Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Denver Temple, Easter, General Conference

Annabelle wasn't in her bed when I went in to check on the kids before heading to bed myself. Once my eyes got used to the dark, I found her, asleep with sister.
Last week I needed to make a trip down to Deseret Book to get a couple of things for the kids Easter baskets. Since we were making the 50 minute drive down, we decided it'd be the perfect time to see the Denver temple and walk around the beautiful grounds. I wasn't aware they had a large Christus statue inside the distribution center and visiting center, just off the temple.

Elisabeth has activity days twice a week and they 'egged' two of our leaders houses this past week; not criminal type egging, but they decorated construction paper eggs that they stuck in the ground, and they left plastic eggs full of treats.
I'm sure I've mentioned this before but they have such amazing leaders! They are so fun and love to be with the girls and teach them such great principles. This activity also happened to fall on April Fools so Rachel, their leader, brought them brownies for a refreshment, or I guess I should say, "Brown E's" :). I loved her reaction, she thought it was the most hilarious thing ever! The girls were a little confused and perhaps disappointed until she pulled out some rice krispie treats.

We had book club at my house this week and we discussed Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl (loved that book). I had out some crackers and cheese and veggies and hummus and I made a whole wheat Chilean cake, which is basically a cake that has almond extract drizzled on top and dulce de leche, and then covered with whipped cream (which I made with canned coconut milk), and shredded coconut. It was very yummy, but not so pretty. Whole wheat cakes have a hard time keeping their form. 

Easter weekend was also general conference weekend. We watched all four sessions Saturday and Sunday, and Scott and Charles went to the priesthood session Saturday night and then went out to Smashburger afterwards. The girls and I watched Box Car Children and Princess Protection Program and had pizza and salad. Once the boys got home we put the kids to bed and got ready for Easter, filling eggs and baskets and jotting down clues on our 9 laminated, colored, paper eggs we've had for years. We made the 4 of the clues harder, riddles really, that were to be solved by Elisabeth and Charles, who are ten and nine years old.
Here are some of the things they found in their baskets: $2 bill shaped like a bunny head (eyes and nose we got from a pink and yellow sticky note that we hole punched), 2 dollar coins, annie's fruit snacks and crackers, 100% juice capri sun, a peanut butter egg and a cadbury egg, fruit leather, mints, stickers and bubbles for the little girls, and fruit strips.
We also had several gifts labeled 'family' on them: piano hymnal, 500 piece puzzle of Christ(greg olsen painting) and 2 LDS movies including the second Work and the Glory (Elisabeth and I are reading the series right now) and the Liken version of Daniel and the Lions.

After the kids found the baskets we had breakfast: whole grain waffles, eggs and sausage.

 Scott made most of the breakfast. Thanks Dear!
Here are some notes Charles took from conference on Saturday. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we had the missionaries over to watch the Saturday afternoon session with us. 
 During the Sunday sessions, we opened up our puzzle and worked on it. This first picture was taken after the first session, which is two hours long.
 This second picture was taken after the second session, so after we'd been working on it for four hours. Doesn't look like we did a whole lot! Hopefully we'll finish by Christmas so we can get a new puzzle :).
 We went on a walk in between sessions on Sunday and after conference we made chicken croissant roll ups, salad and resurrection potatoes (like funeral potatoes but we thought the name was more fitting for Easter), and instead of cornflakes on top we sprinkled it with brown rice crisp cereal and we made a homemade cream of chicken soup that went inside of the potatoes.
 So yummy!
 For dessert we had Eclair cake(thanks Kim for the recipe) which is basically a german pancake on bottom with pudding, cream cheese and whipped cream on top and then drizzled with caramel sauce.

I loved all of conference and set several goals for myself on ways to improve and become closer to Christ. I am so grateful for our living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, for the quorum of the 12 apostles and especially for our Savior Jesus Christ who is at the head of the church and in the center of our lives. 

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