Thursday, July 31, 2008

Zucchini and red potatoes

We were gone for 10 days on vacation and when we got back Scott went out to his garden and was a bit shocked with what he found. He brought in this bag full of zucchini, lots of smallish ones and then these 4 monsters! (Here's a picture for you like my 'shocked' face, I'm not a very good actress; and you can see my new haircut)
He suggested perhaps tossing some but I said, "No way, I'll make bread." And I did. Lot's of bread. I made muffins, a few mini loafs(we wrapped these up and froze them), and a bundt bread with a glaze topping. I had to start getting creative. For dinner I added some zucchini chunks into our spagetti sauce. Last week we also made a white sauce with zucchini. I'm about out of ideas so if anyone has some good zucchini recipes, please send them our way. I only used one giant zucchini to make all this! Scott brought another giant zucchini to a coworker which means we have a couple left if anyone wants one(or many more) just let me know.

Scott also pulled out a bunch of red potatoes! Last night we mashed them up and ate them for dinner! Yum! Since this is our first garden, we're both just so thrilled to see the progress and to actually eat food that we planted as little seeds. Amazing!

Annabelle's milestones

Annabelle has had some big changes occur recently. This last week her first tooth cut through(the front left tooth on the bottom)! We knew it was going to happen soon because the last month or so she's been doing a lot of slobbering and chomping down on whatever is near.
A couple of weeks ago Annabelle started sitting up without any assistance! She's pretty good at it and can stay seated without any help for probably a minute or so.
(She is SO cute! Look at those fingers in her mouth. What a sweetheart. And her cute siblings are sitting near by watching .)Just before our trip we introduced baby food to Annabelle. So far she's eaten squash and baby oatmeal. I know she's ready to be eating because from the start she loved it and will gobble it all down. We started her on solids 2 weeks ago at 5 months and we've only given it to her probably 5 times. We're going to introduce a couple other baby foods over the next couple of weeks but we'll be taking it slow, I'm not in any hurry for her to grow up, in fact I'd like it if she'd stay my sweet little, helpless baby forever! I guess we'll just have to have another one when she gets older; I LOVE babies! (The last two pictures shown were taken by Elisabeth. She's our little photographer in training.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Friday and Saturday July 25 & 26: Grazzini Family Reunion

Friday morning we packed up the van and drove out to the Tri-cities in Washington(~4 hour drive, and luckily it's on the way home to Utah) for our family reunion on my mom's side. We played games, ate, the kids did crafts, swam in the pool, visited Granny and Grandpa Grazzini's grave site, and got to see Fred and Robin's new place(they moved to the Tri-cities from Colorado that very weekend! Perfect timing!).
Bocce ball

Elisabeth loved playing with my uncle Mark:
We stayed in a hotel Friday night which was fun, though we weren't sure how the night time thing was going to go with all 5 of us in the same room. The hotel provided us with a portable crib that Annabelle slept in. She went to bed before the rest of us so while I was putting her to bed Scott took the kids out to play with their cousins. Shortly after they got back we got ready for bed too. There were 2 queen beds and Elisabeth and Charles shared one and Scott and I had the other. The kids did pretty good and it was funny because the first 5 minutes or so after we all got in bed, Elisabeth would ask every 30 seconds, "Daddy, are you asleep yet?" To which he'd always reply, "No, I'm not." I did have to get up several times to fix Annabelle whose foot or arm would get caught in the metal bars on the crib or I'd need to console her after she would hit her head on the same bars(why don't they have bumpers?!). I finally got smart and made my own little crib bumper for her out of bath towels weaved in between bars and after that she didn't wake up again until morning. We took off Saturday afternoon and finished our drive to Utah. Unfortunately, we left our cell phone chargers at this hotel(and we just figured that out today, 4 days later...we knew they were lost we just had no idea where) so if anyone has tried to call and you haven't heard from us in days, that's the reason phone is completely dead and the only time I can use it is if I run out to my van, turn it on and plug it in, which is what I had to do when I called the hotel to figure things out. They are fed ex-ing them to us today so we should have them up and running soon enough. I'm now all caught up with posts from our vacation! Wahoo!

Thursday July 24: Izzy's and Jetty Island

Wednesday was the Mariner's game for the guys and Becca gave me a hair cut...but no pictures sorry. I'll try and get a picture up later of my new do, it's to my chin now. I seem to get it cut shorter and shorter each time. But I promise that this is the shortest I will let it get and I'm not going to cut it anymore for awhile because I want to grow it out so that it's nice and long again.

Thursday my parents treated us all to lunch at Izzy's. We love Izzy's! It's a buffet that has lots of pizza and salad, they also have chicken, potatoes, desserts and much more.

After lunch we drove over to the loading dock so that we could climb on the small ferry and ride over to Jetty Island in Everett. I'm not a fan of ocean's(perhaps I'll dedicate a post to that subject alone at a later time) but I managed to have a pretty good time, mostly because Elisabeth LOVED playing in the sand and did just that for hours; it was fun to watch her and the other kids play.

It was really windy so Becca fastened her hood up to keep her hair under control

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday July 22: Ballard Locks and the Museum of Flight

Tuesday we spent the day in the Seattle area. First we went to Ballard Locks and watched the boats lower as the water moved throughout the canal. We didn't stay for long-just long enough to see that happen- because it was cold and we didn't bring winter clothes. Scott didn't even bring any sort of long sleeved shirt; I packed me and the kids bags and was sure to include a sweatshirt for each of us(which we wore just about every day of our trip) but the rest was summer attire. I loved the weather for the most part because it was usually sunny and somewhere in the 60's or 70's which is perfect for me! But the morning we went to the Ballard Locks (and being so close to the water), it was just a little too cold for us.

We ate lunch at Dick's-Drive-In(which seemed so good in high school so I wanted Scott to experience it but we both ended up not really liking it, oh well) and then went to the Museum of Flight(thanks Traci and Neil for the tickets!). This was so cool! They had all sorts of special planes and jets in there, space craft stuff, a kid friendly area with some interactive games and rides and tons of interesting information to read. My favorite part was sitting in the jet and reading the information on space excursions.

When we first arrived and started walking down the stairs to see the room filled with planes, Charles was so excited he just started pointing at everything and shouting, "Airplane! Look!" over and over again.

A space car(lunar rover) that drove on the moon:

Monday July 21: Petting zoo and girls nite

Well I skipped doing a post for Sunday because I don't have any pictures but for my journal's sake I'd like to note that we went to church with my family which is my old home ward. It was nice to see some familiar faces.

Monday we got to see Becca's condo in Everett(for the first time) and then we drove over to the petting zoo and water park. The last time we went, the kids wouldn't get close enough to the animals to touch them so this was a HUGE improvement!Here is Annabelle with a bunny, and if you look closely at the sign in the background you'll notice that the bunny's name is also Annabelle and the sign reads, "I already have a loving home." How appropriate :)

After we finished with the animals, we washed up and walked over to the water park area. Annabelle was exhausted and fell asleep on the blanket we had laid out. You might not be able to tell from this picture, but she's under there:Peek-a-boo!

Later on that night the girls went out shopping and then had dinner at Becca's favorite Mexican restaurant. The dinner was yummy but very rushed because we shopped too long and we had a time deadline to meet. We wanted to have a girls night because later on in the week the guys were going to go to a Mariner's game...they went on Wednesday and were gone for 7 hours! Man, I just don't get sports some times. Why does it need to take up SO much time? Whatever. Anyways, back to our shopping excursion: my two nieces, Lani and Leia, are very into name brand clothing these days and definitely do not want anything used because everyone their age makes fun kids who wear used clothing. But we(the older and wiser women of my family) told them that we loved going shopping at used clothing stores because you could always find something you loved(and name brand if that matters to you) for SUPER cheap. So we took them shopping at Value Village and told them that afterwards we were going to have a fashion show so they needed to get really good stuff that they would actually wear. We also told them that when friends asked where they got the clothing to just tell them that, "It was a gift from my grandma" which is true because they certainly didn't pay for their own clothes. So anyways, here are a few pictures from our fashion show(there are a lot more pictures because we each got several items but here are just a few, oh and Mom, please note that I've heeded your wishes and didn't post any of your pictures from the fashion show.):
Lani sporting several new clothing items which include shorts, and two sweaters:

Modeling my new skirt:Leia(our tomboy) showing off her new church clothes...she wouldn't have picked these out herself but sometimes there is a need for some loving adult intervention :)

Becca and her cool new pants (man she's flexible! :))