Saturday, July 11, 2015

WA Roadtrip Part 2

While in WA we went to a couple of beaches and splash parks, trying to keep cool in the heat.

Totally in my comfort zone with a babe in my arms. Spending a lot of time holding baby niece, Ellen. I think Scott's secretly hoping i get it all out of my system while we're visiting family.
One night, as we were getting kids ready for bed, we looked out and saw my dad sitting on the couch with Jane. And then we noticed that they were watching boxing :). I got Jane to be soon thereafter.

Hiking with the family in the humid heat; thank the heavens for all he huge green trees that shaded our hike!

Once we hiked to the beach, a couple of the older kids needed to go to the bathroom so I went back with them, and brought Nora with me. She did not want to walk any of it so I carried her on my front or back, switching her around. It was all down hill to the beach which meant I was carrying her all up hill on the way back. I got very sweaty. Near the end, Angelo offered to carry her for a bit which was really sweet of him.
After our hike we met Becca and my mom and dad for lunch at a chinese buffet in Everett called International Lucky Buffet (or something like that); it's my dad's favorite.

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