Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grandpa Smith

Grandpa Smith had to make a business trip out to Iowa this past week, and Krissy, his youngest daughter at BYU, wanted one of the cars in NC, so he drove it to Iowa, and then drove it out the rest of the way for her this weekend! What a kind, loving father.

We were so excited to have Grandpa Smith here, but we wished he could've stayed longer. He arrived Saturday around 330pm and had to catch a flight early the following morning. The big kids were all over him, literally, so maybe one day was good because it was probably about all old Gramps could handle :). Just kidding, Grandpa Smith, we know you're still strong and full of energy. Thanks for staying with us, we sure love you!

Sorry about this picture, Grandpa Smith. It looks like he's mad, but he really wasn't, they were all having a great time. I think I took this picture right after I told Grandpa that I needed to take ten of the same pose because of the problem we're having with our computer Kodak program and our camera. And this was the only one of ten that transferred to my least we have this one.


kelley said...

I am constantly in awe at how happy the grandkids make Grampy Smith (and Grandma too). He has so much fun with your wonderful family!

berrymom said...

Grandpas are the best!