Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Laundry/Storage room

Here is my new washer and dryer. Scott's going to build a platform type thing to go over the top so I can set all my cleaning supplies and laundry baskets etc on top. I'll take a picture when he does.
Scott also built in these shelves for all of our food storage. I love having more room for our food again. And see the floors? I love them! So much better than concrete. They did a really good job on the laundry/storage room.

And more of our food storage. This is more of our long term food storage. The wheat cans above I use and rotate throughout the year. We use about 4 of those giant wheat buckets in a year. I also love that the Costco here sells those large wheat and oat buckets! So nice not having to order them online anymore because they're more expensive that way; at Costco I get them for a great price. 

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