Monday, April 6, 2015

Blog Book, LDS Women's Conference, Missionaries

I finished editing my 2014 blog book(family photo journal) last month. I know have 8 family blog books on my bookshelf! I love those books. My children love those books and read them regularly. I love when they say things like, "Mom, remember that time when I was two and I ______(fill in the blank)." I know they don't really remember that time, but it was recorded in the blog book, probably with pictures to go along with it, and so that time won't be forgotten.

The reason I keep this family blog is to 1.) allow extended family members and friends who live elsewhere to stay connected and 2.) to have these printed photo journals that document our families history. I've always used to make my blog books and they do a great job, though I don't have anything to compare them with so I don't know if they're the best for the price. My books typically cost around $80, as long as I find a coupon, and that's for about 300 pages with text and colored pictures. I do everything on the computer, order it on the computer and then it gets shipped to our house. So actually $80 for an entire year of pictures is not bad, especially considering how many pictures I take. Either way, we love our our blog books.
The last weekend in March was the LDS general women's conference. I took Elisabeth and Annabelle along with me. Annabelle is not quite 8, which is the age they're encouraged to start coming, but she can sit nicely for a long period of time and really wanted to come, probably because we went to Sweet Tomatoes first, so I let her. We went with some of our friends too, the Rogers and Patricia Murphy and met more friends for dinner. Afterward, there were cookies served so the girls ate and played with Emily and Gwyeneth and the women visited.
It was a lovely evening filled with wonderful, inspiring and uplifting words from leaders in the LDS church who live exemplary, Christ-like lives.
I think I've mentioned before, but we have the missionaries over for dinner just about every week. We love all the missionaries that come through this area, awkward and quiet or social and outgoing. They each bring such a sweet spirit into our home. We love the uplifting dinner conversations (which sometimes change to telling jokes, or talking about Harry Potter, because my kids tend to go there :), but we always try and bring it back after awhile), and the lesson they share, or we share, at the end.
Elder McGauley left us this past week so the elders stopped by to take some pictures before he left. Jane wanted Elder Driscoll to snap a few of the family photos with Elder McGauley in it, with her new camera. He looked hilarious with her pink camera!

We're going to miss Elder McGauley, but we're excited to get to know Elder Bassett. Grateful for missionaries!

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