Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nora's Baby Blessing and Elisabeth's Baptism

 Saturday June 30, 2012 Elisabeth was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by her father! She was able to share this special day with her youngest sister Nora, who was also blessed by her father. Both grandmothers flew in for this special occasion and we were so happy to have them here with us.

Granny Rojean Garnica with baby Nora

Grandma Angela with baby Nora

This is what they actually wear when getting baptized.

 Elisabeth and her friend Elizabeth or "Libby", were baptized on the same day so we shared the assignments for the baptism program like who was to give talks, prayer etc.

A copy of the program for our records
We're so proud of you Elisabeth for your decision to get baptized and follow our Savior who loves you so much! And we love you too!


Clark Family said...

What a special day!!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for including us on that special day!

Angela said...

It was wonderful to be there and see the nice life that Elisa and Scott have created for their family and to share the special day with them. We love you Scott and Elisa, et al.

Vanessa said...

congratulations on such a big day! how exciting :)