Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crown Braid, Dairy and Smiles

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I watched Cheaper By the Dozen 2. Hilary Duff has some cute hairstyles in that movie and I tried one out on Annabelle. It's basically two braids that you pull up and pin around the top of your head so that it looks like a crown or a headband. It looked really cute on Annabelle, wasn't too difficult (or too painful to annabelle's relief) and so we've done it a couple of times since. It's a nice one for the summer because you get all of your hair off of your neck. Your hair does have to be somewhat long...we tried to do it on Elisabeth but the braids weren't long enough to meet up in the middle.
 And switching subjects, Nora is no longer sensitive to dairy. I started a couple of weeks ago, adding in a little cheese here and there and she did fine. Since then I've had some cheese on home made pizza and some ice cream we had for Elisabeth's birthday(more on that later) and we didn't have any problems. So that's good. But, during this time I realized that I really don't need to have much dairy. Ice cream is not good for the body so I shouldn't have that, and when it comes to pizza and burritos, I've realized I don't need to have much cheese or add sour cream. Guacamole is just as creamy as sour cream and so, so tasty!  I have been adding lots of sauted veggies on my pizza dough and sauce and it was so delicious. Now that I can have dairy again I may add a little sprinkling here and there, but I know I don't need to in order for our regular meals to taste good.

Another bit of news about Nora is that she started smiling on the very day she turned 8 weeks! I was so excited! I still am! It seems to take forever before you get that first smile. I'm smiling down at this little newborn, for days and weeks and months at a time without any response or interaction, accept maybe I'll get a yawn or while I'm trying to engage her attention she'll close her eyes and fall asleep. But now she smiles! And she coo's! I love those sweet little round mouth coos! Adorable!

Here's a picture of me and Nora. She's getting so big and chubby we just love her to death! And the dark hair that fell out when we would scrub her head during baths, is finally growing back in! And so far, she's still got these beautiful, big, dark blue eyes.

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