Monday, April 13, 2015

Moving to Utah

Today is my birthday! I now have 32 years under my belt and it has been a delightful ride(for the most part). My sister Becca and her family are here visiting from Seattle and we're going hiking, shopping and then on a double date for dinner! Spending time with family is the best gift ever! Now, onto other matters of business.

 Next month our family will be moving back to our home in Utah. Scott started work last week and will be traveling back and forth until we meet him out there, once school has finished for the year. Hence, the picture above of our nightly 'google hangouts' with dad as we read scriptures together, pray and talk about our day. He's also continued to help Elisabeth with her math if we ever have a question about one of the problems, which happens kinda regularly :). She just doesn't think I'm right, although I am (that could have to do with my tendency to give answers that sound like a question "I think you do it this way? Not sure though."). 

Returning to Utah wasn't in our future plans, but we have definitely seen the hand of the Lord in our lives, leading us along, and we're slowly starting to see the puzzle fit together and to recognize that this was His plan all along.We have been receiving a little light at a time,  as we've been taking guided steps into the dark, and through this all, we've definitely felt blessed, knowing the Lord knows us and loves us. At times we'd go back through our journals and read through impressions we'd received, or answers to prayers we'd forgotten about, which was another testimony to us of the path we should follow. We are so grateful to be able to access the gift of the Holy Ghost and for the continual promptings. 

The move out to Colorado was a blessing for Scott and his career. He was given the opportunity to really grow and stretch while with the firm here in Colorado(part of His plan). He's going back to the firm he was with previously when we were in Utah, but he will be going back with more experience under his belt and greater opportunity to do and be more. We'll forever be grateful to the firm in Colorado who recognized his potential and gave him wings to fly. 

 Moving to Colorado was also a blessing for our family. Scott and I grew up on opposite ends of the country, in Seattle and North Carolina, but our children, have lived most of their lives in Utah, since we lived there for 6 years prior to our move here, and our oldest is ten. Utah is unique because of the large amount of LDS families that live in the state(best neighbors ever! Well, best neighbors along with the Rogers, our awesome neighbors here!), so moving to Colorado for a couple of years gave them a new perspective(His plan). We've worked closely with the missionaries over these past couple of years(they're over every week), and we've made some lasting friendships(Bella Notte, my singing ladies! I'm going to miss you so! And all my Primary people and other ward members that I love!) with people of all different faiths and backgrounds. I believe the words of our living Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, that, "what is most important almost always involves the people around us". Our friends from Colorado have left an impression on our hearts and have influenced us for good and helped us to stretch and grow(His plan). They will be greatly missed. Our kids school here is awesome and has amazing music, art and physical education programs...all of which are usually my kids favorite things they did that day during school. Elisabeth has loved being involved with school musicals and all my children have loved participating in the school talent show. The children have also been taking piano lessons from a woman in our ward who is phenomenal, who graduated with a degree in piano pedagogy, has gotten them involved in festivals and competitions, and has really taken them to the next level in their music training(His plan). Colorado has been a blessing and has enriched our lives in so many ways. 

At the same time, we are very happy to be moving back into our home in Utah; the one we tried to sell twice and couldn't, and have been renting out since (part of His plan). We are happy to be returning to our ward and neighborhood once again with people we've loved for many years and have missed since we've been away. Kinda feels like going home. We're grateful for the job offer that fell into our lap at a time when we were earnestly praying about future plans (His plan). We're grateful to no longer be landlords and tenants. Being a landlord is not fun, especially when you're in another state, you're not making any money, and you don't have someone managing the home;  move-ins and move-outs are the worst: so time consuming and it can be costly fixing up the house and getting it ready again. We are mindful of the fact that the Utah firm has locations near both of our families in NC and WA. We don't know if one day we'll relocate to be closer to them, it could be that we'll stay in Utah for good, and we'd be fine with that, but it's a possibility. We love Utah. I think we have the personality-type that we would love wherever we made our home. We are filled with faith, hope and love as we look forward to our future and for what the Lord has in store for our family. 


MarieC said...

Congratulations on the upcoming move! I am glad the Lord has the big picture always in view! We will have to get together once you are back and re-settled in your home.

April said...

Yay for us!! Let's do lunches:)

April said...

Yay for us!! Let's do lunches:)

Kierstin said...

Wow!! I am speechless! What a great post and an incredible journey you've had. So fun to look back and see the Lord's hand in your path. Blogging really helps you remember all those important detaild. I am very happy for you guys and can't wait to reconnect!! Yes, we haven't moved that far away from our old home, so please come and visit us. It will be so fun to see y'all again!

KevandChels said...

Congrats all around. Sounds like CO has been great for you guys and Utah will be a great move! Excited for what the future holds for you...I know moves are rough but you have some good little helpers (who are older than last time:)!