Friday, July 6, 2012

Rainbow Cake

I get quite a few hits on this website on my cake posts, so I thought I'd give a few extra tips for making this cake. The nice thing is that it doesn't require any fancy cake decorating skills because I made all the toppers from construction paper. I made the triangles for the banner and the circles the week before, using rainbow colored construction paper, and some white printer paper. For the banner, I folded the construction paper in half and cut the triangles along the folded edge so that they could open up and then I stuck some floss in the folds with a little rubber cement.

 I also taped the backside of the banner triangles so that the grease from the cake wouldn't soak through and make it look ugly. Once the cake was frosted, I dabbed a little frosting on the backs of the triangles(the sides with the tape) and then stuck it on the cake and loosely tied the ends of the floss together. For the circles on top of the cake, I used rubber cement and toothpicks for the shorter ones in front and rubber cement and kabob sticks for the taller ones, though I cut off a couple of inches on the kabob sticks so they weren't super long.
 They day before the party I baked the cakes. I used two white cake box mixes(I personally like Pilsbury, but Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines are great too), and I used 4 eggs whites instead of three whole eggs in order to get more vibrant colors of cake. I then divided the cake mixes among 6 bowls, about a cup and a half in each bowl and then put a color of the rainbow in each bowl. I use either the Wilton cake colors and dip a toothpick inside and dip that in my batter, or the Cake Boss colors that squeeze from a small bottle. Both work great, have really nice colors and don't make your frosting runny.
 I have several 9 inch cake pans and I greased three pans at a time with Pam spray that has flour, baked three at 350 degrees(be sure to decrease cooking times with these thinner cakes; peek at them after 10-15 minutes. When the top doesn't jiggle when nudged and toothpick inserted in middle comes out clean, it's done), let them cool in the pan for 5-10 minutes, flipped them onto a cooling rack and then baked the next three.
 They baked pretty even. There was only one cake that I had cut off a bit from the top to make it a little more even for stacking. Cut any you think need it, though if it's just a little uneven, frosting will usually fill that in and do the trick perfectly. Be sure to put a good amount of frosting between each layer of cake(probably about 1/4 inch thick) and then once the entire cake is stacked, I like to do a crumb coat where you put a thin layer of frosting on and some of the crumbs are showing, refrigerate it and then do a thicker layer. Once the cake was all frosted I  let the cake sit out(don't need to refrigerate unless your house is really hot) and the next morning, the day of the party, I added the decorations.

 Beautiful rainbow!!!! You'll hear lots of 'ooo's' and 'ahhhhs' when you cut into the cake!

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MarieC said...

Gorgeous! You are the Queen of Cakes.