Thursday, July 23, 2009

Full House: Part Two

Alright, after loading my last photos on picasa, it looks like I'll be adding a couple more posts about our trip to WA.

Here are some of the things we did besides play sports and jog everyday(I don't have pictures of the first 6 activities listed; but don't worry, there are still a lot):
*went to Alkai beach
*went on a train ride from Edmonds down to Seattle(only half of us did this; all the young kids went. Scott left his wallet on the train, but luckily, they found it and we were able to get it back within the hour)
*witnessed a pretty bad car accident and Scott wrote up a report on our way back to get his wallet from train station
*met up with our friends the Johnson's for lunch
*were able to spend some time(they put us up for a night) with our Aunt Jolene and Uncle Jeff on our way from Utah to Bothell
*Scott and I went on a date to Dairy Queen one night, and Fred and Robin went on a date to a movie another night
*watched the new Harry Potter movie in the theater; and yes, we dressed up...a little. Rainier and I wore the Griffindor scarves I made. Becca and I dressed up in full attire 2 years ago, but I didn't want to bring both wardrobes with me from Utah because we already had a lot of stuff(Me, Becca, Luis, Lani, Andre, Leia and Rainier watched the movie while some of the others went to a splash park. Scott also stopped by the half-price-bookstore at this time and got two audio books-for our ride home- for $5 each! Wahoo! We listened to one we borrowed from the library on our way there)
*had our own football and baseball game
*Bella's birthday party(which I'll do another post on because there are a lot of pictures from that)
*watched as Annabelle, daily, tried on everyone's shoes, leaving them in various places in the house....which gave us all opportunities to search and find later

*Annabelle and Reese are only a week apart, and Shaun and Charles are a month apart. Angelo is a year older than Elisabeth. All the kids, even the teenagers, played(or watched over and helped out) and had a good time together.

*watched Barney while the kids danced to it in the living room

*made and ate A LOT of food*went to a couple of fun parks

*went on a hike(I miss being able to hike in WA where there is so much beautiful green to look at and tall trees to provide shade.). We also enjoyed the beautiful Pacific Northwest summer weather: sunny and in the high 70's! Perfect time of year to visit.

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