Monday, July 6, 2015

Triathlon Training

Our stake is participating in a multi-stake, mini triathlon in August. Scott and I thought that sounded like fun, so we are currently training for it as a part of our morning exercise routine. We are trying to do a swim, bike ride and run a couple of times a week each. We'll usually ride our bikes in the early morning, to our outdoor city pool, and then swim for half hour and ride back home. Elisabeth is 11 now so we let her watch the kids sometimes which works out perfectly, but most mornings, when we get home around 645am, everyone is still asleep. The weather has been perfect in the mornings, around 65 degrees at 545am, which makes going out on the road, or to the pool, much more enjoyable. Scott and I feel pretty comfortable running and biking, though an old lady at the gym the other day was totally killing me on the bike machine, so I might need to work on that some more :),  but swimming is a completely different story. I had zero technique or skill, and was more of a doggy-paddler :), so we are doing a lot of learning and practicing with our swimming. 

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