Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July weekend

Scott had work off Friday the third, so Friday morning we woke up at 530 am and drove down to Provo for their annual hot air balloon bash that begins at 630am. Scott has taken the kids twice, in years past(once while we were living in Wymount), and it's become a tradition. This was my first time attending...I may go in future years, but it's also nice to sleep in one day of the year. We all had a nice time with the other hundreds of people attending.
Later that evening was our town's parade which begins right around the corner from our house. We went last year as well, and it was really hot. So we came a little more prepared this time with lots of water bottles and a water spray bottle which helped a lot.
When the police and fire engines came down the street with their siren's going, Annabelle kept making this funny, scrunched-up-looking face.
When we got home from the parade, we set up our tent in the backyard and started up the fire pit.
Some neighbors were lighting off fireworks, even though it was the third, and we all enjoyed watching them...until it was time for us to sleep. But hey, that was our choice to camp out the night before the 4th.
We made smores and I made a banana boat. My friend Shauna had us make these at her house as our book club treat, and I loved them. So here, inside my banana covered with foil is caramel, white chocolate chips, marshmallows, almond slivers and coconut; it was SO yummy!
We ended up brining Annabelle inside to sleep in her crib around 1130pm. She was just completely wired with all of us in there. She kept climbing on top of everyone and banging their heads with her head...and it hurts sometimes. A couple of times during the night, before we moved her inside, Elisabeth would call to me and say, "Mom, get her off me. Come get Annabelle," and then she'd groan and moan, because she had been sleeping. Annabelle's window was situated right near our tent, so we opened her window so we could hear her if she woke up. She fell right asleep and slept through the night, as did the rest of us. Unfortunately, because her window was open, she heard the sound of a very large and noisy airplane flying over head at 620am, and woke up. Needless to say, we were all very tired for the fourth of July. Here we are Saturday morning, eating red(strawberry), white(whipping cream), and blue(blueberries) pancakes. I felt like a zombie while I made these, but it's tradition, right? Tradition! (Sing that last 'tradition' like Tevye does on 'Fiddler on the Roof'.)

After breakfast, we went down to the city pool for a swim. Our friends, the Gees were there, just like last year. It was fun to visit and swim together. Here is a picture of Scott eating angel food cake after lunch.Later in the afternoon we went to Town Days. The kids participated in a hay dive where they dug around in the hay for candy, money and toys. They also got to ride the ponies and do a couple other fun activities.

Since we were all so tired, Scott and I made the executive decision to stay at home that night, do our own fireworks early(which consisted of sparklers, pop-it's and a couple of smoke bombs; exciting, I know.) and then get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour, so that we too could get to bed at a reasonable hour. It's now 930pm, and I'm about to head for bed.
Elisabeth throwing her pop-it
Annabelle hanging out while we light our fireworks

I think Charles had to go pee; I didn't notice until now. I'm glad we didnt' have an accident.

Happy 4th of July!


Angela said...

What a fun and exhausting weekend!!!
Worth the memories though:)

The Horne's said...

Ha, great photo of Charles! :-)