquire any lasting damage.

Once we got back from Zions, I took the big kids swimming again and Scott stayed in with our two little girls. Here is Scott in the kitchen of our air conditioned condo. I'm so glad we decided to stay here, in this 3 bedroom condo with our friends rather than camp because it was in the hundreds in St George. So hot! Granted, it's about 10 degrees cooler in Zions, but that still doesn't sound very fun for camping.
Hanging out in the living room. Scott signing 'no' to Charles.

We were in charge of dinner for Saturday and we made spaghetti and meatballs. Okay, Scott made spaghetti and meatballs, though I had planned on doing it. But that's because he didn't want to go to the pool so I was doing that with the kids and getting them showered and then feeding baby Jane and doing a grocery run.

Once the kids went to bed we watched a red box movie, When In Rome(with Kristen Bell). This was the fourth time I've seen this movie(and in the past couple of months), and I still love it. If you're looking for a cute romantic comedy to watch that's pretty clean, get this one.

Weekend trip: Day 1

We drove down to St George this past weekend with Elisa and Mark's family, and stayed for a couple of nights. I took a lot of pictures, so I'm going to break this post into three, by days we were there.

Cove Fort:

On the way to St George, we stopped off at Cove Fort for a guided tour. Cove Fort was built around 1867 by Ira Hinckley(President Gordon B. Hinckley's grandfather) and others on request of President Brigham Young. It was to be a way station for pioneers traveling along the "Mormon Corridor". We also got to see the Hinckley Cabin that was originally in Coalville, Utah. I really enjoyed this tour and seeing this historical site, but the kids didn't love it and thought it was a little long. So when we went to the tabernacle and Brigham Youngs winter home('ll have pictures of those on Day 3), those were much quicker stops with just me getting out and snapping some photos. I'm hoping to go back again some time and take the guided tours because you learn so much more that way.

After Cove Fort we got to the Kolob Canyon exit, which is also a part of Zions National Park. We got our Zions passes and then took a short scenic drive up the Kolob Canyon. It was beautiful. There's something so lovely about seeing a place that looks so different than what you're used to. The ginormous red rocks looked so cool. It reminded us of "paradise falls" from the movie 'Up'. Minus the falls.

Shortly thereafter, we arrived at our condo. Once we got all settled in, we took the kids for a swim. There was a swimming pool and playground just outside our sliding glass door. It was fenced and locked which was comforting.
We loved this waterfall. It had a bench just inside, under that cave, that you could sit on. Elisabeth wore her water wings and Charles wore a life jacket and they took off and swam everywhere. This was their favorite part of the trip.

Later that night we ate dinner, compliments of the Ludwigs, put the kids to bed (that sounds a lot easier than it really was....I think it took them about an hour before they all finally stayed in bed. But the second night was much, much better.), and then Elisa and I went out and got frozen custard for the two couples. They loaded the milky custard on there with no lid, so by the time we got back to the condo, some of it had dripped down the sides and into the cup holders and down the sides of the cup holders. Nice. We cleaned up, visited and climbed into bed, excited to hike Zions in the morning.