Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ballet and extracurricular activities, string cheese, and Panera

Ballet is over. Last week was the last lesson, yay! No, I don't mind ballet and I love dance, but Scott's out of town a lot now and so less is better. Right now besides school we've still got piano for our oldest three, Elisabeth has soccer and her musical (soccer practice is walking distance, thankfully), Charles has scouts once a week, Elisabeth has activity days every other week at the same time and place as scouts which is nice, and Elisabeth has orchestra which practices during school, though she has a couple of night-time performances coming up and then it'll be done for the year. The musical will be over at the end of this month which will free up a lot of time; she's been having practice 4 days a week after school lately since it's getting close to performance nights.
The girls loved doing dance and I was grateful they could be in the same class, so that I only had one day and time to take the girls to the rec center.

Here are a couple of random pictures on our phones. The first is of the string cheese Nora was trying to get into and eat, all on her own. It didn't work out very well for her ;). I made sure to save them for her to eat on other days.
This is a picture Scott took of Jane on her birthday date at Panera. Panera has become a family favorite I think because they have sandwiches and salads (and scones) that make the adults happy, and mac and cheese and yogurt that make the kids happy :).

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