Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pictures from this weekend

Most mornings we eat cereal for breakfast, but Saturday and Sunday morning we make something a little more fun, usually pancakes, german pancakes, or waffles. One of our(Scott and I) favorite things to make recently are german pancakes with lots of different toppings. Yesterday on our german pancakes we had:
whipped cream
vanilla syrup

They were heavenly! Charles likes all the toppings too but Elisabeth just likes to have powdered sugar and our usual sugar free syrup.

Later that afternoon the Wilcoxes watched our kids and Scott and I went shopping. There was a 2 day sale at a Shade clothing store near by so we checked it out and I'm glad I did! I got two dresses(normally $48.50 but I got them each for $7!), and a shirt(normally $28.50 also on sale for $7). I was so excited to get a couple new items, especially dresses, I only have one other dress and the material on that one snags really easy so it'll be nice to have another. And they're so comfortable, I could wear them all day everyday! But they're all black so I probably won't, I need a little color sometimes :).
The reason for our shopping trip was that Scott needed new church shoes and had some birthday money(thanks Mom and Dad!) to spend. While I tried on clothes, which took probably an hour because I'm terribly indecisive, he walked over to a couple of different stores nearby and found a really nice pair of shoes. So we were both successful! Thanks Wilcoxes for watching our kids, and sorry Annabelle was fussy, she's been very clingy to mommy and daddy lately. But we still really appreciated it.

And here are a couple pictures of the girls. Annabelle loves to flash her cheesy smile.

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rachael said...

yeah!! Shopping is always so much fun! the dress is so cute ! i really need to go there!