Friday, July 24, 2009

Posed family Photos

The Garnica family

The siblings: Luis, Fred, Becca, Pepa and Elisa. In age order, Luis is the oldest then Pepa, Fred, Me and Becca.
The family
Me and Mom
Lani and Mom
Fred, Luis, Dad and Andre

My dad and my nephew Andre were sitting on the couch together while I was walking around with my camera. I wanted to take their picture, but our photo shoot didn't go too well. Here's how it went.
"Hey, Andre, Dad. Look up and smile for the picture," I said, cheerfully. They both looked up, but neither one smiled. Both, I've always known, don't like smiling for cameras. But I wasn't going to give up too easily.
"Hey, you didn't smile. You need to smile or I'm going to keep taking pictures," I whined. "Kay, that was better, but Dad, you need to sit back and be serious." So of course I get 'peace signs'
"Kay, whatever. Let's try one more." And it would've been really good, but Andre was looking elsewhere.
Elisabeth, Shaun and Angelo
Angelo and Elisabeth

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Maren said...

I love your sibling pictures. Mostly because of Luis. He seems so happy.