Monday, July 20, 2015

Kids Mowing and Bear Cub Camp

Summer time means more Saturdays spent doing yard work, and I love that this year, our two oldest are old enough to help out a lot more. Both Elisabeth and Charles have learned how to mow the lawn and they love it! Maybe a little too much. It sometimes causes arguments when they can't remember who did it the last week. Charles also loves to use the weed wacker. They also help pull weeds but we have a couple of big trouble areas with very large, stubborn weeds that require a bit more muscle and man power so those are harder for them.
This past week Charles was able to attend his Bears, Cub Camp in the Mill Creek Canyon and I got to go help out on one of the two days. The day I went, the theme for the camp was "Lego Master Builders". The kids participated in a variety of activities including various  games,
singing silly songs,
Storm Trooper obstacle course,

Harry Potter Wand Making,
Race Cars,

learning knots for ropes,
a service project where they sanded the inside of an old rail car (notice the CTR symbol I sanded into the red paint),
sword fighting,

BB Gun shooting,
And a hike with the Hobbits :).
It was a good experience for me to join Charles at cub camp, because with our one boy and four girls, Charles is more active and energetic (and obsessed with sports) so it was good to see boys be boys and realize he's just perfect right where he is. It was loud, they got extremely dirty but it was so much fun and they were all in heaven.

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