Friday, April 27, 2007

Sick, sick, sick

Everyone in our house is sick. Scott's been sick the longest though he is feeling quite a bit better now, the roughest part is over for him. The kids I'm not so sure. Lis and Char both had colds about a week ago and then at the end of last week Elisabeth told us her ear hurt so we took her into the doctor and sure enough it had developed into an ear infection. She's taking amoxicillan and I thought she was about over the worst but tonight she's running a fever. Charlie had a bad cold too, still does, and the last three days his eyes have been creating a lot of yellow/greenish discharge, we might need to take him into see the doctor too because we're not quite sure what's causing the eye thing...hopefully it's just related to the cold/allergy stuff and as soon as that clears up it'll go away. I think I've just got a cold, nothing too awful, mostly congestion, sore throat sort of stuff. Tonight me and the kids are staying at my parents house because Scott's getting towards the end of school and has a lot to do, hopefully he'll get a good nights rest without 2 sick babies and a sick mommy around, I'm a little jealous, that'd be nice to sleep through a whole night and wake up whenever you like, someday perhaps. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


After talking to a girlfriend yesterday(Traci you're a gem), I decided it was about time to do another gratitude journal entry. I haven't done it for awhile so I had a lot of blessings to write about, I'll probably start jotting down a couple each day instead of making a ginormous(word from the Elf meaning, simply huge) list like the one I created in my notebook journal today. I think that the more blessings you write down or at least acknowledge, the more you'll receive and/or the more you're aware of receiving...if that makes sense. Here is a list of ten items that I included in my journal of things I am grateful for today :
  1. My Saviour
  2. My family and especially my husband(this also includes extended family, in-laws and very close friends)
  3. Gospel things like temples, our prophet, scriptures, prayer, inspiration, Deseret Book, church, missionaries, patriarchal blessings, priesthood blessing, etc., etc. and so much more!
  4. Our close proximity to Scott's work and to my family
  5. The knowledge we have today with the internet and all modern technology that allows us to do and learn so many things so easily, and for modern medicines and immunizations, and for modern dental equipment, especially for braces, they sure make smiles a lot nicer to look at :)
  6. My double stroller and my legs so that I can go on walks with the kids everyday
  7. Sunshine, when we get it
  8. Gina who introduced me to cake decorating and all others who so lovingly share their talents
  9. Beautiful music and drawings, especially of or about Jesus
  10. The guy at the post office this morning who so kindly calmed down and played with my tired, noisy, and cranky children while I tried to get a couple of packages ready and sent off (I always get so flustered when the kids get loud and whiny in public so it was a relief to have this kind, old gentleman there helping me out).
Here is a great quote from the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley on gratitude, he says, "I doubt there is anything in which we more offend the Almighty than in our tendency to forget His mercies and to be ungrateful for that which He has given us......We should walk with the knowledge that we will need help every step of the way" Pretty powerful statement. And for those of you who haven't read his book Standing for Something , I highly recommend that you do. Peace out!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Who leaves a cup of red koolaid unattended at a playground?! C'mon, who does that?

Today was another beautiful sunny day so of course we walked to a couple of parks that are near by. We bring some little bouncy balls and the kids love to chase them around and they enjoy playing on the swings and slides. Elisabeth and Charles don't always play together so for about half of the time I'm anxiously screening the park making sure that they are both in view. Elisabeth and I climbed up a wall and when we got to the top, just before we went down the slide, I glanced around looking for Charlie and spotted him about 20 feet away. He was walking towards something and had a huge smile on his face, so I quickly followed his gaze and called out to him, "Charlie, no!" But it was too late. He reached up and grabbed a full cup of red koolaid that someone so kindly left behind (perhaps they thought someone else would be thirsty and wanting it, I don't know, but no one was in sight of claiming it), and he poured it all down the front of himself, from head to toe! It soaked through his 2 layers of clothing and tinted his skin pink, even after I scrubbed it with several baby wipes. Nice! :) I know that the koolaid mystery person isn't the only one to blame, I am to blame as well, normally first thing I do after I've unloaded the kids from the stroller is to walk around and pick up the litter people have left behind because I know that it will probably end up in Charlie's mouth: cigarette butts, straws, and apple cores are all things that he's chewed on. Nasty! I suppose I just wasn't thinking clearly this morning.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Do your kids ever do this?

Do your kids ever go around and around the house making a loop (they go through the hallway and into the all connects like a big circle) while pushing along some sort of toy on wheels? Because my kids do it all the time, they could do it for hours!

Though they do pause occasionally for a water/milk break.

Thursdays with Angelo

Every Thursday morning we get to have Elisabeth and Charlie's cousin, Angelo, over for a few hours. The kids enjoy having another playmate to do things with. This past Thursday was beautiful outside so we went to the park. You might observe the children in their winter coats and wonder how I could say that the weather was beautiful, but when I say that the weather was beautiful what I really mean was that the sun was out which is good enough for us here in Seattle!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sibling crib time

Most mornings when Elisabeth wakes up which is usually about 630am, she gets out of bed and climbs into the crib with Charlie. They laugh and play in there until Mommy or Daddy wakes up from all the racket; the crib banging against our shared wall is what causes the most noise :).

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Jane Austen Birthday :)

Yes, it's my birthday today and I got 3 of Jane Austen's books and the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice DVD ( I already own 2 other versions of that movie, how many do they have?). So it felt like a themed Jane Austen birthday party :). I turned 24, which you might be able to figure out if you could count all the candles on the maple bar that my cute husband got for me :). I told him that I absolutely did not want a cake because I made one last week for our combined family birthday celebration that we had in honor of the April birthday's which included myself, my sister Becca and her husband Paul. And then with Easter and all the candy that came with that I just didn't feel up to having another big dessert in the house. Here's a picture of the cake we had for the family celebration:

Notice all the roses on the cake. Ever since I was a child I loved having roses on my piece of cake, and I still do, though now I have a couple of 9 and 10 year old nieces and of course Elisabeth, who also want the rose on their piece, so I just decided to put enough on the cake for everyone in order to avoid a fight :).

Today was a very pleasant day. I got to spend lots of time with friends and family. I went on a long walk this morning with my girlfriend Traci and the kiddos, it was wonderful! I love going on walks! My little sister Becca and her daughter Bella(that's them in the picture just below) stopped by and brought some lunch from Mongolian Grill, one of my favorite places to eat! For dinner Scott got us a yummy calzone, can you tell that I have a love of food :)?

Thanks to all who gave so much, Scott, my parents, family, friends, all who called,'re all so sweet. I know it's hard to remember birth dates, especially when it's not in your own immediate family, so props to you all :). Alright well I'm off to cuddle with my husband on the couch while we start my new Pride and Prejudice movie! Peace out!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Strawberry freezer jam

Today some friends and I got together and made some strawberry freezer jam, I probably wouldn't ever do this on my own but I'm always up for another chance to hang out with my girlfriends so of course I tagged along and we had a really great time. Charlie was crazy though and absolutely would not allow me to put him down, so the girls helped me out with my jam, thanks girls!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New "M Van" or so my Valiant 11 boys from church like to call it

Well we finally traded in our old 1992 Toyota camry that had no back right handle, an oil leak, a license plate being held up with 2 neon pink and green nylon cable ties that each stick out about a foot, 212,000 miles and many many other things going wrong...we got $300 for it and were able to put that whopping large sum into our new 8 passenger CE toyota sienna. Whenever we're headed out to the van Elisabeth says, "I have my own door!" Which is very true, since the last car had no handle on her door she always had to crawl in from Charlie's door and climb up into her seat.

Charlie's 15 month checkup and a nervous watcher

Yesterday Char had his 15 month check up with our new Pediatrician. She (the Dr.) was great and is so good with the kids. Char got 5 shots which was awful, one in the arm and the other 4 in his legs. Elisabeth was there with me watching and you could tell she was very nervous, she kept asking, "mommy, why is Charlie crying?" And then she'd say to him, "it's okay Charlie, you're okay." Charlie's report card reads as follows: He weighs 21 lbs. which is the 10%, is 32 inches long which is the 75%, and his head circumference was in the 90% ( The nurses hand writing isn't very legible so I can't make out the exact numbers on that one). I had to make an appointment for his next visit and Elisabeth is scheduled to have one at the same time because she'll be turning three; it's so much nicer having them only once a year now. Anyways, so I told Elisabeth that in a couple of months, just after her birthday she was going to need to see the doctor too. Her eyes filled up with tears and she said, "mommy, I don't want to get shots." I told her that I'm pretty sure that she didn't have to get them at this visit and then explained to her that they'd probably be measuring her height and weight and would probably need to check her heart. Then she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and held it down tight and said, "she can't take off my shirt." We went through several little disputations in this way until finally we agreed that the Doctor would be nice and is only wanting to make sure that she feels well and that she'd probably be able to pick out a princess sticker when her appointment was through. :)

Monday, April 9, 2007


The kids were able to participate in a couple of Easter egg hunts this week. We did one with some friends and another with their cousins. Elisabeth got lots of eggs in her basket, Charlie on the other hand preferred choosing one egg to carry around and shake. The picture below is my niece Lani and my nephew Andre, aren't they cute?

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Getting to know us-first post

Well, I guess blog spot is the cool thing to do these days, especially for "ex-Wymounters" :) and so we thought we'd give this a shot, though we also send out pictures monthly through Picassa and we don't intend on this being a replacement, so if you start to feel overwhelmed with our blogs and pictures then send me an email and I'll take you off our friend list :), j/k! I guess we'll start with updates for those of you who may not receive our monthly pictures and don't know what's going on with our family.

Scott and I graduated with our Bachelor's of Science a year ago from December and then moved out to Bothell Washington. We had Charlie here last January and then Scott got a job with a civil engineering firm later that month and so now our family of 4 lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in Bellevue Washington. Scott is finishing up his masters degree in civil engineering at University of Washington, he'll graduate this June!!! After his graduation we're not really sure where we're going to go, but we don't think we'll be able to stay here because the average home price is $500,00 which is way too much for us! In fact just to over emphasize the crazy housing costs here I thought you might be interested to know that our neighbors just sold their 2 bedroom 900 square foot old and very worn outlooking home for about $410,000! Long story short, we're going to try and transfer within Scott's company to another location. Scott is doing well in school and at work and he still manages to spend lots of time with us, fulfill his church calling, and play with friends, in fact right now he is out playing golf with some guys from church :). I am having fun chasing the kids around, watching them grow, listening to the funny and oh so cute things that they say. I've been reading Stephenie Meyer's books, Twilight and New Moon, I've read them several times, Scott thinks I'm a little obsessed :), I also love to take the kids for walks in our double stroller, go to play group and talk with other moms and I enjoy decorating cakes every now and then :), here's a picture of a wedding cake I did this January.

Elisabeth will be three years old on June 29th! It's amazing how fast the time flies! She knows all of her alphabet letters and sounds, colors, shapes, she loves to sing and dance and help Mommy and Daddy with whatever we're working on. Just so you can get an idea of how much she likes to sing, she has about 30 songs memorized and all throughout the day will sing songs to whatever she's doing :)! Here's a story about Elisabeth for your enjoyment: A couple of weeks ago after we finished reading the scriptures I gave a more animated summary of what just happened to help her understand a little better. So I told her that Nephi got the golden plates, the scriptures and brought them back to his Daddy, Lehi, and that made him so happy! Elisabeth likes to give a little recap and so she then says, "Yeah, Nephi went, and he got the plates....and the napkins!!!" A most recent accomplishment for Elisabeth was her breaking her thumb sucking habit. She had a couple of hard days but overall she did great, we're hoping she won't have any relapses.

Charles is 15 months and walks (more like runs) everywhere and gets into everything...typical one year old behavior I suppose. He's talking quite a bit, he can say probably 20-30 words now and forms some phrases like, 'I wanna go down' though it sounds more like 'on go don', and 'hold you'. He also likes to dance sometimes but mostly he likes to be with other people, cuddling, playing, wrestling, anything really that he gets to do with others he enjoys. He also LOVES to eat food. He'll eat just about anything too. Ever since he finished nursing our grocery bill seems to be rising, I can't imagine what it will be like once they're teenagers :). Both kids LOVE to be outside running around and luckily we have several parks in walking distance so that they can do that almost daily. Life is going pretty good, especially now that Spring has arrived and the sun shines at least a few times a week :).