Saturday, July 18, 2009

Full House: Part One

*warning: this post has TONS of pictures. I've compiled pictures taken by myself and Luis over the past ten days and probably half of them are here. The other half will be in part two...and maybe part three depending on how many pictures there really are.

We've been here, at my parents house, for over a week now with most of my siblings and their families staying here as well, which has been so much fun. Our family stayed in one, very large room, Fred's family in another, Luis and Rainier in another, Becca and Bella in another, and Mom and Dad in another...which means all rooms have been full, and we've had lots to do and lots of people to talk with and to take turns watching the kids, and lots of cousins to play with. Pepa and her kids came over every day too which was awesome: my kids loved having even more playmates, and I loved having teenage helpers with the kids and with many different cooking and baking projects.

The first night was the only hard night, because we were adjusting, trying to figure out who would sleep where, and what time different members of my immediate little family would go to sleep. But after that first night of trial and error, we figured it out and everyone has slept wonderfully. Part of that could be due to the fact that all the cousins are running around playing and having fun together all day, that by 8pm, they're all exhausted and as soon as their little heads hit their pillows, they are fast asleep.

We had a lot of outdoor play: parks, basketball, ladder ball, bocce ball, football, running, walks(we're a very athletic and active family)

Lani shooting hoops

Rainier washing dishes

Scott and Dad(Grandpa Garnica) resting

Rainier, Elisa and Lani baking

Elisabeth, Bella and Angelo on the trampoline

Bella and Elisabeth: our little princesses

Here we're playing the blindfold, cotton ball game(as a side note, I creamed everyone in this game and they nicknamed me Betty Crocker because of the way I held myself, the bowl and the spoon, apparently)

Michael playing ladder ball
Luis taking the kids for rides
Grandpa Garnica and Charles

Leia and Charles

Lani eats more ice cream than anyone I know...but I suppose it runs in the family because both my dad and brother Luis also ate ice cream daily
Andre eating lots of food after football practice
Dad and Scott relaxing and watching some sports

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Rachel said...

How fun Elisa looks like you guys are having a blast together!!! Glad to hear that Elisabeth is doing better, what a scary accident. Hope all is well with you guys and the rest of your family.