Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bicycle injury, Gryffindor shirt and neighborhood musical

I mentioned that Scott and I are preparing for a mini triathlon. On one of our swim and bike days this past week, as we were biking home from the pool, I completely biffed it. The kids were fascinated by my wounds on my shoulders, knees, arm, thighs, wrist, knuckles and palms. My right side got it the worst.  Scott told 5 year old Jane, "remember when you were learning to ride your bike and you fell when you tried to get your bike up on the curb when your tire wasn't aimed straight on? That's what happened to mommy this morning." She gave a little laugh, and so did I, because it is a little embarrassing and funny, that I make the same mistakes as my 5 year old.

Elisabeth got this cool Gryffindor jersey in the mail from Granny Garnica this past week, for her birthday.

Elisabeth wrote a script so the kids in the neighborhood could put on a play. They've spent hours,and days and weeks working on this musical! I love seeing them all playing together in our yard & I love peeking out and hearing some of their lines and watching their dances.

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