Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Annabelle is 1 year!!

Monday, February 16th, Annabelle had her first birthday! We didn't celebrate until this evening, two days later, because yesterday I taught a cake decorating class at church and used her birthday cake as my demonstration cake(even though it was terribly lopsided...oh well). I made two baby block cakes. One of them has her initials on them: Annabelle Rojean SmithWe put her own little block cake in front of her to dig into, but she did not like that. I took a bunch of hilarious pictures of her making the funniest faces because she didn't like the feel of the frosting on her hands, but my computer and my camera are having a fight and won't cooperate most of the pictures won't transfer. Anyways, like I said, she didn't like the feel of the frosting on her hands and so refused to try the cake, but I knew she loved cake because she's had it before. So, I tried smooshing some cake in her mouth but she just got mad. I figured out that she didn't like to have her hands and her tray messy, so we cleaned both of those up and then I spoon fed her the cake which she liked much better.

Before the cake, we made a few of her favorite food items and ate dinner: hot dogs, macaroni, and steamed vegetables.
After cake, she opened her gifts from us and grandparents and then we gave her a bath with a couple of her new bath toys(thanks Granny and Grandpa!). She LOVES baths and as soon as she heard the water running in the tub she got so excited she was kicking her legs and waving her arms.

Ten Things About Our One Year Old:
1. She can say several words: Mama, Dada and Daddy, 'key-coo'-meaning Thank You, uh-oh, Hi, This(and she'll point at what she wants), cheese, juice, and 'Eeeee'-meaning Eat.
2. She has 7 teeth, four on top, three on bottom
3. She took her first steps on her birthday! How often does that happen?
4. She nurses usually 3-4 times a day; first thing in the morning and then before she goes down for naps and for the night
5. She loves to dance. We have a little keyboard that we keep on the floor and the big kids turn it on for her and she'll crawl over, get on top of it and dance, ie. wiggle her bum and rock back and forth.
6. She will eat just about anything, and we've given her pretty much everything(except we still haven't given her nuts or honey...but she LOVES popcorn and hotdogs which I've just learned are still 'no-no's.)
7. She's a fantastic sleeper! Usually we'll go into her room, sit on her rocker and I'll nurse her for a few minutes and then lay her on her back and pull her favorite blanket on her and she'll go right to sleep. She takes 1-2 naps a day depending on how busy our schedule is. We put her down about 730pm and she's up around 7am.
8. She loves bathrooms! She loves taking baths and she loves playing in bathrooms. If she hears the bathwater running, she'll quickly crawl over from wherever she's at, stand next to the tub and try and climb in.
9. She loves her daddy. We have pictures of him up around the house and whenever she spots one she'll exclaim, "Daddy! Daddy!"
10. She loves to explore and pull everything out of cupboards, shelves, purses, etc.

Annabelle's stats:
Weight: 17lbs. 7oz. (4%...which is an improvement from last check's 2%)
Height: 29.33in. (59%)

Charles had his three year well check at the same time as Annabelle's, so here are his stats:
Weight: 30.42lbs. (32%)
Height: 37.6 in. (47%)


kelley said...

wow a baby that loves baths and hates to get her hands and food tray dirty! She truly is an angel child!!!

Kimberlyn said...

what a cute idea for her cake. Sorry I missed your class on Tuesday, I really wanted to come.

Lindsay said...

I can't believe she is one...that means Elizabeth's big day is coming up real quick here. what a fast year! I love the fun.

Vanessa said...

That year flew by! Happy Birthday Annabelle, and Hi Elisa. Yes I do still read your blog. Your have such a marvelous family.

The Horne's said...

Wow, I can't believe she's already a year!! So crazy! Happy birthday!

Maren said...

I love the bath shots!