Thursday, July 9, 2015

Roadtrip to WA: part 1 of 3

Friday June 26, once Scott was home from work, we packed up the van, cleaned the house and were in bed around 10pm. Scott and I got up at 3am Saturday morning, put the last minute items in the van (mostly toiletries and food), and then took the kids, to the bathroom and got them situated in the van, said a prayer together and we were off. Our goal was to make 2 stops on our 13 hour drive to WA and we did pretty good; we ended up making a third stop but not because we had to, but just because we always like to stop at the large Fruit Market in Yakima to pick up some fresh fruit and sweets :). Our other two stops were about 4 to 4/12 hours apart and we stopped near Mountain Home, Idaho for a gas fill-up and restroom stop and then in Oregon somewhere for lunch and gas. Besides our lunch out at Subway, we had cashews, squeezable applesauce, a granola bar, grapes and apples in the car to eat. We've learned not to pack junk even though it seems fun for road trips, because it makes us feel yucky when we get there, and sometimes, yucky along the way. With so many of us with sensitive stomachs, we've gotten pretty good and not what to do and what not to do, in order to keep ourselves from getting carsick. And I'm pleased to say that no one got car sick on the way there...the way home we had one, but I'll talk about that later.

We listened to the second Harry Potter audio book on the way there and finished it a day or two after we arrived, while just driving around town. We also brought Elisabeth's Kindle Fire, a portable dvd player, and scott and I had our iphones, which mostly the little girls used to watch movies on netflix or play a game. My big kids can only do screen time for a very short period of time because too much screen time makes them (and me) get car sick, so we mostly listened to HP, and they all slept a little.
I love first driving into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest because all the green is just such a contrast to the flat, dry land in most other places.
We arrived Saturday around 430pm Seattle time, and went straight to Becca and Blakes place because my parents had a plumber over looking at their septic/sewer/plumbing trying to fix some flooding issues. We ordered pizzas (a couple gluten free, vegan for my sisters family, which I actually don't mind eating, pretty good), and then got a few groceries since Sunday we'd be celebrating Angelo and Elisabeth's birthdays with the family, and then headed to my parents house.
Here we are having Sunday birthday dinner in my parents dining room.
Seattle was in a heat wave during the entire length of our visit, and most homes don't have A/C there, so we were hot and spent a lot of time outside or downstairs :).

I've had a goal to run 3, 8-minute miles for the past oh, probably year. Scott and I have been doing one milers at that pace but as soon as I added in a second mile, they slowed to around 9 minutes. Today I'm pleased to announce that I ran 3 miles in 22 minutes and 43 seconds, faster than my goal! Granted I was at 150 ft above sea level rather than utahs 4500ft, but still so happy! And this guy here, my dad, is 88 and though he won't be able to run again until he's left this earthly existence, he is still getting around a lot better than most 88 year old people. Grateful to Heavenly Father for our bodies and continually amazed by all they can do!

We enjoyed some of the Honest fizz orange and rootbeer fizz drinks along with a BBQ. My mom, sisters and I had veggie burgers and then there were also hamburgers and hotdogs.

We did a sort of obstacle course with teams including badmitten, ladder ball,
and three legged race. I love spending time with my family. They are all so fun and active.
And of course, we had dessert. I picked up a couple of ice cream pie cakes from the grocery store for $5 each which I thought was a pretty great deal. Elisabeth and cousin Angelo also share their birthday with their late great grandpa Fred (who was an amazing musician/pianist, I might add). He was gone before they were born and we are almost certain he had a hand in sending them down on this day, June 29th, on purpose so they could share his special day and we'd better remember him. Happy birthday dear grandpa Fred, 12 year old Angelo, and 11 year old Elisabeth! Loving our time in WA surrounded by family. 

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