Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break

Elisabeth got sick Monday morning, the first day of Spring Break. That first day she had a fever and felt dizzy, but the next few days her fever was gone and she felt mostly good, but she was tired and had some congestion in her chest, so still not completely well, until the following weekend. So she had lots of pajama days and we all watched quite a few movies while she rested up, which I think she secretly enjoyed :). By the way, Big Hero 6, is awesome!

Charles surpassed Elisabeth in height probably a year ago, so she doesn't like to take pictures right next to him, when they're standing because it's embarrassing for her :).
I took this picture during family night because I thought it was cute. Charles was sitting there, prepared with his lesson, Elisabeth playing our opening song while Nora was the chorister, leading the music in her swimsuit while standing on a dining chair.
Friday morning the kids and I decided to take a bike ride to our local library which is about 3 miles one way. I hadn't ridden a bike in, oh years, but it really didn't seem very far, especially on a bike, and I can run that far. That morning just before we left, I got a text from Annabelle's friend's mom reminding me that Annabelle was supposed to go over that morning for a play date! I had totally spaced it since I was going to drop her off on my way to choir, but choir was canceled the day before which caused me to forget the play date. I dropped Annabelle off and then came back home and we got all ready and took off for our ride. Annabelle would be at her friends for about an hour and a half which I figured was plenty of time for our ride. The way to the library wasn't bad at all. We had one hill to climb, but everything else was downhill or flat and it took us about 30 minutes. I knew we'd need a little longer on the way back because there would be a few more up hills, but I didn't realize just how many and how big they were :). Charles and I did okay, and I just have a sore bottom where the seat edges hit my bum and that's just from riding for a long time when I never rode before on a not so cushy seat. I was also pulling Jane and Nora in the trailer which made it even more of a challenge. Remember they are five and almost three years old. I was talking out loud to myself on the way up a particularly big and long hill saying things like, "You can do this! We're almost there!" Charles thought I was talking to him so he kept answering back :). But it wasn't too bad. Elisabeth on the other hand, was still not 100% over her sickness and the second and very large hill we took just about did her in. We stopped for a good five minutes once she met Char and I at the top of the hill so she could breathe again and drink some water. She could barely talk and felt like she wasn't getting enough air. I think it was still a mixture of her lingering exhaustion and congestion from her sickness.  I told Elisabeth that on the last two giant hills, I would walk my bike up with her if she'd like, and she did. I had to text Annabelle's friends mom part way through and ask her if she could keep annabelle another 30 minutes because we wouldn't be back on time. The trip home ended up taking about an hour. I would like to do this trip again some time once Elisabeth is better. It really was quite fun, and I'm always up for a physical challenge :).
Later that afternoon, once we'd cooled down and rested up a bit, Elisabeth and I pulled out the toole I bought at Walmart a couple of weeks before and got to work on our colorful tutus. We've been wanting to make them for our color run 5k that we're doing next month.
I think they turned out pretty cute. I sure love this girl and am loving spending time together, especially as she gets older and we enjoy doing a lot of the same things together.

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