Friday, February 27, 2009


Here are a couple more videos:

Annabelle demonstrating her special, 'dress crawl' and dancing to the music from our keyboard:

Elisabeth, signing and singing, the signing time ABC song:(this one is a few minutes long)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fiddler on the Roof and HSM3

This week I rented Fiddler on the Roof, and High School Musical 3, from the library. Scott and I watched, Fiddler on the Roof, Tuesday evening; it was my first time ever seeing the musical. I really liked it, though I wish they had a Fiddler on the Roof Part 2 so that we could find out what happens to everyone in the family; so, for now, I'll create my own happy ending.

I really enjoyed Tevye's character. Topol(the actor) played him very well. One of my favorite things about him was the cool/funny dance he did several times throughout the movie.

There were a couple of fun songs: Traditions, and Match Maker(which I had no idea came from this movie, but I remembered hearing it on Mrs. Doubtfire).

Here are a couple of my favorite lines from the movie:
Perchik(a 'teacher' in his early twenties who, at the moment, was teaching a couple of young girls from the bible)says, "So you see children, the bible clearly teaches us, you can never trust an employer. That is the lesson of the story of Jacob(and Leah and Rachel), if you interpret it correctly."

Tevye(the sweet, old, funny father) shouts to his wife and children, "You don't want me to get angry, because when I get angry, even the flies don't dare to fly!"

and Tevye's wife, is talking to her son-in-law in front of several others and says, "Well, Motel(that's his name), I never thought you'd amount to anything. But look at you. A baby, and a sewing machine! You're a person!" I love the implication that he wasn't a person before :)

So anyways, even though the story is a bit sad, I really enjoyed it. Oh, but High School Musical 3 was terrible! I was confused several times, and Gabriella(and many of the other female actors) wore the shortest little skirts throughout the entire movie, I was afraid we'd see her bum! The first one was by far the best...I should have just stopped there. Oh well...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I should have knocked on wood

Yesterday I was talking to Robin(my sister-in-law) on the phone, and telling her how wonderful we were all doing because we were all healthy and well...which doesn't happen very often in this household; someone's, at the very least, got a runny nose. So anyways, I got off the phone with her and we sat down to dinner, and we'd been eating for probably five minutes, when Charles threw up all over himself and his high chair. The good news is that it happened on the tile floor and in a high chair, which made cleaning up pretty quick and easy.

I should have guessed something was wrong, because about half hour before my phone conversation, Charles had fallen asleep, in the kitchen, on the tile floor, right near the oven where I was fixing dinner. And he never falls asleep in the middle of the day anymore, especially curled up in a ball, laying on his face and knees, on the hard tile floor(I took several pictures but my wretched computer wouldn't transfer any! Blast!). It was odd because he didn't have an elevated temperature, and besides his sudden tiredness, he'd been acting his normal, playful self all day. I should have knocked on wood. And the story gets better; at 2am Elisabeth wakes us up because she's also just thrown up in her bed,(well in her words, "I didn't throw up in my bed, I leaned over and threw up on the floor, next to my bed." which in her mind, made it all better :), she's a cute girl). Scott and I cleaned up the mess, gave her a large bowl, and sent her back to bed. Around 3am she came upstairs again and gave me her bowl that she'd just thrown up in; this is definitely a positive about having a big kid: they can actually follow orders and throw up in the bowl.

So for each child I counted 8 hours since the time they last threw up and didn't give them food until they could get through that 8 hours without vomiting again and then we started on bland foods and ate those throughout the day. So far, Annabelle hasn't shown any signs of sickness, but there was one time when Charlie tossed his cup on the kitchen tile floor(he was his normal self after just a few hours...weird 6 hour bug or something) and Annabelle quickly crawled over to it and drank a bit; so if she wakes up vomiting tonight, I'll know exactly when that bug was passed.

I'm glad that the bug passed through them quickly. In fact, the kids have been their normal selves for the majority of the day: we played outside, went to the store, the big kids fought, you know, typical every day stuff. I'm hoping that the worst is over and that we can all be healthy once again.

P.S. I'm writing this note here, days after we've published this post. We ended up using Scott's work lap top to transfer our pictures and then we saved them to our USB drive and uploaded them it's a problem with our computer. Here are the pictures of Char sleeping on the kitchen floor

Monday, February 23, 2009

Vanilla Syrup

Our vanilla syrup ran out a week or two ago(the one I made for Scott's birthday), so we made another batch this weekend and we love it so much that I thought I'd share the recipe.

Vanilla Syrup(from Karen Nelson):
1c butter
1c whipping cream
1c sugar
2 tsp vanilla

Mix together in saucepan and bring to a boil. Let simmer ten minutes.

We used it on our german pancakes Sunday morning and this is what was left over; I included this picture so that you could see about how much this recipes makes.

Oh, and speaking of Scott's birthday, here is a picture of the craft the kids and I made for him. I traced all three kids hands, cut them out, wrote down their names and ages, and then glued them to the ends of a long accordion piece of construction paper that says, "we love you this much". I did this with Elisabeth probably 4 years ago as a Valentine's day gift...we got the idea from Gina and the Friend magazine.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grandpa Smith

Grandpa Smith had to make a business trip out to Iowa this past week, and Krissy, his youngest daughter at BYU, wanted one of the cars in NC, so he drove it to Iowa, and then drove it out the rest of the way for her this weekend! What a kind, loving father.

We were so excited to have Grandpa Smith here, but we wished he could've stayed longer. He arrived Saturday around 330pm and had to catch a flight early the following morning. The big kids were all over him, literally, so maybe one day was good because it was probably about all old Gramps could handle :). Just kidding, Grandpa Smith, we know you're still strong and full of energy. Thanks for staying with us, we sure love you!

Sorry about this picture, Grandpa Smith. It looks like he's mad, but he really wasn't, they were all having a great time. I think I took this picture right after I told Grandpa that I needed to take ten of the same pose because of the problem we're having with our computer Kodak program and our camera. And this was the only one of ten that transferred to my least we have this one.

A frightened Charlie

This is a video I took over a month ago, but since we didn't have internet then, I'm just now getting to it; I may load more old videos over the next couple of months if I can find the time.

So here's the details of this video: Scott watched the movie Home Alone with Elisabeth and was their first time seeing this movie(Looking back, I realized Scott and I should have watched it again first because last time we'd seen it was years ago, and we didn't remember the inappropriate parts). Anyways, throughout the movie I was in and out doing things, but near the end of the movie I came down to stay for awhile because the kids were laughing SO hard! But the funny thing is that Charlie didn't have a happy face on when he laughed, he looked more like he was in pain and was on the verge of bursting into tears. So, of course, I grabbed our video camera and filmed a little of it. I wish I had gotten it out earlier because Charlie's facial expressions were hilarious! This is just one short clip(about 25seconds) of Charlie's reaction to the tarantula on one of the bad guys. Notice how tense he is :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Annabelle is 1 year!!

Monday, February 16th, Annabelle had her first birthday! We didn't celebrate until this evening, two days later, because yesterday I taught a cake decorating class at church and used her birthday cake as my demonstration cake(even though it was terribly lopsided...oh well). I made two baby block cakes. One of them has her initials on them: Annabelle Rojean SmithWe put her own little block cake in front of her to dig into, but she did not like that. I took a bunch of hilarious pictures of her making the funniest faces because she didn't like the feel of the frosting on her hands, but my computer and my camera are having a fight and won't cooperate most of the pictures won't transfer. Anyways, like I said, she didn't like the feel of the frosting on her hands and so refused to try the cake, but I knew she loved cake because she's had it before. So, I tried smooshing some cake in her mouth but she just got mad. I figured out that she didn't like to have her hands and her tray messy, so we cleaned both of those up and then I spoon fed her the cake which she liked much better.

Before the cake, we made a few of her favorite food items and ate dinner: hot dogs, macaroni, and steamed vegetables.
After cake, she opened her gifts from us and grandparents and then we gave her a bath with a couple of her new bath toys(thanks Granny and Grandpa!). She LOVES baths and as soon as she heard the water running in the tub she got so excited she was kicking her legs and waving her arms.

Ten Things About Our One Year Old:
1. She can say several words: Mama, Dada and Daddy, 'key-coo'-meaning Thank You, uh-oh, Hi, This(and she'll point at what she wants), cheese, juice, and 'Eeeee'-meaning Eat.
2. She has 7 teeth, four on top, three on bottom
3. She took her first steps on her birthday! How often does that happen?
4. She nurses usually 3-4 times a day; first thing in the morning and then before she goes down for naps and for the night
5. She loves to dance. We have a little keyboard that we keep on the floor and the big kids turn it on for her and she'll crawl over, get on top of it and dance, ie. wiggle her bum and rock back and forth.
6. She will eat just about anything, and we've given her pretty much everything(except we still haven't given her nuts or honey...but she LOVES popcorn and hotdogs which I've just learned are still 'no-no's.)
7. She's a fantastic sleeper! Usually we'll go into her room, sit on her rocker and I'll nurse her for a few minutes and then lay her on her back and pull her favorite blanket on her and she'll go right to sleep. She takes 1-2 naps a day depending on how busy our schedule is. We put her down about 730pm and she's up around 7am.
8. She loves bathrooms! She loves taking baths and she loves playing in bathrooms. If she hears the bathwater running, she'll quickly crawl over from wherever she's at, stand next to the tub and try and climb in.
9. She loves her daddy. We have pictures of him up around the house and whenever she spots one she'll exclaim, "Daddy! Daddy!"
10. She loves to explore and pull everything out of cupboards, shelves, purses, etc.

Annabelle's stats:
Weight: 17lbs. 7oz. (4%...which is an improvement from last check's 2%)
Height: 29.33in. (59%)

Charles had his three year well check at the same time as Annabelle's, so here are his stats:
Weight: 30.42lbs. (32%)
Height: 37.6 in. (47%)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We don't have a lot of Valentine's Day traditions, but the three we do have we take very seriously.

1. Mom makes a giant heart treat for each member of the family age 2+. Growing up my mom always made us giant rice krispie treats, which I did the past several years with our family. But the kids don't love rice krispie treats so a lot of times they would end up stale and need to go to the garbage. This year I decided to make giant heart sugar cookies with their names on them. I made extra's this year and brought one to each of the three sweet ladies I visit teach. And Maren came over and decorated one for her hubby. (Maren, you did a fantastic job decorating!). And as a side note, we all shared a little with Annabelle but I knew that if I made her a giant one I'd most likely end up eating the majority of it because she's so little and I don't want her to have that much... so I thought I'd better not. That's why we have the 2+ age rule on this tradition.
2. Mommy writes love letters to each member of the family and Daddy writes one to Mommy. I LOVE this. This is my favorite thing about Valentine's Day. It would be great if we could all write love letters throughout the year, but often times we get busy doing other things and forget. So I'm very grateful to have this special day set apart so that I can express my love to each member of my family; and it's nice to get a love letter from Scott too(generally two weeks leading up to Valentine's Day I'll give him gentle, subtle reminders. Last week I said something like, "Now honey, don't forget that I need a love letter on Valentine's Day and if I don't get one I'm sure it'll be a terrible day"...pretty subtle huh? :)).

I heard about this idea in a class I took at BYU probably 4 years ago. One of my classmates told us that her father had written her love letters every year since she was a baby and kept copies of them so that when she turned 18, he compiled them all together in a notebook and gave them to her as a gift, which she cherishes. I decided that day that I would do the same thing for my children and husband. Here is a picture of all of our love notes over the past several years.

3. Scott and I switch off each year planning Valentine's Day. Basically whoever is in charge figures out meals for breakfast and dinner and will plan something else out of the ordinary; ie a date(that should be ordinary shouldn't it, but it's hard w/three little ones and no family around), massage, heart attack(where you cut out lots of hearts from construction paper and write sweet messages on them and place them in a fun location for your spouse to see), etc.

Scott was in charge this year. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast in a cute heart shaped pan(the cinnamon rolls were the kind you buy in a can and bake at home; so yummy!), we ate papa murphy's heart shaped pizza for dinner, and I'm going to get a back massage this evening! Wahoo!! Yesterday when I delivered one of the heart shaped cookies to Colleen, she said that a couple of her grandkids were coming over today to play and asked if Charles and Elisabeth could come over too for a few hours! So Scott and I dropped them off around 230pm and then we went to the dollar theater with Annabelle and watched Twilight(this was my second time and Scott's first...and he liked it, though he may not admit that to just anyone). Annabelle did great the first half, she mostly nursed. The second half I stood up in the back and watched the movie while she crawled around the nasty floors and played with the light fixtures. I'm a terrible mom huh? Oh well, at least she was content and I could still watch :). Colleen gave each of the kids a Valentine's treat in a cute little valentine's box, and she also gave them each a new book that she had gift wrapped! Colleen has a train set and a doll house so both my kids were in heaven! When we got home they asked if they could go back again tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Charles holding his new book and candy box

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Events from the week

Sunday, Daddy gave Charlie a hair cut and then I gave Daddy a hair cut. Daddy did a pretty good job with Charles considering it was either his first or second time; I only needed to go over a couple of missed spots. Once we finished, I decided that this is probably not the best Sunday activity. Since church doesn't start until one and we wake up at 7am, we thought we'd give them each a trim before. Well, it took way too much time which means we didn't get to have our normal free morning, and even though they both took showers after, Scott was a little itchy and we found bits of hair throughout the day on his Church clothes.

Monday we had spaghetti for dinner and cookies for dessert. Whenever I pull out the cookie jar Annabelle starts kicking her feet and waving her arms, even though she had never tried one before. So I decided to let her have one. She really liked it, which is only to be expected since she is my daughter.
Tuesday afternoon our big kids were out playing; throwing an assortment of objects at the branches of a tree in our front yard. I was inside with Annabelle and couldn't see everything they were throwing, but I did see a cup from our kitchen and another time a stick. A couple minutes later Charles came in crying. He had a very fat lip. Apparently Elisabeth was throwing a rock the size of a golf ball and it came down on his upper lip. Ouch! So we put ice on it until he couldn't stand that any longer(which was maybe one minute) and then we gave him a popsicle to help keep it cold for a little while longer. His lip was really fat for the rest of the day but by the next morning you could barely tell he'd been injured at all. Amazing!
Tuesday we also made some cheesy pretzels. They were more like cheesy bread sticks, but still really yummy. We saved most of them to eat with our left over spaghetti that evening. Here's the recipe:
2c flour
1/4c grated cheddar cheese
2Tbsp butter, diced
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 c milk (I used more, maybe 2/3c)
1 egg, lightly beaten
Toppings: coarse sea salt, sesame seeds, extra grated cheese (I just sprinkled on a little salt and grated cheese)
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Mix together first 6 ingredients with your hand. Add milk to form dough. Knead and roll dough about 10 times. Roll out dough to a rectangle measuring about 10x7 inches. Cut the dough lengthwise into strips, each about 1/2 inch wide. Pinch edges and twist each strop into a pretzel shape. Place on greased baking sheet, brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with toppings. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.

This would be a fun activity for you to do with your kids because they can help you mix the dough and twist the pretzels.

Today, Thursday morning, I got up and put my exercise clothes on, as usual, except I didn't put my tennis shoes on yet but rather, carried them out to the kitchen where several children were hungry and waiting for their breakfast. The night before I had taken out several Rhodes Rolls to thaw so that I could make scones for breakfast. I let the oil heat up in a frying pan and then gently placed a piece of dough in the middle. I quickly drew my hands back because oil started to jump out. I cooked that one and gave it to Scott and then I took another piece of dough, and this time dropped it in thinking it would keep my hands from getting oil splashed on them. That was a mistake. They didn't get my hands but more oil splashed out and a little landed on my sock, and seeped through to my foot in a couple of different spots. I quickly removed my sock and splashed some cold water on it, and then got back to helping the kids. The burn got a little bigger and started turning white in the middle. I ignored it for awhile and continued with our morning routine. I wore flip flops on the elliptical machine(for maybe ten minutes today because the strap near my burn was irritating the skin close to it) because it hurt to have a sock on. Then I called Mom and told her about it and she suggested that I soak my foot in water for a longer period of time and then to put some aloe on it, which I did. Though soaking your foot in a basin of water is harder to do than one might think when you have an almost one year old. I ended up taking off Annabelle's shirt and socks so that she could splash around a little more freely. I think it's looking a little better now, and it doesn't hurt unless I put something on it, so probably I'll go barefoot over the next couple of days and hope that I don't need to go out and run any emergency errands because it's snowing outside and I don't like wearing flip flops in the snow.
Here is a picture of Annabelle 'reading' a book this morning(Thursday). And I also took several pictures of Elisabeth reading to Charles on the couch but none of them showed up on my computer! I'm a little upset with our camera, it's been doing this a lot lately, which is why I know to take several pictures in the first place, but even then, sometimes I won't get any that transfer over. Grrr!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pictures from this weekend

Most mornings we eat cereal for breakfast, but Saturday and Sunday morning we make something a little more fun, usually pancakes, german pancakes, or waffles. One of our(Scott and I) favorite things to make recently are german pancakes with lots of different toppings. Yesterday on our german pancakes we had:
whipped cream
vanilla syrup

They were heavenly! Charles likes all the toppings too but Elisabeth just likes to have powdered sugar and our usual sugar free syrup.

Later that afternoon the Wilcoxes watched our kids and Scott and I went shopping. There was a 2 day sale at a Shade clothing store near by so we checked it out and I'm glad I did! I got two dresses(normally $48.50 but I got them each for $7!), and a shirt(normally $28.50 also on sale for $7). I was so excited to get a couple new items, especially dresses, I only have one other dress and the material on that one snags really easy so it'll be nice to have another. And they're so comfortable, I could wear them all day everyday! But they're all black so I probably won't, I need a little color sometimes :).
The reason for our shopping trip was that Scott needed new church shoes and had some birthday money(thanks Mom and Dad!) to spend. While I tried on clothes, which took probably an hour because I'm terribly indecisive, he walked over to a couple of different stores nearby and found a really nice pair of shoes. So we were both successful! Thanks Wilcoxes for watching our kids, and sorry Annabelle was fussy, she's been very clingy to mommy and daddy lately. But we still really appreciated it.

And here are a couple pictures of the girls. Annabelle loves to flash her cheesy smile.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Draper temple open house

Friday afternoon, Scott, the kids and I had tickets to go through the new Draper temple. We met at a church nearby at 1:20 at which time we waited for quite some time to watch a movie, and then we waited again for awhile so that we could wait to get on the bus--there was a lot of waiting time compared to our no wait Idaho Falls temple tour. The kids loved riding the bus and they loved seeing the beautiful baptismal font inside the temple. Annabelle was a little tired and cranky and cried for at least half of the tour. But overall we had a nice time. The chandelier in the celestial room was big and so beautiful! The light reflecting on the crystal(i'm not sure exactly what it was, but I think it's crystal) made it look like the lights were rainbow colored. Oh and sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the temple because it was pretty windy and cold and so they had these long tent/hallways set up that you walked into right from your bus that led to the temple, so we couldn't get a good shot. But here we are walking through the tent :).
On the bus

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dangerous, adventurous child

Annabelle has learned how to climb up and out of her high chair, even with her buckle on, so we're trying to figure out what to do about that. She hasn't fallen yet and now that we know we'll be sure to keep a close eye on her when she's in there.
Yay! I climbed onto the table from my high chair, all by myself!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Internet again!

Last weekend we signed up to have internet in the home again and it started working today!!! Needless to say, I have A LOT of blog reading to catch up on! We did a bundle package with a home phone which I'll need to email out to people soon because we'll most likely be canceling our cell phones next month once our contracts are up. Anyways...

Not having the internet in our home really wasn't too bad. I felt like I used my time more wisely, and when the kids slept I no longer would just sit and read and write blogs or search other unnecessary things. Since I've realized how to more effectively use my time, I've decided to make a change. I'll no longer read ALL the blogs of EVERYONE I've ever met, but rather close friends and family and then perhaps skim some others. Also, I will check my email in the morning but then I won't get on again until the evening after the kids are in bed. I used to use their nap time as internet time too but I've decided that I don't want to do that, instead I'm going to use that time to write(not blogs), read, clean etc. I'm quite determined so I hope that this all goes well. But of course, we won't count today since it's our first day back with having the internet, and it's just all too exciting...