Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family 5k

 This past Saturday our family participated in a 'family 5k' that the intermountain health care facility put on. It was $10 for the entire family and we all got shirts, medals, and a couple other small things in a gift bag, plus a pancake breakfast afterward. They must have lost a lot of money putting this on. I jogged the 5k with a friend and Char stayed with us on his bike. My friends mom walked Nora in a stroller, Scott and Elisabeth were on bikes as well and Scott pulled Jane and Annabelle in a bike trailer.

This little lady is a wanderer. In the past week, a stranger has brought Jane to me, twice! This is the only time this has ever happened to us with one of our children, and it happened twice! In the same week! With the same child! Jane just wanders off and doesn't seem to care that we're no longer with her. The first time was when the whole family was at the library and Jane left the library building as we were checking out, and went out into the parking lot! Thank goodness a woman found her and brought her back inside! The second time was when we were at our 5k. They provided a pancake breakfast afterward and one minute we were all walking together to our table and the next minute we're at the table and Jane is not. Then I see a lady holding her walking toward us. Sheesh! It makes my heart pound to imagine what could have happened! Both times this happened when both Scott and I were present and afterward we talked and decided that it was because we both assume the other must have her. And so, we're no longer going to assume. When we all go out together one of us will take charge of Jane and let the other one know. Thank goodness they were nice, good strangers who happened upon our little Jane both times and brought her back to us!

 After the 5k and breakfast, they had a tot trot where they let the young children do a short race. Annabelle and Jane ran this one and Scott helped them along. The whole event was a lot of fun. We hope they do this again.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Molloscum Contagiosum

Last year Charles had molloscum contagiosum. It's a viral disease somewhat similar to warts that we think he got while taking swimming lessons. He actually got it 2 summers ago and when I brought him to the doctor to have her look at it, she told me I had two options: wait it out(it should go away within a couple of months she said), or freeze them off. She said when you freeze them there will be blisters, puss, and pain so I decided to just wait it out. Well, ten months later he still had them and they were spreading. He started out having a few on his abdomen and now there were many more in that area, in his armpit, on his back and even behind his knees. I decided to do some research.

I read that they spread through skin to skin contact, but can also be passed through touching the same towel or clothing. I started washing his bedding frequently and we wouldn't let him wear the same pajamas, or any clothes for that matter, for more than one day before washing them. When he went swimming, I made him wear a surfer shirt to help keep it contained.

I also read into some natural healing and decided to try dabbing a little tea tree oil diluted with just a tiny bit of olive oil, on his bumps. That was the real kicker. After a few days(if I recall correctly), those bumps got bigger and red, were a little sensitive but not bad enough that it bothered him throughout the day or made him cry, and then they went away. I remember putting a bandaid over one because it hurt when it rubbed against his shirt, but that was it.

The last of them vanished about a year ago, and a few of them left tiny pocket-like scars. Anyway, I came across this picture of him with his large and red bumps a little while ago and realized I'd never written about it and wanted a record, so that's why you're hearing about it now... a year after the fact :).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Play, Sleep, Eat


PLAY: Annabelle loves playing this new game where she has Jane lay on her back on the floor, Annabelle will get up really close, on her knees, and Jane will kick her stomach. I know, I know... sounds like a game that would end in tears. But Annabelle and Jane love it and they giggle while Annabelle squeals for Jane to go faster!

SLEEP: Nora is almost 8 weeks now, and around 6 weeks, she started sleeping through the night which means I'm sleeping through the night! Wow, I'm amazed she did that so fast! She'll usually go down sometime between 9 and 10pm and then she'll wake up around 6am, or I'll wake her up at that time if she doesn't on her own because I go running at 630am and I don't want to be uncomfortably full of milk while I run. Then she goes right back down to sleep and usually wakes up around 1030am. I am loving this and feeling completely spoiled.

 EAT: I love this picture of Annabelle feeding Jane. They were sharing a leftover bowl of Peanut Butter Squash Soup. Scott and I normally are SO not squash people, but we got a couple in our Bountiful Basket we had to use and tried them in this new, thick, peanut buttery soup(and scott and I LOVE peanut butter) and it was so yummy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Out with the old,

the first TV we bought 9 years ago when we were married
  And in with the....old  :)

Our TV has been slowly dying for months. The screen started shaking awhile back for a few seconds here and there. Sometimes you'd have to hit the top of the TV to make it work again. A couple of times the screen went completely black and you'd only get sound. Then a few weeks ago, the screen turned all dark gray and you could only make out big movements on the screen, but couldn't see anything else. The sound worked fine though.

We bought that TV the first year we married, 9 years ago. It was probably around $100 and it did what it was supposed to do, and very well. Now that there are thinner TV's every year with all sorts of fancy stuff added to it, people are selling their big boxed ones, like the one we had, for cheap or free. I was able to pick up this TV(it is permanently connected to it's stand) for free from someone who was moving! It's REALLY heavy and I didn't know it was coming with the stand when I went to pick it up, but luckily they had movers at the house who stuck it in the back of my van once we folded down the back seat....and I had four of my kids in the car....I had to double buckle Jane and Annabelle in a car seat and then Charlie sat in the front and Nora was in her usual spot. I said a prayer as we left and drove very cautiously. Scott and a friend brought it in and it works great.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Coupons

Happy Fathers Day(yesterday)! I'm glad we have a day set aside each year when we honor all the amazing men in our lives. And I have several! My dad and brothers, Scott's dad and brother, and Scott himself are a few who I love and will be forever grateful for.

 Scott reading a book to the kids while breakfast was cooking

 We're not big gift givers around here. We're more of a food and love-note type of family. The kids and I made another 'father's day coupons' book for Scott this year. We love doing this. I had our three oldest kids (ages 8, 6 and 4) and myself make up two coupons each to include in Scott's coupon book.

We each had to choose something that was a service type activity, and then something we could do as a date night activity so we could each get some alone time with him and make this gift last a little longer. Scott redeemed a coupon from Annabelle that day. It said, "I will give you ten kisses". Here are a few other samples.

Scott's requests for fathers day was a BBQ Saturday night(which he did himself...I just cut up veggies and made a fruit tray),

french toast and sausage for breakfast and then for me not to be in the kitchen too long on Sunday :). So, I made overnight french toast so I could just stick it in the oven in the morning and then for dinner we had mashed potatoes and breaded chicken which was actually Elisabeth's dinner night choice and Scott thought that was fine (we do a menu each week and everyone gets to choose one dinner a week). I rarely make mashed potatoes, or have meat as a main dish, and I apparently way overestimated the amount of potatoes to make for our family. I made four normal to large sized russet potatoes, I mean, there are 7 of us though Nora doesn't eat yet and I only tasted a bite because it had dairy, but I think we only consumed a quarter of that. I'm not sure what we'll do with the leftovers.

Molasses cookies are Scott's favorite, so Saturday afternoon I took his favorite recipe, changed the flour for wheat flour, the vegetable oil for coconut oil and the sugar for raw sugar(I used turbinado) and baked up about 2 dozen so we could have some with our BBQ Saturday and some with Father's Day dinner. They turned out great!

I gave a talk in church that day on how the priesthood blesses families.  Scott and our dad's are so amazing that I had plenty of experiences to share. Most of the kids didn't go to their classes that day because a couple of them had gotten 'hand, foot, and mouth' disease/virus last week and we didn't want them sharing any germs in case they were still contagious. So I took them home after my talk and we had a mini lesson/sharing time on Christ in our living room. 

Scott and Nora took a little snooze on the couch before church.
So sweet. And it's funny how babies sleep in what seems to be the most uncomfortable looking positions, like this one where her neck is all to the side.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bake Sale

 Elisabeth asked if she could have a couple girls over one Friday and have a lemonade stand. I agreed. Then we got to Friday and I had forgotten to go out and buy lemonade. So the girls decided to sell the half pitcher full of 100% apple juice we had in our fridge, and also have a bake sale. Then I realized I didn't have any white flour...we don't use it so I just don't keep it on hand. I ground up some wheat flour to use in our cookies and then decided to check our food storage, and low and behold we had a couple of number ten cans of white flour! So we made unhealthy, chocolate chip cookies with white flour and shortening and I just bit my cheek and let the girls go at it. Well, actually, I was there the whole time supervising and slaving over the hot oven in our hot house for a couple of hours, but it was all good and fun.  And the kids were all so happy and involved.

 We live in a cul-de-sac type neighborhood and didn't have many visitors, but they each made a couple of quarters which was better than nothing. And check out those monster cookies. Monster cookies are always so much cooler than the normal sized ones :).
And I found these random pictures of Annabelle helping me make guacamole.

 Isn't she a doll?! And boy do I love guacamole!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

6 weeks and working hard

Nora is 6 weeks today and we're finally back in the swing of things. The house is clean, for the most part, and I'm able to stay on top of laundry again. But wow, there's always so much laundry! Especially since we have a newborn who occasionally(read: daily) has blow outs and spits up on herself and a 2-year-old who can't quite make it to the toilet when she's playing outside, and who tends to poop more in her underwear than in the toilet. The other day Jane woke up dry(yay!) and went potty in the toilet. I took off her diaper, but Nora was fast asleep in the room where we keep Jane's clothes. So I just had her hang out in her pj's without underwear for a little while. BIG mistake! She pooped in her pants and because there was no underwear to catch it, it went all down both sides of her legs and her pj pants were so nasty. I gagged several times as I cleaned her up and washed out her pajama pants.

I started cooking again about a week after Nora was born. Feeding your family healthy, wholesome meals takes a little more time than throwing a plastic covered frozen meal in the microwave and pushing a button, or in the oven for that matter. I grind my own wheat, which is not at all hard, but when I grind 10 cups of wheat to make bread, it takes some time and it's kinda loud, so I need to plan ahead and be sure to get it done before babies are napping. I love having homemade bread on hand for the kids to make sandwiches for school. I love having home made wheat tortillas for dinner; they taste SO much better than the whole wheat store bought ones. I love that the kids love to eat my home made granola for breakfast each morning which doesn't have any additives, that's full of protein and all sorts of vitamins and minerals. I love eating salads and making my own salad dressings . I love that we all drink green smoothies almost daily. I like to cook and I love feeding my family real food, but it does take work and time, like just about anything good in life. I don't spend all day in the kitchen, but I probably spend 1-2 hours in there most days, making meals and cleaning up.   

Another thing I've been working hard on, which goes hand in hand with the food I put in my body, is exercising. I know that my food choices and exercise combined, will determine whether or not I get back into shape again. I eased my way back into exercising after this past 5th birth, but started right away. What does that mean, you ask? I listened to my body and did what felt appropriate. While at the hospital, I walked laps around the maternity wing. They were really slow laps and not really for exercise but more for my own sanity. I had been laying in bed, unable to move for hours because of the epidural and when I could move my legs again, I wanted to get out and so I did. The movement helped my legs and back feel better. The day I got home from the hospital I took a short walk around the neighborhood while pushing the baby in the stroller. Each day after that for the next two weeks, I was able to go farther and faster. I did tear and have a few stitches while giving birth, but after a few days I really didn't experience any more soreness.

Once I got to week three I started jogging off and on throughout my walk and could do the elliptical. Since week four I've been able to jog over three miles at a time and do exercise videos like Tae Bo, Zumba or Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. At week five I was able to exercise a couple of times a day for a total of about one and half hours to two hours a day. I won't exercise this much forever, but I will while I'm trying to get big results. Right now, I wake up before the kids and jog and then while a couple of the kids are at school and the baby is asleep, I'll exercise in the house. Many times Jane and Annabelle will join me in my home workout videos. Has it been hard? Sure, exercising isn't supposed to be easy. Did it hurt? The only pain I experienced was from sore muscles after a hard workout, but nothing that felt related to labor/delivery. But like I said earlier, I listened to my body. If I was ever doing an exercise or stretch that didn't feel good, I stopped or at least modified. I know it'll take time and diligence to get back to where I was before. It took nine months to put it all on and it could take just as long to get it back. But I've done this enough times to know that you can get it back if you work hard and are persistent. I'm not one of those blessed women who are naturally small and can eat anything and everything and never exercise and stay tiny. I'm also not the type of woman who will have a baby and the next week look like I had never been pregnant. I have to eat right and exercise. If you were to see pictures of me in high school, you'd know this statement is true because I ate a lot of fast food then and was addicted to sweet sugary treats and Doritos and you could tell. I wasn't obese, but I was a little overweight.  I could put a picture on here to show you all, but I'm kinda vain. Though who knows, maybe one day I will. Maybe :). This time around I've also found that it is easier to get back in shape when you don't gain as much in the pregnancy. And you know, in previous pregnancies I never 'let myself go' as some say. I always exercised. But this was the first pregnancy that I also ate healthy throughout the pregnancy and I gained 10-15 pounds less than previous ones, too, which was nice.

Why am I sharing all this? I'm trying to give you a glimpse into life right now and I want to have a record for the future. I am a mother of five. I do a lot of cooking and cleaning, playing and working with kids and running kids to and from different places. I don't get much time to myself and so when I do, I really try and use it wisely. My free time right now(or time when kids are asleep) goes to exercising to keep my body healthy, visiting with Scott, reading scriptures and other inspirational material, keeping a record of our lives(this blog and a journal), and food(making, planning, reading recipes, sharing ideas etc) because that's my hobby and I'm obsessed :). I seriously love food. Thinking about things like Cafe Rio, makes me all giddy inside. For example, the other night when Scott and I were visiting on the couch, he suggested Cafe Rio as an in-home date night activity once the kids were in bed and I literally jumped into his lap. Food makes me really happy, and so does Scott, so it is the perfect combination. Anyway, I think that's all for now. Sorry there are no pictures for this post. As I looked through my camera to find a picture to go on here, I found that the majority of my pictures were of food which will go on my other blog, so sorry. But see, that just proves I have an obsession :). At least it's with pretty healthy foods, right?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Battle Creek Falls Hike

Memorial Day weekend we took the family out for a hike. I carried Nora in a wrap and Scott carried Jane on his back in a kid hiking backpack. We thought we'd hike the 'Y' again (BYU's Y on the mountain), but we decided to try a new one instead. After Scott did a little research we decided on Battle Creek Falls hike in Pleasant Grove. It was beautiful! So much green and you can see streams of water almost through the entire hike. The kids really liked it and it was the perfect hike for 4-year-old Annabelle(our youngest hiker but not youngest child), not too long or hard, about 1.2 miles round trip. At one point we were able to walk down to the falls and Scott took Charles and Elisabeth across the little creek to the other side. Don't worry Grandparents, the water was not deep or fast and even though Scott and the kids walked on top of high rocks to get across, many people were just walking right through the water so they were totally safe.

 I had Nora bundled up really good in her wrap...it almost looks like it's just pregnant me again :).

 After our hike we ate our home-made lunches on one of the picnic benches, I fed Nora and then we drove over to the BYU Creamery on Ninth for ice cream. I'm still not trying to have dairy for Nora's sake so I didn't get my own but I did have a few bites of Annabelle's which didn't seem to effect Nora's tummy so that was good.

 Annabelle, Jane and Nora conked out on the way home. I love watching babies sleep.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Got milk?

4 week old Nora often looks drugged and drowsy after she nurses. And I love that she always has milk dripping down the side of her cheek. Hilarious!