Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BYU Bookstore

Last week Gina and I went to see an old friend of ours from Wymount, Elodia, who was doing a book signing for The Icing on the Cake, a cute LDS romantic comedy. It was fun to go back to campus and look around in the bookstore ( I just love doing that) and eat in the cougar eat (Tomasito's is so yummy!). Moving from WA to Utah has made me realize how much I love having lots of different LDS bookstores close by to browse, and also, yesterday I rented 2 LDS movies(Beauty and the Beast an LDS tale and Anxiously Engaged) from Blockbuster...normally I just had to buy them from Deseret Book or online if I wanted to see them, so it's nice to be able to rent them to see if you even like the movie before you buy it, because some of those LDS movies are pretty....interesting.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Backyard play

I LOVE watching Char go down the slide because he always looks like this! He goes super fast and just LOVES it!

Scott playing Bocce ball with his Dad

Thursday, August 23, 2007

No more B6 and Unisom for this pregnancy!!!

A couple of nights ago Scott and I stayed up until 11pm watching The Ultimate Gift(great movie by the way)! Now, you might think it's strange that I'm excited about that but just know that I usually have to be in bed between 9-10pm because otherwise I start throwing up. So anyways back to my story, Scott asked me how I was feeling and I told him I felt great! So I decided not to take my B6 and Unisom meds that night and see how it went the next day, and it went great again! So I haven't taken it in a couple of days now and I don't feel any nausea so that must mean that I'm done with my sick months!!! Hooray! For both of my other pregnancy's I stopped feeling sick around 14 weeks so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since I hit my 14 week mark on Tuesday. So anyways, I'm just so thrilled to feel normal again. Oh and on another pregnancy subject, we had an ultrasound last week and the baby looks great and is super, super active, no wonder I felt so nauseated all the time, it flips around and does all sorts of weird dramatic movements every second! Also we have our other gender ultrasound scheduled for less than a month! We are going to find out the gender so that we can get the babies room unpacked and set up before it arrives, unless of course I change my mind while we're at the ultrasound :), which could very likely happen.

Ocean Shores family reunion August 3, 2007

A few weeks ago both of my brothers and their families flew into WA for a visit. It was nice to have a little family reunion before we moved to Utah. One of our big events during their stay was driving out to Ocean Shores in WA (it's about a 2.5 hour car ride). We had awesome weather, it was probably 70 degrees and sunny which is fantastic for that Ocean! We rented a bike that seats four (with only two people peddling), the kids played in the cold ocean and muddy sand, and Scott bought a kite and he and the nieces and nephews flew that around for awhile...I tried to fly it but I couldn't get it to stay up in the air for more than about 3 seconds before it would gracefully do a crash landing, flying kites with 2 strings is difficult, at least for me, but it was fun. My only regret is not going horseback riding, unfortunately it seems like whenever we do a little family reunion at this particular spot, where horseback riding on the ocean looks so tempting, I'm pregnant and so technically I'm not supposed to ride, better luck next time :). The top picture was taken during the road trip. Shaun Garnica is sitting in the middle next to his Dad, Fred, and Charles.

Fred(brother), Robin(fred's wife), Shaun and Elisabeth riding the bike:
Luis(brother), Lani (niece) and Char biking
Becca(sister), Bella(Bec's daughter), Lani and Char playing in the muddy sand
Scott flying his kite
Lani, Rainier and Leia playing in the cold ocean
Elisabeth and Angelo(nephew) running away from the waves

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Jobs I've held:
1. hostess at Canyons Restaurant
2. babysitting
3. daycare worker/teacher
4. Joseph Smith Building copy center worker
5. different temp jobs, my favorite and most exciting was probably counting cars :s
6. Homemaker/Mommy!

Places to go for a weekend getaway:
1. Zions national park
2. temple square area
3. ? Since we've just moved from WA, I'm not too familiar with all of Utah and surroundings yet, so that's all I've got

Movies I can watch over and over:
1. Pride and Prejudice
2. Cheaper by the Dozen
3. The Testaments

4. Naughty Marietta(old black and white film w/lots of singing)

Guilty Pleasures
1. listening to EFY cd's
2. watching Smallville
3. eating Cold Stone's cake batter icecream with yellow cake, mix in
4. watching cheesy sweet romance movies/ and reading books of the same nature(I like to read Stephenie Meyer's books over and over and over :)...I know I'm crazy)

Places I've Lived:

1. Washington

2. Utah

What were likely the first things you thought of when you saw your significant other for the first time?
1. "He's a pretty good soccer player"
2. "Since he works at Little Caesar's, I wonder if he'd bring us (roomies and I) a free pizza?"
3. "a little quiet but seems really sweet"

Places I've been on vacation: (significant ones for me)
1. Italy
2. England
3. Hawaii
4. Ireland
5. Mexico
6. Forks and La Push, WA :)!!!

Favorite foods:
1. chicken enchiladas with rice and beans and guacamole
2. chicken tostada
3. lasagna
4. most Italian and Mexican dishes that are either vegetarian or have chicken/turkey (not a fan of other meats)

If in a "jam" with your spouse, what tactics do you use to get out of the "doghouse"?
1. I usually just try and find out what's wrong and fix it, so I guess talking
2. lot's of lovin' :)

Websites I visit (ALMOST daily):
1. Gmail
2. Blogs

Best First Kisses Landmarks:
1. Bella and Edward in the forest :), no i'm just kidding, um the first time Scott and I kissed was after a date, we were sitting on the couch in a room that was lit by christmas lights, very sweet, he's wonderful!

Places I'd rather be right now:
1. in bed, i'm on my way as soon as I finish this
2. in bed
3. in bed

Who sent this to me? Lemira

Now I get to pick three other blog buddies to "survey":
2. Robin
3. Monique

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Utah and Eclipse

Well, we're here in Utah, we arrived yesterday and got everything moved out of the Uhaul and into the house. Scott drove the Uhaul down with his dad in one day and his mom rode with me and the kids in the minivan and we made it a two day trip. The kids did great, mostly because Angela (my mom in law) brought her laptop to play movies on :). The kids watched Cars, Curious George, Cinderella and a couple of the Leap Frog learning movies ! Lots and lots of movie time, normally that's something I would never allow, so this was a pretty big stretch for me, but I think I handled it well :). We've got a lot of unpacking and organizing to do so we'll be very busy this week.

We got to attend our ward today and meet lots of friendly people, a family even brought cookies over tonight, does that happen anywhere else besides Utah :) ? Gina's family invited us all over for dinner tonight, bless her heart, it was yummy and very much needed; most of our kitchen stuff is still in boxes.

On a different note, I bought and read Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse last week just before we moved and it was fabulous! Though I am a little angry with a couple of characters in the book :), I know they're fake but they seem so real. Also my brother's came to visit last week from New York and South Dakota so I'll be posting a blog about our time together once I locate our camera. Alright, well it's 10pm here and that means it's past my bed time. G'night!