Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling better

I'm 13 weeks now, and feeling much better. I normally take my medicine every 8 hours around the clock, but I haven't taken any since yesterday at 1pm, and I'm still feeling really good. I think I'm almost completely out of the sick phase, wahoo! I went back through my old journals yesterday to see if I recorded when I started feeling better with the others, and I did. Elisabeth I was sick with until 16 weeks, and that pregnancy and this one have been the worst, but lucky for me, this pregnancy I had medicine. With Charles I felt sick until I was about 12 weeks and with Annabelle until about 14 weeks, but those two pregnancies I never got terribly sick, just a little nauseus and I only threw up probably 5 times with each of those.

And here is a snapshot of me and my growing belly. I'm already into maternity shirts and some pants. I have some pants that were previously a little baggy, and they still fit, but the other ones will only fit with a rubber band as a fastening device rather than the snap. I don't know why I pop out so early, a friend suggested that maybe it's due to the way I hold the baby and where my uterus is and perhaps it also has to do with the length of my torso. I don't really know. But anyways, usually between 11 and 12 weeks, people know I'm pregnant just by looking at my stomach whereas I think most others start to really show closer to 20 weeks.

I'll try and keep up a little better with my blogging now that I'm feeling better.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anne, Hunger Games, Hiding Place

These are the last four books I've read(or listened to).
1. The Hiding Place
Fantastic book about a Christian family in Holland who opens up their home to jews during WW2. This is a true story and it was uplifting and very interesting to read.

2 and 3. Anne of Green Gables and Anne of the Island (1st and 3rd books in the series)
I loved these! I knew I would because I LOVE the first Anne of Green Gables movie. The first movie was just like the first book, but the second movie only had a couple parts in the beginning and in the end that resembled the third book, Anne of the Island. Granted I haven't read the second book yet, but I know what it's about and it's not the second movie at all; if anything the second movie slightly resembles the third book more than any other, but still that was far reaching. Apparently the screenwriter just took a couple of ideas they liked from the second and third book, threw everything else away and made up their own story. Which, after reading the books, I cannot understand at all because the books were way better than that movie! And the third movie, Won't be anything like the latter books either, from what I've read. But anyways, the books are fantastic, so read them!

4. Catching Fire, which is the second book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.
I liked this book. It was very entertaining and mostly clean. But there were a couple of parts that were a little too violent and one part that mentioned a woman stripping down to bare nakedness which I thought was unnecessary and would be really bad if it were in a movie or if someone with a wild imagination were reading it(this woman took off her clothes as an off handed sort of thing because she hated the costume her designer made for her, but there were people around to see. It was just lame and I was mad at the author for putting it in there). But anyways, a pretty good book, and it leaves you excited at the end to see what will happen in the last book, which most likely won't be out for another year.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Grandpa and the kids fell asleep on the couch

My dad came out for a visit a couple of weeks ago, and stayed for about 10 days. The day before he arrived, my cousin Rachel and my aunt Luann came over and cleaned my house for me because they knew I couldn't do much! Thanks guys, I sure love you! Scott's mom arrived a few days after my dad, and we've been enjoying having their time and attention. Labor day we got together with Luann and Rachel and their families. We ate dinner and had a nice time visiting with everyone. We love spending time with our family and are grateful for the help and love they give to us.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bees

A couple of weeks ago, Maren offered us some extra tickets to the Bees Baseball game. They had something like 20 to give away through her husbands' work. I didn't think I would go because the last game was pretty hot and uncomfortable, and since I'm not feeling my best, I thought I better sit this one out and let Scott and the kids go. But later that day, Maren called me back and said, 'just thought you might want to know that they're box seats so we'll be indoors and there will be food. Are you sure you still can't go?' I've never sat in box seats before, and my curiosity won out and I decided to go. And I'm so glad I did. What a cool experience! We took elevators up to the top and found our air conditioned room with couches and arm chairs and stools with backs for those who wanted to watch the game from the window. The food was already out and on hot burners. They offered all the makings for tacos, sandwiches and hot dogs, plus they had a fruit tray, chips, popcorn, and drinks. After the fifth inning they brought different kinds of ice cream and toppings for ice cream sundays. You could eat all you want and everything had already been paid for. Just outside our box window, you could go out and watch the game from regular stadium seats. They also had a tv inside just in case you didn't want to watch the game I guess. The Bee mascot came in our room and took pictures with the kids. The big kids thought this was pretty fun, but Annabelle and the other little ones were not amused. We all had a great time! Thanks Brian and Maren for inviting us!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Camping in Vernal: Dinosaur Land

In the end of August, we drove out to Vernal with our friends, the Arkell's, for a camping trip. We stayed one night at a KOA and we all had a really good time. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it because I get motion sick pretty easy and the drive is over 3 hours, but I did okay and didn't throw up until right after we got home! And I felt pretty good while we were there.

We were able to go on a short hike and see fossils in the walls of the rocks there(but we went at the hottest part of the day which was not a very good idea).

Elisabeth, Sara and Evan filled out a booklet there and were able to become 'junior paleontologists' and were awarded with a cute little badge. We also got to visit the dinosaur museum which was really cool. They had lots of big Dinosuars to look at, activities like puzzles and digging for fossils for the little kids, and some really neat and interesting museum artifacts that were fun for us to see and read about.

I love staying at KOA's because they have swimming pools, nice bathrooms, cabins(which the Arkells stayed in, but we camped in our tent), and usually some other sort of activities going on. We got a campsite right next to the Arkell's, so after the kids went to bed at night, we were able to sit around the fire and talk for awhile which was nice. Oh, but one not cool thing that happened was that our double-high-queen-air-mattress got a leak in it during this trip and so in the middle of the night, when Annabelle woke up crying and Scott got up to get her out of the playpen, my bum sunk to the ground. When he did get back on, I couldn't get comfortable and tried to move around a little, but kept rolling in towards Scott. He asked nicely in the night, "Honey, can you just turn on the other side and stay there?" I tried, I really tried, but I couldn't. I just kept rolling into the center and into Scott. Finally I got off the wretched thing and slept next to Elisabeth and Charles on the floor. It was actually a little more comfortable than the deflated air mattress. After a few minutes, Scott took crying Annabelle and they slept in the van. Oh the memories! It makes me laugh. Oh and the men cooked breakfast which was nice! Here are some pictures from our trip. I know this first picture is really blurry, but I wanted to put it up here anyways because at one point we turned on the Hannah Montana cd in Gina's van and had a little dance party, and here they are dancing:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still feeling sick

Even though I'm on medication, I'm still feeling a bit queasy, and time on the computer seems to make it worse. So I'm going to do my best to keep this blog up while I'm sick, but my apologies to our readers if it's lacking during the next month(let's hope I'm better in a month; in past pregnancies it went to about 14 weeks and I'm hoping this one won't be any longer). I'm having a pretty good day today, so I'm going to try and post a couple that should've been up several weeks ago, but even then, I'll still be behind. Here goes nothing! Oh, and my mother-in-law and my dad are here now taking care of us, so we're in great hands! We sure love having them here!

Elisabeth is swimming

During the last few sessions of swimming lessons, Elisabeth started swimming on her own. She can go about 9 strokes before she has to put her feet down and take a break, but it was almost the width of the pool. Charles isn't quite there yet, but he will swim with his head under water as long as one of our arms are supporting his belly.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In numbers

1- hour until Scott will be home!!! Hallelujah!
2- days until my dad arrives
3- loads of clean laundry to be put away
4- times Charlie has taken a nap in the past week. I'm afraid I jinxed our good luck after the last post, because he has yet to nap this week.
5- days until Scott's mom arrives, to help take care of us!
6- days Elisabeth has been in school
7- weeks until Super Saturday and I may need to come up with one more activity(I'm not positive on this one. But thank goodness for enrichment committee members!).
8- hours(actually I think it was a bit longer than that) I've spent listening to Anne of Green Gables over audio cassette this past week. I'm not able to actually read right now because it makes me nauseous.
9- days I've been on Zofran. And it's almost completely stopped my vomiting!
10- weeks is what the baby measured at today during the ultrasound in my doctor's office! (Yes folks, we'll have a fourth child with us come April or maybe even March)
233- dollars is what my insurance is saving me every 4 days for the generic brand of Zofran that I'm taking; we pay $7! That's $20 a pill! Thank goodness for our insurance and thank the heavens for modern medicine! I probably would've had to have gotten an IV without it. Though I've actually heard that those are quite nice :), or that they make you feel all better at least.