Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Solo Ensemble and Tashco Young Artists Alliance

 The end of the school year is winding down which means there's an unusual amount of things going on with auditions and recitals and the musical performance for the school that suddenly upped their practice time so that they now meet every day after school rather than twice a week, and they meet for longer, until 6pm. During this last week, as we're gearing up for the performance of the Aladdin musical (did I mention Elisabeth is playing the narrator in Aladdin?), I told Elisabeth she could skip soccer practices which are twice a week from 6-7pm, if she would like, since she's still got to fit homework, piano, eating and sleeping in there somewhere. And to add onto everything, Scott is in Utah this week. Boo. No, I'm grateful that Scott has a good job and we'll get to meet him out there soon, and I'm grateful that the kids love to exercise and develop their musical talents. But, I am very excited to have a much slower summer schedule.
 Elisabeth performed a trio with her good friend Emily Lightheart on the violin and another boy from school on the cello for their school orchestra solo/ensemble recital.
 Becca got me the boots I'm wearing in the picture below and she made me the necklace for my birthday, plus I'm sporting my new blue blazer that I found when Bec and I went shopping. I don't like shopping, I go shopping once a year, and that's on my birthday and having Becca with me made it much, much more enjoyable. I have a hard time with crowds, loud noise/music, and spending money on myself. I can't do a whole lot about the first two, but with the last, I find that it feels a little more okay when I know I do this once a year, and it's for my birthday so Scott would've spent money on  me anyway :).
 Scott was working remotely from home this past week which was lovely. We got to eat lunch together and a couple of times I had fun making us something a little more than PB&J or leftovers :). This particular day we had omelets, toast and orange scones. Divine!

 Last year Elisabeth auditioned for the Tashco Young Artists Alliance (Adams County), but sadly didn't make it. This year not only did she audition and make it into the next set of judges along with a bunch of other outstanding musicians(two pictures below), but she also went on to take second place in her division (Beginner B).

 I took this after her performance with the judges. It went from 80 degrees the day before to super large snowflakes!
 We finished up the puzzle we started over General Conference weekend!
 Here is Elisabeth receiving her 2nd place certificate at the Tashco Festival.

 Elisabeth's amazing teacher, Cheryl Reeder, had four other students place in the Tashco Festival in various divisions and two of them, the Merrill Brothers, took first place. Way to go Cheryl, you're amazing!
 And a random picture at the end of Nora, riding home from church, snuggling up with the Frozen blanket Bec made for the kids. Thank you Bec, they love it (and fight over it regularly ;)).

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