Monday, April 27, 2015

When Daddy's Away and Haircuts

"Daddy, I come with you!?" We tried to explain to Nora, in answer to her question, that he'll be making lots of trips like this until we all meet him out in Utah next month, but to a two year old, it's nonsense. Hence, daddy wiping away her tears. And its only going to get worse, with more time away, until we meet him out there next month. C'mon Memorial Day weekend, let's hurry it up!

Scott is home this next week, working remotely, and thank goodness because every night that he's gone, Nora wakes up and comes into my room multiple times asking for daddy and wanting to sleep in my bed. Every, single, night. I am good about putting her back to bed until about 4am, at which time I am so exhausted that I dont care anymore and so she hops in with me.

When Scott's away our dinner menu changes a bit. I'm a lot more relaxed and we, many times, eat the same thing, multiple days in a row. Mexican is a favorite and so we eat a lot of taco salads and burritos. During the day, the girls and I eat granola with berries, for lunch pretty regularly.
This past week, when Scott was away, I gave the three oldest kids haircuts. Elisabeth's cut was the most drastic. We took 6 inches off. 

It looks great and she loves it! I didn't get a picture of Annabelle and Charles' cut, but they were more of a trim.

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