Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I should have knocked on wood

Yesterday I was talking to Robin(my sister-in-law) on the phone, and telling her how wonderful we were all doing because we were all healthy and well...which doesn't happen very often in this household; someone's, at the very least, got a runny nose. So anyways, I got off the phone with her and we sat down to dinner, and we'd been eating for probably five minutes, when Charles threw up all over himself and his high chair. The good news is that it happened on the tile floor and in a high chair, which made cleaning up pretty quick and easy.

I should have guessed something was wrong, because about half hour before my phone conversation, Charles had fallen asleep, in the kitchen, on the tile floor, right near the oven where I was fixing dinner. And he never falls asleep in the middle of the day anymore, especially curled up in a ball, laying on his face and knees, on the hard tile floor(I took several pictures but my wretched computer wouldn't transfer any! Blast!). It was odd because he didn't have an elevated temperature, and besides his sudden tiredness, he'd been acting his normal, playful self all day. I should have knocked on wood. And the story gets better; at 2am Elisabeth wakes us up because she's also just thrown up in her bed,(well in her words, "I didn't throw up in my bed, I leaned over and threw up on the floor, next to my bed." which in her mind, made it all better :), she's a cute girl). Scott and I cleaned up the mess, gave her a large bowl, and sent her back to bed. Around 3am she came upstairs again and gave me her bowl that she'd just thrown up in; this is definitely a positive about having a big kid: they can actually follow orders and throw up in the bowl.

So for each child I counted 8 hours since the time they last threw up and didn't give them food until they could get through that 8 hours without vomiting again and then we started on bland foods and ate those throughout the day. So far, Annabelle hasn't shown any signs of sickness, but there was one time when Charlie tossed his cup on the kitchen tile floor(he was his normal self after just a few hours...weird 6 hour bug or something) and Annabelle quickly crawled over to it and drank a bit; so if she wakes up vomiting tonight, I'll know exactly when that bug was passed.

I'm glad that the bug passed through them quickly. In fact, the kids have been their normal selves for the majority of the day: we played outside, went to the store, the big kids fought, you know, typical every day stuff. I'm hoping that the worst is over and that we can all be healthy once again.

P.S. I'm writing this note here, days after we've published this post. We ended up using Scott's work lap top to transfer our pictures and then we saved them to our USB drive and uploaded them it's a problem with our computer. Here are the pictures of Char sleeping on the kitchen floor


Angela said...

Oh dear, poor mommy and daddy:( Sick children are no fun! Glad everyone seems to be better.

rachael said...

oh sad, glad it went fast! good luck

Kimberlyn said...

Hopefully Annabelle doesn't get this 'bug' and everyone is healthy and happy from now on.

April said...

"and Annabelle quickly crawled over to it and drank a bit; " MUAH HA HA!!! Tht is SO funny. Sorry you had to deal with it, but man, that made me LOL.

Robin said...

That flu is seriously going around!!! Hopefully this will be it for the winter sicknesses. Cross your fingers.