Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pinewood Derby and Graffiti 5k Run

Charles pinewood derby for cub scouts was this past week. Scott was in Utah but I was texting him a play by play with pictures throughout the evening. Charles car ended up winning second place!

Charles was thrilled. Nice work Charles (and Daddy, since he helped build the car)!

Scott got home Friday night and Saturday morning Elisabeth and I and a couple of my Bella Notte friends, Eve and Chelsea ran the Graffiti 5k in Denver.

Elisabeth and I made rainbow colored tutus for our run and picked up some new, colorful sunglasses for $5 at King Soopers. This is a before the run picture. We opened a couple of our chalk packets and dumped them on each other before the race began.
 Elisabeth did great and jogged the entire time. We held hands during the run which helped us stay together since there were thousands of people running.
We got very chalky and dusty looking. Our sweat made us look a bit dirty. No times were kept or taken so it was pretty relaxed.

Afterward, Elisabeth had a soccer game so she changed in the car and then we went over our all our colorful dust. It felt so nice to shower afterward and get it all off. I could not believe all the red and color that I saw go down our shower drain. We had a good time and I would definitely do it again, though next time, I want to bring more family members.

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