Friday, February 27, 2009


Here are a couple more videos:

Annabelle demonstrating her special, 'dress crawl' and dancing to the music from our keyboard:

Elisabeth, signing and singing, the signing time ABC song:(this one is a few minutes long)


Kimberlyn said...

What a smart little girl Elisabeth is. Good job!!

Roni, Coleman, Makadie and Anika said...

This was so cute! We love signing time and I am actually teaching this song to my preschool kids (me and 3 other moms do a home preschool). I get the kids 2 times a month so the process is slow. My girls love Alex and Leah! Coleman said that Elizabeth did an amazing job at keeping the tone of the song through the whole thing--he's the musical one in the family--I just LIKE to sing.

Good work Elizabeth--you are so grown up from our Wymount days!

April said...

Smart is right--and she's got a great ear for singing.
Annabelle is darling!

The Horne's said...

Good job Elisabeth!!! So sweet....she has such a cute little singing voice.