Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bella's birthday party

Bella, Becca's daughter, turns three soon(well, in the beginning of Sept) and she wanted to have a party with all her cousins. So we celebrated it while we were out visiting. Becca did a wonderful job, put in a lot of effort and beauty into her party. Becca made a princess castle cake, had a pinata(Dad is from Mexico so we've had pinata's at many a birthday), star-wand cookies, and party bags for everyone.
Becca lighting the candles while Bella watches and waits in anticipation

Charlie has pretty good form. He can hit well on both left and right.
Annabelle could barely lift the bat

Rainier's turn to take a swing
Lani standing at the ready
Leia hit it!
Andre going in for the kill

Oh, just kidding! He missed! Better luck next time Andre!Becca got a pretty good hit

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