Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Vacation

 The kids are out of school for summer break. In a few weeks I'll have two children who are in school all day! That's crazy! Time goes by so fast!

Some days the kids all play really well together(like in the picture above; they made chicken outfits and then choreographed a number to the chicken dance song; literally hours of enjoyment!) and other days I sound like a broken record with how many times I have to ask children to stop teasing one another and making siblings cry/whine/screech etc...we have a lot of girls in our home so there can be A LOT of that going on and shrill cries and screams can wear on a persons nerves! Like mine! lol :)! The other day baby Nora was crying off and on which is normal for a baby, then Annabelle comes up and complains that, "Elisabeth keeps crying and she won't stop and it's really annoying!" and in the middle of this Annabelle bursts into tears. Really?! I had to chuckle because it just seemed so funny at the moment. I decided that they both needed more sleep. Summer is hard because the days are longer so the kids want to stay up later, and I sometimes allow it, but then their bodies are still programmed to wake up at the same time in the morning so we end up with a bunch of tired, cranky and impatient children.
 The kids like to lay around in the morning and read books. My blog books are favorites.

 Summer means less schedule-ness(I'm making that a word) which means I have more time to fix the girls hair and mine as well. We've been experimenting with different hair do's. This is one I've done on the girls for awhile now but couldn't ever do it on myself. I can now! It's a side french braid into a bun. And the french braid is dutch(or inside out) because I can only do that kind on myself for some reason. I need to train my fingers to do it the other way on me. Maybe some day.
 Jane even insists I do her hair every morning even though she really doesn't have much going on. But she is developing a few curls in the back so I comb and scrunch those with water and some hair styling coconut oil.
 We also have been doing a lot more nail painting this summer. Notice the matching turquoise nail polish? I rarely paint my nails but have decided to do it more this summer since we have time and since it seems to help me with my awful finger nail-biting habit. I've been trying to quit for years!

 And since I'm not giving up my exercise routine while the kids are out for the summer, the kids, many times, like to join in with me. Here we are doing crunches. Even Jane got in on it and was copying the kids saying, "29, 30...". She is so stinkin' cute! We all think she is pretty hilarious. Yay for summer break! Next week the three oldest kids start swim lessons.

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The Horne's said...

Cute hair style! Love that. I can't do french braids. I guess practicing would help. I too bite my nails and yep, they tend to get "Longer" which isn't long at all - when I have color on them. Looking great Elisa, you are an inspiration! Such a great mom!